Window installation plays a crucial role in how efficient your windows will be and how well they protect your home from leaks and drafts. Get a bad installation and even the most efficient windows will lose heat and money.

There are two main types of window installation in Saskatoon: a full-frame window replacement and retrofit (insert) installation.

The installation type will dictate the price of your replacement, what parts of the window get replaced, and ultimately how long your new windows will last.

There are two main types of window installation: full-frame and retrofit replacement.
There are two main types of window installation: full-frame and retrofit replacement.

Full-Frame Window Installation in Saskatoon

A full-frame window installation is the most thorough way to replace windows. The window installers will remove the old window and its frame. Once the window is out, the installers will normally examine the surrounding studs for any rotting or water damage. Any damaged wood is then replaced. Once the window is installed, it is installed with all new frame, jambs, and brickmoulds. This ensures that not only the new window is efficient, but also that the wall structure is sealed with little to no moisture left inside.

Retrofit Window Installation in Saskatoon

Retrofit, or insert installation, as it is sometimes called, is not as invasive to the structure as a full-frame replacement. Essentially, the old frame of the windows remains intact and only the sashes containing the sealed unit are replaced. Because the frame is not replaced it is often difficult to truly assess the condition of the wood components inside the wall. Even if you get a good retrofit replacement, the moisture issues inside the walls will not be addressed, meaning you might be on the hook for another window replacement just a few years down the road.

So, when are retrofit installations good?

Most commonly, retrofit installations suit homes with quality old wood windows. It is not uncommon to see houses with wood windows over a hundred years old that still have not leaked. Of course, a big factor here is the quality of the wood the windows are made from.

The difference between full-frame and retrofit installation

If the full-frame window installation is more thorough and better, why wouldn’t you just go for that? A lot of the time the question for the homeowner is not about what’s better, but about what’s more affordable. A full-frame replacement, on average costs 15-20% more than a retrofit installation. Because a window replacement is a costly undertaking, not all homeowners can afford to do a full-frame replacement right away. We do still recommend this type of installation as the best solution for your windows. Consider replacing your windows in stages, or doing ones that need it the most first. This way you can invest into the right type of replacement right away and have your windows last for over twenty years.

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