Window Replacement Cost Estimator

Follow the steps top to bottom to configure a desired window and get replacement cost estimate. Click on for additional hints.

STEP 1 Select window type

Casement & Awning340
Casement Fixed Comb551
Custom Shape (half moon)425
Fixed 162
Bay & Bow986
Patio Doors (5-6 ft)1269

STEP 2 Select installation type

 RetrofitFull Frame
Casement & Awning280330
Casement Fixed Comb301365
Custom Shape (half moon)244272
Fixed 268311
Bay & Bow456616
Patio Doors (5-6 ft)520832
Retrofit installation
In a retrofit installation, new windows are inserted into existing frames. This is ideal in preserving the look of a window and is a good option if the frame or structural components are not damaged or aged.
Full frame installation
In a full frame installation, the window is replaced with new brickmoulds and casing. This kind of installation is also the best way to ensure the longevity and proper efficiency of new windows.

STEP 2.1 Select exterior options

 Vinyl BrickmouldAluminum Capping
Casement & Awning7030
Casement Fixed Comb8938
Custom Shape (half moon)3917
Fixed 6026
Bay & Bow22496
Patio Doors (5-6 ft)16872
Aluminum capping
Aluminum capping or cladding is the way most windows were finished in the past. There is still a wooden brickmould that fastens the window to the wall. The actual exterior side of the wooden brickmould gets covered with bent aluminum capping on the top.
Vinyl brickmoulds
There are several reasons why vinyl brickmoulds are a better choice compared to aluminum capping. For starters, it is all about materials. Unlike combination of wood and aluminum, vinyl is much better at withstanding contact with moisture and the elements.

STEP 3 Select features & options

 GrillPrivacy GlassCustom ColourTriple Pane
Casement & Awning15222045
Casement Fixed Comb325020100
Custom Shape (half moon)235352017
Fixed 15172034
Bay & Bow6015020150
Patio Doors (5-6 ft)216-1550550
Privacy Glass
Our glass is available in a multitude of designs and each can be tinted to gray or bronze to complement the interior, or ordered frosted to add privacy where desired.
Custom Solar Bond™ Colours
There are thirteen standard window colors for you to choose from. We can also custom colour match your Ecoline windows, so they co-ordinate with any existing decor finishes.
Interior Grills
Window grills are the decorative bars that are placed in between the panes of your window to give it a unique look, or match the aesthetic with other windows.
Triple-pane Windows
An additional pane of glass in the window creates a better insulating barrier. Compared to double-pane units, triple-pane windows have allow less heat to escape, have less condensation, and are more soundproof.

STEP 4 Select number of LoE coats

 Included: 1 coat (LoE 180)Extra: 2 coats (LoE 272)Extra: 3 coats (LoE 366)
Casement & Awning079
Casement Fixed Comb01520
Custom Shape (half moon)033
Fixed 057
Bay & Bow04560
Patio Doors (5-6 ft)00290
LoE Coated Glass
Low-E is short for "low-emissivity". These coatings are great for several purposes: they keep the warmth inside your home during the winter, they reduce harmful effects of UV radiation, and provide a level of shading to windows in sunny rooms.
LoE 180
LoE 180, the standard low-emissivity coating helps keep the warmth inside your home and reduces harmful effects of UV.
LoE 272
LoE 272, a more advanced coating for even better insulation and reduced heat loss. Great for rooms all around the house.
LoE 366
LoE 366 has the same insulating values as LoE272 but with added protection from the sunshine.

Base Price

Casement & Awning675
Casement Fixed Comb1718
Custom Shape (half moon)714
Fixed 863
Bay & Bow2179
Patio Doors (5-6 ft)1750

By Frame

 Retrofit MaxFull Frame Max
Casement & Awning480568
Casement Fixed Comb11221257
Custom Shape (half moon)504594
Fixed 845960
Bay & Bow18402240
Patio Doors (5-6 ft)600938

Exterior options

 Vinyl Brickmould MaxAluminum Capping Max
Casement & Awning12353
Casement Fixed Comb19082
Custom Shape (half moon)12654
Fixed 16169
Bay & Bow560240
Patio Doors (5-6 ft)18278

By Features

 Grill MaxPrivacy Glass MaxColors MaxTriple Pane Max
Casement & Awning508534170
Casement Fixed Comb6522690452
Custom Shape (half moon)5209536180
Fixed 18016566331
Bay & Bow280300120600
Patio Doors (5-6 ft)280-11100700

By LoE

 Included: 1 coat (LoE 180)2 coats (LoE 272)3 coats (LoE 366)
Casement & Awning02634
Casement Fixed Comb06890
Custom Shape (half moon)02736
Fixed 05066
Bay & Bow090120
Patio Doors (5-6 ft)00330

Estimated replacement cost:
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