Regardless of WHY homeowners decide to change their windows, project timelines play a major role in deciding of WHO to use for their replacement. So what do you need to know if you want your Regina windows to be installed as soon as possible?

The standard timeframe for custom windows to be manufactured and installed in Saskatchewan is 6-8 weeks.

But often, companies outright lie about the time it takes to manufacture and install custom windows. We decided to dispell some of these myths and talk about what really has an effect on window replacement timelines.

Does it matter where your windows are manufactured?

One of the biggest misconceptions, and often cause for homeowners to not pick a specific company, is that the company manufactures their windows out of province. While there are many local companies that manufacture their windows in Saskatchewan, there are probably just as many that build their products out of province. Reps for local companies often dissuade homeowners from picking these out of province companies, citing that the windows are going to take longer to arrive, and may not be suitable for the cold Regina climate.

In reality,

The size, scope, and technologies used in the making of windows, have a way bigger effect on the project timelines. While you may think that local companies will build the windows faster, companies out of province may have the advantage of better-equipped facilities, and can manufacture the order faster. Some window companies in Regina have been around for as long as the 1960s. Upgrading and maintaining manufacturing equipment to meet changing standards is a costly investment a lot of local companies simply can’t afford. This means they often take longer to manufacture quality windows, or are still utilizing technologies that don’t allow them to make windows that meet current performance standards.

Remember, regardless of the window type or style, all windows you consider should be ENERGY STAR rated. In Saskatchewan, ENERGY STAR requires that all windows meet the performance criteria for CLIMATE ZONE 2, with a minimum ER of 29 and maximum U-factor of 1.40

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Why do custom windows take as long as they do?

Even if your windows are manufactured locally, and the company has all the latest technology, you may still have to wait 6-8 weeks for an installation date. This is often because manufacturers know the acceptable waiting times, and don’t rush projects unless specified by the company.

Another factor contributing to window replacement timelines is a contract clause that is actually there to protect homeowners. By law, a customer in Canada has 10 days to make changes or cancel their contract. Most window companies won’t submit the window order to be manufactured until that time has passed. This ensures that the client has no doubts and doesn’t decide to to change things halfway through the project. As a homeowner, this gives you almost up to two weeks to reconsider any customizations you made for your project.

The customizations themselves are often a big contributing factor to the extended project timelines. While it is generally possible to manufacture and install a basic vinyl window package in a 4-6 week timespan, any additions or changes require special attention to the project and, therefore, push production dates. These additions can be, but aren’t limited to vinyl colors, grills, window shapes, combination or oversize windows.

It is understandable, that when homeowners need to replace their windows, it may be because of an emergency or the room is not occupiable until a new unit is in. However, if you really want to get the best value for your dollar, the project timelines shouldn’t be the driving factor when it comes time to picking  a window company. What is more important is that the company actually carries products that are suitable for the cold Regina climate. Equally as important, is how the windows are installed – the quality of the product means nothing if the installation has not been performed correctly.

Consider window companies with realistic project timelines, and be wary of ones whose only selling point is that your windows will arrive fast.

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