Today’s building codes require a means of escaping from your home in an emergency situation when the use of normal building exits are prevented.

While windows are not typically considered the main escape routes, having access to an unobstructed egress window can save lives. Full vent in-swing awning and hopper windows that meet the proper size and opening requirements can be used as egress windows.

Hopper window

Hopper Window

A hopper window opens at the bottom and swings into the room. It is usually used above doors or high on a wall for extra light and ventilation. It can also be used as an egress window as it can swing open freely but must meet code requirements. However, exiting through a hopper window would require crawling over the pane of glass to escape.

In-swing Awning Window

Ecoline a full vent in-swing awning window opens at the top. It doesn’t use an operator so it can swing fully open without restriction. It swings inside the room and is often used in a basement. To be used as an egress window, the window must meet certain requirements for size, distance from the floor, and must have easy access.