Bad window replacement companies are like the weather.

Here today and gone tomorrow.

As the industry in Western Canada grew, many people tried to exploit the high demand for home renovations to make a quick profit.

So it is no surprise that this year, as things took a turn for the worse, many companies simply disappeared into thin air.

But who is left to suffer? Most of the time, it’s the customers.

There are several reasons why good companies stay in business for more than a couple years. When looking for the best product and knowledgeable installers, don’t overlook how long the company has been in business. There are window companies in Alberta that have been in business for over five, ten, and even forty years in some cases.


Good window companies in Calgary are hard to come by. Make sure the ones you get a quote from have quality product, good installation practices, and post-installation service.
Good window companies in Calgary are hard to come by. Make sure the ones you get a quote from have quality product, good installation practices, and post-installation service.


While a new company may have your best interests in mind, you still want to consider whether they will still be there a few years down the road.


So that there is someone there to service your windows in the event anything goes wrong or breaks. Believe it or not, service is a big part of the window installation process. It is possible to install the windows properly, but one can never predict what will happen years down the road. After all, your windows are directly exposed to the elements. On top of condensation, you could be faced with pressure cracks, leaks, or breaks in the caulking. What will you do after you discover these issues and you’re trying to reach the company but the phone is no longer in service?

Similarly, some people get tricked by the company’s promise of a lifetime warranty. After all, somebody wouldn’t offer you protection on something if they didn’t stand behind it. Wrong! These pop-up companies actually strive on things like that. It’s much easier for them to promise you the world when they know they won’t be around when the bad stuff hits the fan.

So how do you make sure the company you’re interested in getting a quote from is reliable?

Here are some things to look for:

How long has the window company been in business?

Good companies succeed because they mean business. Even if the company has some negative reviews, being around for longer than five years usually means they are doing something right.


What’s the word around town?

Even if a company doesn’t have a Homestars or a BBB page, you should still find something online beyond just their website. If you have stumbled upon them while looking for new vinyl windows, chances are your neighbors have as well. Usually, you can find some useful information about a company just by doing a simple Google search.


Does the window company have a customer service department?

Companies that call you, instead of the other way around, are serious about their client base. Ones that are here for the season will likely try to leave all the scheduling and planning up to you – they simply don’t invest into customer service in the interest of maximizing their immediate profits.


Can they answer all of your window replacement questions?

If you ask about the warranty and product, chances are you’ll hear how great everything is. Ask instead where and by whom are the windows manufactured. Ask whether the company’s installers are certified. Find out if the company is insured and bonded. If your project consultant isn’t struggling to come up with answers about how the company is run, chances are the business is legitimate.

Avoid wasting your time and losing your money. Do a little research on windows Calgary prior to deciding on which companies to get a quote from, and pick only the ones that have a proven record of good work.


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