Canadian homeowners are attracted to sliding windows for their unobstructed, wide-open views of the outdoors and the maximum amount of natural light that can enter through them.

Sliding windows are designed to allow superb ventilation from floor to ceiling, tilt in or lift out for easy cleaning, and with few moving parts, are one of the best low-maintenance styles available.

Single tilt sliding window

Single Tilt

Single tilt slider windows operate along a track and allow the windows to move side to side. They include one stationary and one operable window sash for maximum glass area and exceptional ventilation. The windows tilt inward for easy cleaning.

Double tilt sliding

Double Tilt

Double tilt windows are designed with two operable sashes. They slide along a track horizontally and can be used together or independently for maximum ventilation. The tilt feature is available on both sashes for simple cleaning.

End vent sliding window

End Vent

End vent sliding windows are often used for window openings wider than 74 inches. They include two venting sashes and a low, fixed centre sash. These offer a large glass area for unobstructed views and superior ventilation capabilities.

Single lift out sliding window

Single Lift Out

Single lift out windows move side to side along a track and include one stationary and one operable window sash. They offer exceptional energy efficiency while allowing the maximum amount of light and air into the room. The sashes lift out for effortless cleaning.

Double lift out sliding window

Double Lift Out

As the name implies, double lift out sliding windows include two operable sashes. They slide along a track horizontally and open wide for maximum ventilation. Both lift out when cleaning is required.