One of the biggest concerns we hear from people with old windows is about the hassle of maintaining and keeping them clean throughout the year. It is easy to get frustrated if you just made your glass spotless, only for it to rain the same day and leave streaks down the pane. Not to mention units on upper floors, or hard to access areas. This is especially true for homeowners in Canada, where weather can be unpredictable and outright strange.

The industry has been trying to address this issue for several years as more upgrade features became available for energy-efficient units.

The answer: a Simply Clean layer.

Today, most vinyl window manufacturers offer simply clean coating as a standard option, or one of the several free upgrades you can choose from. A great advantage of this coating is that it can also be used together with Low-E coatings in vinyl windows for better performance.


How SimplyClean Works

Simply Clean is actually several layers of coating applied at different stages during the manufacturing of the pane.

The active ingredient used in this technology is Titanium Dioxide. It reacts chemically with the sun’s UV rays, causing organic materials on the surface to decompose. This ensures leaves, dust, and even fingerprints don’t leave any markings on the glass pane.

Simply Clean works even on cloudy days as 80% of UV radiation gets through cloud cover.


The outermost layer, composed of silicon dioxide, makes the glass exceptionally smooth. This allows the water to spread evenly and evaporate quickly, keeping your windows clean as the precipitation dries up.

In tests, Simply Clean treated glass dries in one-third of the time with 99% fewer water spots, in comparison to untreated glass.

Customers also often ask whether there is any process to activating the Simply Clean layer once the units are installed in their residence.

Initially, Simply Clean required a light wash with a vinegar/water solution in order to activate the chemicals. As of 2009, however, all Simply Clean technology is self-activated by UV rays and is active as soon as your windows are installed.

Simply Clean technology is great to consider when thinking about the longevity and worry-free maintenance for your vinyl windows. A lot of the time upstairs windows are harder to maintain, or are inaccessible. These are the areas of the home where SimplyClean coating is an ideal addition to the window package.


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