Ecoline Windows warrants that all work performed as a part of the Installation will be free of Installation Defects for a period of fifteen years from the date of completion of the installation.

What’s covered?

25 years on seal failure of the insulated glass unit

25 years on specialty SSP glass

25 years on tempered glass

25 years on vinyl (PVC) components

25 years on hardware

15 years on level, square and plumb window and door installation

15 years on rough opening insulation

2 years on exterior caulking

2 years on aluminum cladding

1 year on pressure cracks

What’s not covered?

If given Prompt Notice (within 30 days of discovery) of an Installation Defect, Ecoline Windows shall, at its sole option: 1) furnish labor to repair any such Installation Defect or 2) replace the defective unit(s).

The proper care and maintenance of Ecoline Windows products is important to assuring that Ecoline Windows products will perform year after year. Please refer to Vinyl Windows Maintenance Tips for more information.

Ecoline Windows agrees to service products where Buyer gives Prompt Notice (within 30 days of discovery) of the need for service as long as the need for service is due to an Installation Defect or Product Defect.

For the purpose of this warranty an Installation Defect is an error that significantly impairs the proper operation of an Ecoline Windows product, while a Product Defect is a defect that significantly impairs the proper operation and function of your Ecoline Windows products and is covered under the applicable product warranty.

While Ecoline Windows agrees to service products for the applicable periods specified in this warranty, any labour required to replace defective parts will not be covered after a period of two years.

Should repairs be necessary which are not the result of defects in workmanship or materials provided by Ecoline Windows , reasonable charges will be applied for such repairs and/or inspections.

The signed Sales Agreement, product warranties and this Warranty and Service Agreement constitute the entire agreement between seller and buyer. Buyer agrees that there is no reliance on any statement, agreement, writing, warranty or representation, whether written or oral, other than the terms contained in this Warranty and Service Agreement, the Sales Agreement, and any applicable product warranties.

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