Ask the product consultant to explain windows and doors operation.

Make sure you understand all the available options and how these windows work. Ask the consultant about the windows efficiency ratings and whether they comply to international energy standards.

Ask the product consultant to explain interior and exterior finishes for vinyl windows.

There are many options when it comes to matching the look of your new windows to your home. Custom colours, casing styles, and grills are all options to consider for a replacement you envisioned.

Ask the product consultant to explain egress windows (fire code).

If you are changing windows in any room that is a bedroom, the windows have to be a certain minimum size in order for someone to be able to get out in case of an emergency. This is especially important in basement window replacements. It is also often possible to cut out or expand the window in order to meet fire code requirements.

Ask the product consultant about hidden fees.

A lot of factors go into determining the final price of your replacement. Make sure the project consultant is able to explain all the costs that go into manufacturing and installing your custom windows.

Ask the product consultant about planning around other contractor’s services.

Often, when homeowners decide to replace their windows it is part of a greater renovation that may include a complete kitchen makeover, new siding, and a new roof. With the exception of the roof, the other two projects are greatly dependent on the installation of the windows. This is because windows (and doors) are part of the building envelope, meaning that they seal the indoors from the outdoors. The various projects like kitchen renovations and siding replacement are cosmetic in nature and should always be done after.

Ask the project consultant about hardware and installation warranty.

Different companies offer warranties on their product and installation. Be sure to clarify exactly what the individual warranties are, and what aspects of the installation are covered. Remember that lifetime warranty usually means the lifetime of the product. In case of window hardware it is usually five years.

Find out which windows are best for what room.

The geographical location of our country means that it is possible to capture the heat from the low hanging winter sun through a south-facing window. You may want windows with higher solar heat gain potential there. West or East facing Calgary windows naturally get a lot of light. Consider windows with good thermal protection but lower heat gain properties. Windows at the North side of the house receive the least amount of light. You want windows on this side of the house to have the best heat gain and thermal insulation properties.