Window replacement projects can be a source of excitement and anticipation or frustration and disappointment. Your experience may mainly depend on the company you choose to do the work and supply the windows.

Finding the best of all window companies in Winnipeg to do your job is going to be subjective and require some diligent research. The best window company for you may not be the same for someone else, so learning as much as you can about the products, the terminology, and the capabilities needed is imperative.

To make a true comparison and choose the best window replacement company for your needs, you’ll want to look at the following criteria:

  • Quality of Replacement Windows
    • Cost
    • Materials
    • Window Types and Styles
    • Glass Options
  • Window Installation
    • Certified Installers
    • Proper Installation Method for your Project
  • Window and Door Warranty
  • Professional Company Identity
    • Company Website
    • Physical Address and Phone Number
    • Supported Social Media Presence
    • Customer Service and Support
    • Credible References
    • Client Reviews

Increase Your Knowledge

Before you can begin your search for the best replacement window companies in Winnipeg, you’ll want to learn as much as you can about the job you’re hiring them to do. You wouldn’t go car shopping without a basic understanding of the vehicles and features available, so we’ve put together a crash course in “Window Replacement 101” to help you be better prepared.

Quality of Replacement Windows

There are two rules of thumb that consumers are familiar with when it comes to cost—you get what you pay for or you got a great deal. We believe there are even more important criteria—getting the best value for your money.

All windows are not considered equal, but if you’re comparing “apples to apples” and selecting the same materials, styles, glass, options, and installation method, you should be able to determine the right price.

Material choices include vinyl, wood, fibreglass, and composite. Window types and styles include hung (single and double), casement, bow or bay, slider, or custom shapes. Many of these styles also come in fixed or non-fixed.

Glass options should include Energy Star-rated and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certified units with single-, double-, or triple-pane glass, energy-efficient Low-E coatings, and Argon or Krypton gas filled options.

Natural Resources Canada has designated southern Manitoba including Winnipeg to be in Climate Zone 2. A bigger portion of Manitoba is in Climate Zone 3. This classification establishes minimum Energy Ratings based on climate and uses a formula to provide the best heat loss/gain and energy efficiency. Reputable window companies will understand what is needed for your home and will direct you appropriately when choosing the best windows and installation method.
Wide or narrow profile frames plus optional grilles will also affect the overall cost of the windows, so be sure you’re comparing identical features for the most accurate pricing.

Window Installation

There are two very different types of replacement window installation methods. The proper installation for your home will be dependent on the condition of the wall and frame structure plus the type of windows you are installing.

The best window replacement companies in Winnipeg use skilled, certified installers that adhere to CSA guidelines to prevent air and moisture penetration. To properly accomplish this, the correct installation method must be used:

Retrofit installation—the old window is removed but the original frame stays in place. The frame must be free from deterioration, water damage, and rot. Weather conditions in Winnipeg typically lead to problems with water damage or rotting wood which eliminates this installation method.

Full-frame installation—the old window and framework are removed, and the surrounding wall structure is inspected for damage. New frames, jambs, and brick mould are installed with the new windows to ensure an air-tight, water-tight seal. This method typically costs 15-20% more than the retrofit installation but will ensure longer lasting window replacement.

Window and Door Warranty

Be cautious of sales consultants that tout their windows have a “lifetime warranty,” while others have a 25-year warranty. The lifetime refers to the typical lifespan of a new replacement window (not your lifetime.) The CSA estimates this to be approximately 25 years, so you’re getting the same warranty from either protection. Be careful if the company uses deceptive techniques with the lifetime warranty claim as there may be hidden fees you won’t learn about until the job is done.

The best window warranties should cover problems for all parts of the vinyl extrusion, insulated glass panes and sealed unit, labour from installation, and hardware for 25 years. A written warranty should specifically identify what is included and whether a repair or replacement is required.

Professional Company Identity

In your search for the best window replacement company in Winnipeg, it’s crucial that there is a company website that lists a physical address (preferably local), phone numbers to reach customer service and support plus email addresses. The website should be professionally done, easy to navigate and provide information about their products, personnel, and installation.

Spend some time on the website. While a social media presence is an important component to today’s business climate, it should be supported with up-to-date posts and responses to inquiries. Daily interaction is not always necessary but reasonable updates should be present.

Next, check for credible references. Most trustworthy companies will provide a list of recent jobs with photos. Client reviews are important, but obviously, the best comments will be showcased. Those with a record of consistent high-quality reviews and conflict resolution through independent resources like HomeStars or the Better Business Bureau should provide the best service for your project.

Best Window Companies of Winnipeg in 2019

And now let’s take a look at top window companies in Winnipeg of 2019.

Canadian Choice Windows Winnipeg

HomeStars: 89%
Price: $$

Canadian Choice Windows and Doors has been in business for 44 years and serves the residential communities in Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Calgary. New installation services are now offered in Ontario – Bracebridge, Lindsay, St. Catherines, and Kingston. They provide a wide range of vinyl and aluminum window styles as well as insulated steel and vinyl patio doors. All windows come standard with Low-E glass and optional Argon gas filled systems for enhanced thermal efficiency.

This company stands above others with a transferrable, lifetime warranty that guarantees repair or replacement of any Canadian Choice window or door that fails. While a typical window “lifetime” is 25 years, the website does not state specifically if the warranty pertains to the product or customer lifetime. Pricing seems competitive, and they offer financing plans. They are also familiar with local rebate programs and provide customers with the details for qualification.

Canadian Choice Windows and Doors have an above-average rating with HomeStars and the Better Business Bureau the majority of reviews extremely positive. Most customers seem pleased with the sales and installation teams and their desire to excellent customer service. The few dissatisfied reviews related mainly to clean-up after the job was complete. The company seemed responsive and offered to pay for cleaning services.

They have a very professional website and many followers on social media although their pages have not been updated recently. The company website provides many reviews from satisfied customers and a display of completed job photos.

Canadian Choice should be considered one of the top-rated window companies in Winnipeg.

Hi-Tech Energy Windows

HomeStars: 86%
Price: $$

Locally owned and operated, Hi-Tech Energy Windows are designed and manufactured in Winnipeg. Winner of the Consumer Choice Award for 2019 and 2017 to Top Window and Door Company. Installation work is done by both in-house and third-party certified technicians. The website is a little simplistic. It doesn’t provide any specific information about the company (how many years in business or other areas they serve other than Winnipeg), the window styles offered, and the specific specifications for energy-efficient products, nor the types of installation methods used.

Hi-Tech Energy Windows come with a “hassle-free Lifetime Guarantee” on all the products the company manufacturers, but it does not specify what that warranty covers or if it refers to the product lifetime or consumer lifetime. They also claim that their SuperCORE Window System will look “brand new for 100+ years” – outrageous claims like this may be a little suspect.

The company indicates that they work with the local municipality to help customers obtain current rebates plus Manitoba Hydro’s Home Energy Efficient Loan program. The only pricing is obtained through a “free quote” so it’s difficult to compare pricing.

HomeStars and Better Business Bureau reviews were mainly positive with only a few communication complaints, which the company seemed to be quick to respond to. Limited photos and social media presence with few interactions. Most everything is duplicated from their website.

Because of their above-average record with HomeStars and BBB, this company should be considered when doing comparison shopping.


HomeStars: 89%
Price: $$

NorthShield Windows and Doors proudly manufactures windows and doors in Canada. They have a showroom in Winnipeg and manufacturing facility in Toronto. They offer vinyl windows in a wide variety of EnergyStar-rated designs and styles. The company clearly indicates that they understand the challenging climate issues in Winnipeg and provide the best solutions for the most energy-efficient windows on the market.

Their website is very detailed and educational. While it doesn’t indicate how long the company has been in business, it seems they are committed to customer service, their community, and being an environmentally conscious company.

NorthShield reviews the installation methods available but does not indicate if they use their own installers or third-party contractors. They are more specific in their lifetime, transferrable warranty and identify items that will not be covered such as wear and tear. They offer mid-priced windows and they “guarantee the lowest prices.” Financing is also available.

Reviews on both HomeStars and BBB were above average with only a few older complaints that were related to installation, not the windows. Installation may have been done by a third-party contractor as most customers were well satisfied with the entire job. There are several job photos on the website and favorable reviews.

Their social media following is very small, however, NorthShield Windows and Doors has been very active recently and provides several informative videos to educate consumers about the process and desirability of replacement windows.

Add this company to the list for comparison purposes when choosing a window replacement company. They seem reputable and professional.

Polar Windows

HomeStars: 74%
Price: $$$

Established in 1976, Polar Windows has a patented vinyl window technology that boasts improved performance, longevity, operation, and maximum energy efficiency over other manufacturers. The head office is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba with showrooms in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta. Polar also provides expanded service to Saskatchewan.

The company indicates that windows are custom manufactured and built to your home’s specifications and can be made in hinged, sliding or fixed mounting. They claim they have the highest quality solar energy-rated window at +43 for maximum efficiency.

Installation is handled by their own in-house team and can be done year-round with the use of a Polar Igloo that encloses the workspace during winter months. Polar Windows provides a “guaranteed for life” transferrable warranty on the frame, glass, hardware, and weatherstripping. The fine print indicates this is for the length of time the original purchaser owns the building and transferrable for a period of 10 years after the change from original ownership.

While no pricing is indicated on the Polar Windows website, the custom nature of their products may be indicative of a high-end price point. They offer a zero-down, financing option and 15 years to pay.

While everything on the Polar Windows website seems geared toward exceptional customer service, several poor reviews on both HomeStars and BBB over an extended period of time may indicate the company is over-promising. Many customers reported major problems with month-long delays, poor customer service and communication, bad installations, and poor-fitting “custom” windows. You might expect some occasional problems, but the company seemed either slow or unwilling to respond. This may be an indication of a larger communication problem.

Polar Windows does have a professional web and social media presence. Having a couple of thousand followers, they seem to post regularly with valuable information to increase consumer knowledge. Before and after photos are displayed as a sample of their work.

The number of poor reviews on HomeStars and the Better Business Bureau are of concern, especially as these complaints extend over a number of years to current. You may want to leave this company until last after serious consideration of other window companies.

Duraco Windows and Doors

Permanently Closed for Business

In February of 2019, after nearly 54 years in business, Duraco Windows and Doors closed. There was no indication they were closing, and several customers paid for window replacements that were never completed. Calls to the business were met with no response and visits to the Winnipeg warehouse showed the company had back rent owing. It is believed they have closed permanently.

Ecoline Windows

HomeStars: 89%
Pricing: $$

Ecoline Windows has been manufacturing and installing high-quality, Energy Star-rated vinyl windows in Winnipeg for over 17 years. Replacement vinyl windows are available in a wide range of window styles including casement, hung, slider, awning, and custom shapes. Energy-efficient, double and triple pane options plus Low-E coatings and Argon- or Krypton-filled units are also available. Replacement windows from this company are in the medium price range. Financing options are available.

Ecoline Windows specializes in full-frame replacement where the window, frame, jamb, and brick mould are all replaced with new materials. This ensures maximum efficiency, durability, and longevity. The company can also do retrofit installations where new windows are placed into the existing framework when no rotting or structural damage exists.

A 25-year warranty is available on the vinyl window components and insulated glass units, while a 5-year labour warranty covers installation issues.

Ecoline has an excellent online presence with a professional website, valuable instructional information, and active social media platforms. They specialize in residential window replacement in Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. The company is familiar with all the local ordinances in Winnipeg plus rebate programs available through the municipality.

The majority of HomeStars and BBB reviews are positive. Any problems seemed to be related to post-installation service. Ecoline representatives have worked diligently to address customer complaints and resolve them satisfactorily.

Ecoline Windows should be one of the top contenders when considering who will do your window replacement job.


Deciding on the best of all available Winnipeg window companies for your window replacement project will take work and research. There are many variables when comparing companies, from the window styles and materials, to the installation method, to price, to warranty. Responsiveness and open communication are also key elements to choosing the best company for your job. Keep in mind, the more you know and the more questions you ask, the better outcome you’ll have. Don’t overlook customer reviews and recommendations. Oftentimes, the best insight comes from other’s experiences.

If you have any questions about our window and door products, as well as installation services please contact our support team.