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How much do replacement windows cost?

Check out our Pricing page to find out more about how much windows should cost.

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Which windows are the best for the Saskatchewan climate?

Looking for the best performing window style for your replacement? Find out why casement windows are the superior choice when it comes to efficiency, comfort, and security.

Full Frame or Retrofit Installation

Full Frame vs. Retrofit Installation: Which is better for your window replacement?

Even the best windows don’t perform to their potential if they are not installed correctly. Find out the two main types of window installation, and which one is better for your replacement.

Getting New Windows in Regina

What you need to know about getting new windows in Regina.

Find out how to make sure your new windows are efficient for your area, and how to distinguish whether the product is quality.

Saskatchewan Windows

Frequently asked questions about Saskatchewan windows

Get the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding window replacement in Canada.

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