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    Window Prices in Kamloops


    Rebates for New Windows in Kamloops

    • Up to $5000 financial support
    • $250 per rough opening
    • Homeowners across Canada
    • ENERGY STAR-certified products

    British Columbia Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

    • Up to $2000 rebate
    • Natural Resource Canada’s certified fenestration products

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      4 facts about Ecoline Windows Company:

      Over 10 years of experience

      Over 40,000 installations

      Here, at Ecoline Windows Kamloops, we strive to provide our customers with the best windows and doors that are energy-efficient, durable and make your house look terrific!

      You are welcome to use our free Perfect Window Search to find the unit that will work best for you. Afterwards, our free Window Replacement Cost Calculator will provide you with the necessary quote for preferred products.

      Our Ecoline Team in Kamloops always wants to go beyond your expectations, so we encourage you to leave honest feedback regarding our performance to help us improve our services.

      Do not hesitate to contact us in any comfortable way of yours. We promise to do our best to find a solution to every homeowner’s case.

      Window Replacement: Case Studies

      Bay window
      New bay windows with a black exterior perfectly complement the house design. Double glazing with LoE and Argon makes sure to lower the energy bills and ensure maximum comfort.
      Location Living room
      Size 120″ x 60″
      Colour Black
      Glazing Double Pane LoE Argon
      Colour Black
      Price $5,000 – $5,500
      Fixed-Casement – Picture combination
      A great window replacement project to boost the energy efficiency of this house. Top window – fixed casement, bottom unit – picture window. Both come with triple glazing and tile red brickmould for maximum comfort and aesthetics.
      Fixed-Casement Size 70″ x 45″
      Picture Window Size 60″ x 70″
      Glazing Double Pane LoE + Argon
      Colour Tile Red brickmould
      Fixed-Casement Price $1,700 – $1,900
      Picture Price $2,000 – $2,100
      Single Door
      A single door with full glass provides a basic yet stylish look. The white exterior perfectly emphasizes the beauty of the house design and creates a good match with the new windows nearby.
      Colour White
      Glazing Full Glass
      Price $2,000 – $2,100

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      Windows Collection


      When calculating the price, homeowners should consider many aspects such as door type, materials, and different add-ons, but the average price range for a basic door would be ~ $1200-$2300.

      Even though the glass inserts for your front door can be replaced, it is definitely not a DIY task, so you would need to invite professional installers to do the job.

      While every door type has pros and cons, fibreglass and steel exterior doors are usually the most preferred options among Canadian homeowners for comfort, security and energy efficiency.

      As a rule, fibreglass exterior doors are best in terms of energy efficiency. However, many aspects, such as glass inserts, hardware and other add-ons, should be considered to ensure maximum energy efficiency for the new front door, so consult with the experts to learn what works best for your project.

      Ecoline Windows is considered one of the best door companies in Kamloops. Contact our experts to get a free quote and an expert opinion regarding your next door replacement project.

      All our windows and doors are manufactured to meet and even surpass industry standards. We warrant the products against defects in materials and quality.

      Virtual Window and Door Quote

      Firstly, we want to say that our hearts and thoughts go to anyone who has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic either directly or indirectly.

      During these uncertain times, we have resorted to offering virtual quote services.

      Our project managers offer you virtual consultation via Zoom, Facebook, Skype and other available platforms.

      Our virtual quotes are informative and contain all the details that you can get in a face-to-face appointment or consultation.

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      4 Facts About Our Window Manufacturer

      1. Only cutting-edge and quality machinery is used when manufacturing your new windows. All the equipment guarantees quality, accuracy, consistency and reliability for every single product made.
      2. Only the best and most energy-efficient windows.
      3. A skilled team with years of experience in the window and door industry.
      4. 60,000 sq.ft manufactory

      Our Installers

      1. We work only with in-house installers.
      2. Our installers strictly follow the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) guidelines and your local building codes.
      3. Installers have workplace and liability insurance coverage.
      4. Residential window replacements is our main speciality.

      Window Installation Procedure

      1. Consultation and quotation – Our project managers provide detailed consultation and quotation services either online or by visiting your home in Kamloops.
      2. Contract – The contract discusses the deliverables, deadlines and other vital paperwork.
      3. Measurement – Precision measurement of all your windows or doors’ requirements is scheduled.
      4. Order – Accurate measurement is submitted for order processing to begin.
      5. Manufacturing – The ordered items are manufactured in a speedy and high standard manner.
      6. Shipping – Once everything is ready, your order is shipped to the local warehouse.
      7. Scheduling – We will schedule a convenient day and time for installation.
      8. Post Installation Review – Once the installation is done, our installers will inspect the window operation to make sure that it meets your needs.
      9. Follow Up – We will do a follow-up within a week to make sure that everything is going on well with the installation.
      10. Warranty Package – Within a few weeks after window installation, you will receive the warranty package.

      Basement Window Cutting

      1. Ecoline Kamloops calls your local utility companies to mark underground hydro, natural gas, cable and water lines.
      2. We then determine the dimensions for the egress window you are about to use.
      3. We order the correct type and size of each window.
      4. Building window framing from pressure-treated lumber is the next step
      5. We are to dig out the window well area in required
      6. Installing a window well.
      7. Installation of PVC irrigation pipe.
      8. Tarping the interior to protect a finished basement against water damage when cutting the concrete.