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Looking for a high-quality energy-efficient front door?
Ecoline is the only Canadian company you need to get the best ENERGY STAR® Rated & NAFS-11 tested modern exterior doors in Vancouver. We offer manufacturing and installation of steel, fibreglass, garden and even storm custom replacement doors to fit your exterior perfectly.

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We Serve Vancouver & Surrounding Areas


Want to quickly estimate the door prices for your replacement project in Vancouver? Use Ecoline’s front door prices calculator and get a free quote in seconds.


CleanBC Income Qualified Rebate

  • Up to $9,500 on total window & door replacement project
  • Up to $950 per unit (window or exterior door)
  • 95% rebate if combined family income is < $89,768
  • 60% rebate if combined family income is < $117,820
  • Canadian products only
  • ENERGY STAR-certified products

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    Canada greener homes grant

    • Up to $5000 financial support
    • $250 per rough opening
    • Homeowners across Canada
    • ENERGY STAR-certified products

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      Solid Front Doors

      Solid doors come with no glass panels. Thus, they offer your home top-notch privacy and security. Moreover, solid doors are durable, energy-efficient, and require little-to-no maintenance.

      Front Doors With Glass

      Glass doors are designed to add aesthetics to your entryway, making it look more elegant and stylish. From classic to modern, there’s a glass door to suit your needs.
      Entry door Ecoline

      Fiberglass Doors

      Want to go with the most energy-efficient door option? Then fiberglass is just for you. Besides, fibreglass doors have many other benefits to offer: security, wear and corrosion resistance, and minimal maintenance needs. With woodgrain and smooth textured finishes, you’re sure to find an option that accentuates your Vancouver home’s aesthetic with this material.

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      Steel Entry door Ecoline

      Steel Doors

      If you’re looking for durability, energy efficiency, and resistance to decay, shrinking, and warping, our steel front doors are for you. Metal doors come in a many different styles that will compliment any Vancouver home, from modern to traditional.

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      Screen Doors

      Ecoline offers a wide variety of screen doors to match any Vancouver house exterior and allow you to enjoy both the security and fresh air without letting any bugs in.

      Ecoline’s Hassle-Free Warranty

      We are local, transparent and strive to build long-term relationships with all our clients. Your satisfaction is our reputation. That’s why all our windows come with a direct warranty from the manufacturer on:

      • Vinyl Frame
      • Seal Failure
      • Hardware
      • Installation
      • Labour
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      Front Doors by Configuration

      Single Front Doors

      This standard door configuration is a popular choice among homeowners in the Vancouver area. Single front door installation generally does not require you to change the rough opening of your entryway; you’ll also have plenty of material, design, and finish options to get it customized for the perfect door for your home.

      Double Front Doors

      Consider the French door-inspired double front door to elevate your Vancouver home. These fantastic units come in two-door slabs and allow for a wider entryway to your residence.

      Front Doors with Sidelights

      Looking for more natural light coming to your space? Then a door with one or two sidelites is just for you. Sidelites are vertical glass elements that can be positioned at the side of either a single or double door, adding unique elegance to your home.

      Front Doors with Transom

      Incorporate transoms in your entryway design if you want the maximum amount of natural light in your home. These fixed glass panes go above your door and sidelites, providing more light to get in and beautifully framing your front door.

      Options & Features

      Ice White
      Wedgewood Blue
      Forest Green
      Canyon Clay
      Smoke 506
      Iron Ore
      Chestnut Brown
      Antique Brown

      Matching your new door with the exterior or interior of your house is essential. We provide many options to help you find the perfect shade for this task. Popular options include Sable, Slate, Chestnut, Commercial Brown, White, and Black, but we can also help you customize the colour of your new doors and windows in Vancouver in any shade you like. Get in touch with our expert staff to find the right option for you.

      Going with a fiberglass door installation means you’ll have to select a stain colour to make the exterior look perfect. Our stain collection includes popular shades like Oak, Walnut, and Cherry to give your new replacement door the wood finish you desire, with all the benefits of fiberglass.

      Important Notes: The color chips on this selector have been produced by the most accurate methods of color matching. Actual sample colors may vary slightly from the paint supplied

      Delta Frosted 9/10 private
      Chinchilla 9/10 private
      Pinhead 10/10 private
      Acid Etched 10/10 private
      Silvet 8/10 private
      Security for your home is a top priority. That is why we offer many privacy options for Vancouver homeowners. We can enhance your entryway’s privacy using decorative glass and privacy glass. Using the industry’s scale of 1-10, 1 being the least private and 10 being the most private, we’ll work with you to make sure the privacy level is enough.

      2 Panel

      3 Panel

      4 Panel

      6 Panel

      Flush Panel Door

      Multi-Panel Door

      Customize your new front door with the number of panels of lites installed (from 2-6 included). Many Vancouver homeowners choose entry doors with multiple panels or lites, but the exact number you choose depends of your personal aesthetic and style.



      Self-closing door

      Self-closing door
      It’s essential that your new doors not only look terrific, but also operate smoothly. Decide between in-swing and out-swing doors to suit the floor plan of your home, and consider a self-closing system for better comfort and security.



      — Customize your front door with a peephole to your liking for extra privacy.

      Pet door

      — Ensure your glass front door will be equipped with a pet door for extra comfort for your little friend.

      Glass frame insert options

      — You are welcome to go with woodgrain texture for a more traditional feel or pick contemporary-looking frames. All units are easy to paint and come with exceptional weather tightness.

      Styled hinges

      — Are you after a wow effect for your new glass entry doors? Ask our experts about painting your door’s hinges in a custom colour to make your front entrance stand out.

      Smart locks

      — Smart locks installation is complex a process available upon request, but the security and comfort of your house skyrockets. Pair these locks with a mobile app on your smartphone to allow for keyless entry and remote access to lock, and unlock your front entry door via the app or even using just a voice command.

      Multi point hardware options

      — Choose from the best multi-point door levers and gripsets available in different 9 styles and multiple colour finishes. For a more contemporary touch, pick what fits your house best from 2 styles of pull handles in a choice of 3 finishes and 3 heights.

      Front Door Sizes

      Type Door
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      Rough Opening
      Door Unit
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      Transom Size

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