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Manufacturing and replacement ENERGY STAR® Rated & NAFS-11 tested windows and doors

Available Rebates and Loans in Burnaby

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Window Prices in Burnaby


CleanBC Income Qualified Rebate

  • Up to $9,500 on total window & door replacement project
  • Up to $950 per unit (window or exterior door)
  • 95% rebate if combined family income is < $89,768
  • 60% rebate if combined family income is < $117,820
  • Canadian products only
  • ENERGY STAR-certified products

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    Looking for a rebate for your new
    Casement & Awning windows?

    • Up to $5600 financial support
    • $250 per rough opening
    • Homeowners across Canada
    • ENERGY STAR-certified products

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      CleanBC Income Qualified Rebate

      • Up to $2000 rebate
      • Up to $100 per window
      • Natural Resource Canada’s certified fenestration products

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        4 facts about Ecoline Windows Company:

        Over 10 years of experience

        Over 40,000 installations

        Ecoline always strives to offer all our clients the best high-quality windows and doors in Burnaby. Finding the most energy-efficient products to help you boost aesthetics and raise your property value might take a lot of work.
        That is why we strive to help you make an educated buying decision to find windows & doors that will work best for your house, saving you money and bringing maximum comfort.
        Our team in Burnaby will keep you informed on every stage of your replacement project, from order to delivery to installation. Your desired house look is our top priority.

        Window Replacement: Case Studies

        Double Entry Door
        Fibreglass double doors replacement. Stunning units improve the look of the front entrance, boosting home value and aesthetics.
        Size (WxH): 36 * 79
        Exterior colour: Grey
        Material: Fibreglass
        Price $2,770 – $4,870
        Single Entry Door
        Single exterior doors with two sidelights. Glass elements ensure maximum natural light while keeping your space private.
        Size (WxH): 36 * 79
        Exterior colour Black
        Material: Steel
        Price $5,486 – $8,673

        Our Store in Burnaby

        Windows Collection

        Shop Your New Entry Doors by Material & Style

        Steel Exterior Doors


        All Ecoline steel doors are manufactured using galvanized steel and composite materials to ensure maximum durability. No wood or parts that degrade with water or high/low temperatures.


        Choose your desired configuration, colour, hardware, glazing and literally any door component you want to match your home design and balance security, privacy and style.


        Steel frame, cutting-edge hardware and heavy-duty hinges guarantee maximum security for your house.

        Low maintenance

        Expect no damage, deformation, or erosion caused by the elements. All metal doors by Ecoline are scratch and water-resistant. Cleaning your steel door regularly with soap and water is all the effort homeowners need to make it last longer.


        Steel entry doors offer excellent performance in terms of security, durability and maintenance while being one of the most affordable doors on the market.

        Fiberglass Exterior Doors


        Fibreglass doors are the most energy-efficient option for your house. All our models are NAFS and Energy Star-rated to meet and exceed the energy standards needed to qualify for government rebates and ensure maximum savings on energy bills throughout the year.


        Go with any configuration, interior/exterior colour schemes, hardware, and glazing to match your house design, boosting energy efficiency, privacy and front entrance look.

        Aesthetically pleasing

        Smooth and elegant or textured to capture the aesthetics of natural wood – homeowners are sure to find the perfect finish.


        Fibreglass doors will not rot, warp or take on moisture but ensure a terrific look with little maintenance. All models come with exclusive Weathertech feature, full-length composite stiles, and composite top & bottom rails to prevent water infiltration on all sides.

        Garden Exterior Doors


        Find your best match by playing with different glass types and shapes. Go with clear or privacy glass, half or full or install decorative glass – all you need to match your preferences and space.


        Moder, cottage, rusting or traditional – with Ecoline, you can choose any door style you want to complement your house exterior.


        Glass inserts maintain the overall energy efficiency performance of the door if installed correctly. Double or triple glazing ensures maximum savings and comfort for your house.


        Glass exterior doors are stylish, unique and add tremendous value to your house. New energy-efficient doors will make your home look better and increase its market value significantly.

        Glass Doors


        Homeowners can choose between sliding patio doors or French doors. Both models offer fantastic durability, comfort and increased market value for your house, differentiating only in the way of operation. Moreover, you can choose colour, size, type of glazing and hardware for any product.


        All garden doors at Ecoline are convenient to operate, allowing for a wide entrance to improve air circulation.


        Your new garden doors can come with a steel or fibreglass frame to avoid rotting, warping or scratching, allowing for a stunning look with little-to-no maintenance.


        All our garden doors are not only Energy Star-rated but also NAFS-11 tested, which is quite rare in the current market. This guarantees high energy savings and outstanding thermal performance.


        You can always apply for multiple financing options with Ecoline since we partner with several financial companies in Burnaby. Homeowners might be eligible for up to 12 months of payment deferral and low-interest financing.

        The final cost of your replacement projects depends on the configuration and custom features such as glazing, hardware, colour, size, etc. You are welcome to use our window estimator to get an approximate cost range for your project.

        Usually, a window project takes 6 to 10 weeks from the day the contract is signed.

        Ecoline offers only Canadian-made windows. We manufacture them in Ontario.

        Exceeding industry standards is our top priority. We warrant our windows and doors against defects in materials and workmanship.

        Virtual Window and Door Quote

        All our thoughts go to support those who were affected by the coronavirus pandemic (Covid19). Humanity is facing a truly unprecedented situation worldwide.

        During these hard times, Ecoline Windows Burnaby offers virtual consultations to our clients.

        All our managers will be happy to discuss your projects via Zoom, Skype, Facebook or any other video conference platforms you are comfortable with.

        Those quotes are as informative and knowledge-based as we were to meet personally during your home appointment.

        Book a Virtual Window and Door Quote

        4 facts about Our Window Manufacturer

        1. Premium, modern machinery is used. The equipment is guaranteed to deliver the highest quality, precision, consistency, and reliability to manufacture the best windows to meet your preferences and house design.
        2. All the windows offer maximum energy-efficient and durability.
        3. Experienced team with a magnitude of knowledge in the window and door industry.
        4. More than 60,000 sq. ft operating facility.

        Our Installers

        1. In-House Installers only
        2. We work according to Canadian Standards Association (CSA) guidelines and your local Burnaby building code.
        3. Supported by workplace and liability insurance.
        4. Our main specialization is residential window & door replacements.

        Window Installation Procedure

        1. QUOTE and CONSULTATION. Our manager will make an offline or online appointment as per your request.
        2. CONTRACT. Discussion of deadlines and deliverables.
        3. MEASUREMENT. Accurate measurements are scheduled.
        4. ORDER. The measurements are submitted to the order desk.
        5. MANUFACTURING. The operating facility manufactures your window.
        6. SHIPPING. Windows are delivered to a local warehouse facility.
        7. SCHEDULING. The time of installation will be scheduled at a convenient date for you.
        8. POST INSTALLATION REVIEW. The installer will review the window operation, ensuring homeowners are pleased with the work.
        9. FOLLOW UP. During a week, our head office will conduct a follow-up to receive any feedback.
        10. WARRANTY PACKAGE. Your warranty package is issued within a few weeks after the installation is completed.

        Basement Window Cutting

        1. Ecoline calls your local utility companies to mark underground hydro, natural gas, cable and water lines.
        2. We then determine the dimensions for the egress window you are about to use.
        3. We order the accurate type and size of each window.
        4. Building window framing from pressure-treated lumber is the next step
        5. We are to dig out the window well area in required
        6. Installing a window well.
        7. Installation of PVC irrigation pipe.
        8. Tarping the interior to protect a finished basement against water damage when cutting the concrete.

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room","variations_branch":{"controls_type":"button","step_number":3,"items":{"small":{"label":"small","last_step":true,"result":"$312.00 \u2013 $686.00"},"medium":{"label":"medium","last_step":true,"result":"$707.00 \u2013 $1248.00"},"large":{"label":"large","last_step":true,"result":"$1183.00 \u2013 $2326.00"},"extra-large":{"label":"extra large","last_step":true,"result":"$1840.00 \u2013 $3563.00"}}}},"closet":{"label":"Closet","variations_branch":{"controls_type":"button","step_number":3,"items":{"small":{"label":"small","last_step":true,"result":"$428.00 \u2013 $803.00"},"medium":{"label":"medium","last_step":true,"result":"$631.00 \u2013 $1171.00"}}}},"den":{"label":"Den","variations_branch":{"controls_type":"button","step_number":3,"items":{"small":{"label":"small","last_step":true,"result":"$471.00 \u2013 $846.00"},"medium":{"label":"medium","last_step":true,"result":"$759.00 \u2013 $1298.00"},"large":{"label":"large","last_step":true,"result":"$1402.00 \u2013 $2546.00"}}}},"dining-room":{"label":"Dining room","variations_branch":{"controls_type":"button","step_number":3,"items":{"small":{"label":"small","last_step":true,"result":"$439.00 \u2013 $813.00"},"medium":{"label":"medium","last_step":true,"result":"$756.00 \u2013 $1296.00"},"large":{"label":"large","last_step":true,"result":"$1225.00 \u2013 $2368.00"},"extra-large":{"label":"extra large","last_step":true,"result":"$2780.00 \u2013 $4502.00"}}}},"ensuite":{"label":"Ensuite","variations_branch":{"controls_type":"button","step_number":3,"items":{"small":{"label":"small","last_step":true,"result":"$438.00 \u2013 $812.00"},"medium":{"label":"medium","last_step":true,"result":"$750.00 \u2013 $1291.00"},"large":{"label":"large","last_step":true,"result":"$1297.00 \u2013 $2442.00"}}}},"exercise-room":{"label":"Exercise room","variations_branch":{"controls_type":"button","step_number":3,"items":{"small":{"label":"small","last_step":true,"result":"$340.00 \u2013 $713.00"},"medium":{"label":"medium","last_step":true,"result":"$546.00 \u2013 $1086.00"},"large":{"label":"large","last_step":true,"result":"$1759.00 \u2013 $2903.00"},"extra-large":{"label":"extra large","last_step":true,"result":"$3076.00 \u2013 $4799.00"}}}},"family-room":{"label":"Family room","variations_branch":{"controls_type":"button","step_number":3,"items":{"small":{"label":"small","last_step":true,"result":"$457.00 \u2013 $831.00"},"medium":{"label":"medium","last_step":true,"result":"$667.00 \u2013 $1207.00"},"large":{"label":"large","last_step":true,"result":"$1255.00 \u2013 $2400.00"},"extra-large":{"label":"extra large","last_step":true,"result":"$2403.00 \u2013 $4126.00"}}}},"foyer":{"label":"Foyer","variations_branch":{"controls_type":"button","step_number":3,"items":{"small":{"label":"small","last_step":true,"result":"$380.00 \u2013 $754.00"},"medium":{"label":"medium","last_step":true,"result":"$774.00 \u2013 $1315.00"},"large":{"label":"large","last_step":true,"result":"$868.00 \u2013 $2011.00"}}}},"front":{"label":"Front","variations_branch":{"controls_type":"button","step_number":3,"items":{"small":{"label":"small","last_step":true,"result":"$522.00 \u2013 $896.00"},"medium":{"label":"medium","last_step":true,"result":"$599.00 \u2013 $1139.00"},"large":{"label":"large","last_step":true,"result":"$1275.00 \u2013 $2419.00"},"extra-large":{"label":"extra large","last_step":true,"result":"$1286.00 \u2013 $3009.00"}}}},"front-door":{"label":"Front door","variations_branch":{"controls_type":"button","step_number":3,"items":{"small":{"label":"small","last_step":true,"result":"$389.00 \u2013 $764.00"},"medium":{"label":"medium","last_step":true,"result":"$935.00 \u2013 $1476.00"}}}},"game-room":{"label":"Game room","variations_branch":{"controls_type":"button","step_number":3,"items":{"small":{"label":"small","last_step":true,"result":"$437.00 \u2013 $812.00"},"medium":{"label":"medium","last_step":true,"result":"$686.00 \u2013 $1227.00"},"large":{"label":"large","last_step":true,"result":"$1947.00 \u2013 $3091.00"}}}},"garage":{"label":"Garage","variations_branch":{"controls_type":"button","step_number":3,"items":{"small":{"label":"small","last_step":true,"result":"$345.00 \u2013 $719.00"},"medium":{"label":"medium","last_step":true,"result":"$517.00 \u2013 $1058.00"},"large":{"label":"large","last_step":true,"result":"$816.00 \u2013 $1960.00"}}}},"hall":{"label":"Hall","variations_branch":{"controls_type":"button","step_number":3,"items":{"small":{"label":"small","last_step":true,"result":"$467.00 \u2013 $840.00"},"medium":{"label":"medium","last_step":true,"result":"$852.00 \u2013 $1393.00"},"large":{"label":"large","last_step":true,"result":"$