Hung windows are very versatile and match most home styles. Ecoline’s vinyl hung replacement windows come in many shapes, sizes and colours.

Double hung windows typically slide up and down on a track and can safely hold a standard air conditioner. Screens can be easily added and removed allowing for ventilation without insect infiltration. They’re energy efficient and allow minimal moisture and air leaks with the use of weatherstripping. Hung windows tilt in for easy cleaning.

Single Hung Window


An Ecoline single-hung window includes a stationary sash and an operable sash. The operable unit moves up and down on a track while the stationary one remains fixed. The operable unit tilts into the room for cleaning without ladders.

Single Arch Top Hung

Single Arch-Top

These decorative, single arch-top windows add design flexibility and come in a variety of sizes, glass patterns and radius shapes, including picture windows and transoms. The bottom of the window is rectangular while the top forms an arch or radius shape for an aesthetically pleasing design.

Double Hung Window


Double-hung windows are comprised of two operable sashes that slide up and down along a track. This popular style can open and close without protruding, making them an excellent choice for areas with porches, patios and walkways. One or both sashes can be opened simultaneously for more ventilation.