Add to the aesthetic properties of the home, fit an unusual size, or add personality through the use of Ecoline custom shape windows. They’re made in a variety of standard sizes and styles or designed specifically to meet a unique configuration.

All custom windows are fixed and non-operable to maximize efficiency. Vinyl custom shape windows are available in cathedral, circle top, circle, ellipse, half eyebrow, hexagon, octagon, oval, pentagon, quarter arch, rectangle, trapezoid, triangle, plus any shape or angle other than 90 degrees.

High Profile Window

High Profile Windows

High profile custom shape windows match frames for combination units and a traditional exterior appearance. High profile windows are fixed and have no moving parts which makes them very energy efficient, with airtight permanent seals.

Low Profile Window

Low Profile Windows

All custom shape replacement windows are available in a low profile design. These windows incorporate a flush exterior frame and sash with a narrow perimeter frame for a modern look. Streamlined sightlines allow for unobstructed views of the outside while allowing a large amount of natural light inside.

Custom Curved Window

Multi-Chamber Frame

All Ecoline custom shape windows are made from 100% lead-free virgin vinyl. The multi-chamber frames are effective in redirecting moisture away from the glass surface to reduce condensation build-up.

Custom linear window

Energy-Efficient Certifications

All custom vinyl windows meet or exceed energy efficiency and performance standards. They are NAFS-11 tested and meet new 2020 Energy Star requirements.