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Manufacturing and replacement ENERGY STAR® Rated & NAFS-11 tested windows and doors

Built in Canada

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    British Columbia Energy Efficiency Rebate

    Rebates on Replacement Windows and Doors: save up to $2,000

    Receive up to $2,000 on select windows and door replacements as follows:

    Windows and doors with a U-Factor value of 1.40 to 1.23 (W/M2-K) qualify Windows and doors with a maximum U-Factor of 1.22 (W/M2-K) qualify
    $50 each for a maximum rebate of $1, $100 each for a maximum rebate of $2,000.

    4 facts about Ecoline Windows Company:

    Over 10 years of experience

    Over 40,000 installations

    We offer quality and high standard window and door products to all Vancouver homeowners. Our main goal is to ensure that we help you make the right buying decision by educating and informing you about our window and door products. To complement this, we have a team of qualified, experienced and professional windows and doors installers. They work closely with you throughout the replacement and repair process. 

    The ultimate goal is to ensure that you are satisfied with the new product installed. Our products are of high standards to ensure that the door serves you for years to come.

    Window Replacement: Case Studies

    Picture over slider
    New installation in Vancouver. A combination of picture over sliding windows allows for a lot of natural light, and great ventilation rolled in one.
    Size (WxH): 46.00″ x 70.00″
    Exterior colour: White
    LoE: LoE + Argon, Triple Glaze
    Price $1,260 – $1,470
    Bay window – Hung – Picture – Hung
    Bay window installation in Vancouver. A combination of a big picture window with two hung units creates a perfect look.
    Location: Master bedroom
    Size (WxH): 115.00″ x 45.00″
    LoE: LoE + Argon, Double Pane
    Price $2,310 – $2,520

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    What are the payment options you offer?

    We provide flexible payment options as we partner with multiple financial processing companies. In addition, you can be eligible for low-interest financing and up to 12 months of payment deferral for window replacement in Vancouver.

    What is the average project completion duration?

    Our window company strives to finish the standard project in Vancouver from 6 to 10 weeks from the day of contract signing.

    What is the average project cost for window replacement?

    The window replacement cost varies depending on the options you are after. The best thing is to choose high-quality products because they will serve you for a long time.

    Where are your windows manufactured?

    All Ecoline windows are Canadian-made and manufactured in Ontario.

    Do you offer a warranty?

    Yes, Ecoline offers a warranty on all our products against defects and workmanship. You can however be assured that our products are manufactured to exceed industry standards.

    Virtual Window and Door Quote

    First and foremost, our hearts and thoughts go out to all of those who have been either directly or indirectly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). We are facing a truly unprecedented crisis across the nation, but together we remain strong.

    To facilitate good business practices during these uncertain times, we are offering virtual quote services for the safety and convenience of our customers.

    Through Zoom, Skype, Facebook, or any other video conference service you prefer, our project managers will provide you with skillful and highly informative video consultation.

    Our virtual/remote quotes are as informative and helpful as you would expect if we were discussing face-to-face in one of our showrooms or home appointments.

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    4 Interesting Things About Our Window Manufacturer

    1. Cutting-edge machinery is used. Every piece of equipment has been chosen to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and durability on every order.
    2. The market’s most energy-efficient and long-lasting windows.
    3. Skilled team with a lifetime of experience in the window and door business.
    4. A processing facility with a floor area of more than 60,000 square feet.

    Our Installers

    1. Ecoline works only with in-house installers
    2. Our installations adhere to Canadian Standards Association (CSA) recommendations as well as municipal building codes.
    3. All our workers are covered with workplace and liability insurances 
    4. We are experts in residential window replacement projects.

    Window Installation Procedure

    1. BRIEFING AND QUOTATION. A project consultant comes to your house
    2. AN AGREEMENT. We’re all about timelines and deliverables.
    3. MEASUREMENT is the third phase. Precise calculation is planned.
    4. ORDER. The calculation is handed over to the order desk.
    5. Construction. Your windows are being manufactured at the plant.
    6. DELIVERY. Windows are sent to a nearby warehouse factory.
    7. SCHEDULE. The installation would take place on a suitable date for you.
    8. REVIEW AFTER INSTALLATION. The installer will go over window service with you to ensure that you are comfortable with the job.
    9. FOLLOW-UP. Our project managers will contact you within a week to hear your feedback.
    10. WARRANTY. You will get your warranty package within a few weeks after installation.

    Basement Window Cutting

    1. We call the utility companies to mark underground hydro, natural gas, cable, and water lines.
    2. We establish the dimensions for the egress window of your choice.
    3. We order the appropriate type and size of window.
    4. Build the window frame from pressure-treated lumber.
    5. We dig out the window well area if necessary.
    6. Installation of window well.
    7. Installation of PVC irrigation pipe.
    8. Tarping the interior to protect a finished basement from water damage when cutting the concrete.