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Hopper windows are very versatile and match most home styles. Ecoline’s vinyl hopper replacement windows come in many shapes, sizes and colours.

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    What Is a Hopper Window?

    A hopper window usually opens inwards and depending on your preferences, building code, and the installation, this unit can either have the latch can either be at the top or the bottom of the window, opening it as you wish.
    Hopper windows are often used for egress but should strictly meet your local building code.

    Types & Styles

    Basement hopper window

    Basement hopper window

    Basement hopper windows are small units with the standard size of 42″ x 22″ to meet the egress code. Besides its main purpose, egress, Canadians install them to get more natural light and add some airflow in basements. These windows are hinged at the bottom and open at the top.

    In-swing Awning Window

    Ecoline a full vent in-swing awning window opens at the top. It doesn’t use an operator so it can swing fully open without restriction. It swings inside the room and is often used in a basement. To be used as an egress window, the window must meet certain requirements for size, distance from the floor, and must have easy access.

    Ecoline’s Hassle-Free Warranty

    We are local, transparent and strive to build long-term relationships with all our clients. Your satisfaction is our reputation. That’s why all our windows come with a direct warranty from the manufacturer on:

    • Vinyl Frame
    • Seal Failure
    • Hardware
    • Installation
    • Labour
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    Window Replacement: Case Studies

    Hopper window
    Basement windows replacement. Old units were changed to brand-new hoppers with double glazing and MDF Colonial Primed Casing Plywood. Jamb not painted.
    Window Type Hopper Window
    Location Basement
    Size 32” x 20”
    Budget (range) $700 – $950
    Timeframes 6-8 weeks
    Hopper Window
    Hopper window installation with concrete cut in a basement to comply with egress sizes. Correct soil disposal and installation of window well ensure meeting egress code while double glazing allow for maximum energy efficiency.
    Window Type Hopper Window
    Location Basement
    Size 46” x 22”
    Budget (range) $3,000 – $3,500
    Timeframes 8-10 weeks

    Hopper Window Replacement & Installation

    Windows Installation

    Ecoline Windows makes sure to install your new windows properly. The correct installation is super important, especially when talking about basement hopper and escape windows. These units are required by law, so our skilled technicians always follow the CSA guidelines and local building codes to guarantee the correct hopper window installation.

    All our units are Energy Star rated, and NAFS-11 tested, providing all the essentials you are looking for – energy efficiency, ventilation, and correct escape routes.

    Windows Replacement

    If you are tired of your old inefficient units, consider new hopper vinyl windows. They guarantee to increase safety, energy efficiency and comfort. New basement hopper window replacement is also vital if you are looking to add value to your property. Ecoline is always happy to come and guide you on what works best for your home.

    Hassle-Free Warranty

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    Ultimate process control

    Our Windows and Doors are manufactured in a state of the art facility with all the key component fabrication processes needed to make the most energy-efficient and reliable windows on the market. With everything under one roof—from the insulated glass unit fabrication to PVC profile bending to painting—all quality and service levels can be managed seamlessly and proficiently.

    Lifetime of experience

    With a lifetime of experience in the window and door industry, the managers of Stage Windows and Doors have a unique understanding of the complexities and intricate details associated with designing and manufacturing window and door systems for the replacement, new construction and custom home markets.


    Ecoline windows and doors are manufactured in a facility that operates under stringent quality processes imposed by NFRC certification programs. This ensures that your windows and doors are made with highest quality standards all the time and are made exactly as the ones tested.


    Ecoline windows are among the few lines that meet NAFS-11. These high standards can be met when combinations of windows (two or more windows assembled together) meet certain performance grades. This is difficult to achieve.

    Installer Team

    When getting new hopper windows, Canadians homeowners have to be sure that installation is ideal. Your individual preferences are our top priority. We always take the hopper window sizes thoroughly to offer you only the best units that will not only fit your rough opening but also complement your current home design.

    All our hopper windows for egress are Energy Star rated and NAFS-11 tested. Our in-house installers are skilled and always follow Canadian Standards Association (CSA) guidelines and your local building codes.When the installation is complete, our installers make sure your residence is left clean.

    Ecolines is happy to share that we have the perfect rating with Better Business Bureau (A+) and HomeStar (98% positive reviews). In addition, our dedicated service team is there to assist with your hopper windows if you experience any problems. It goes as a part of our warranty.

    To safeguard our customers and employees from potential dangers, all workers are covered by WCB (Workers Compensation Board), and every hopper window installation project carries liability insurance.


    Window Frame Colours

    At Ecoline, we offer our clients a wide choice of colours when painting hopper windows. Often, many homeowners prefer to choose something from an existing color palette – White, Commercial Brown, Black, Chestnut Brown, Sable, Slate Grey, Cream – but we can go beyond that as well and make the painting fully custom to match your existing décor. We use only high-quality paint that guarantees your hopper windows will stay long-lasting, look amazing, and require minimum maintenance. Your new hopper windows can be painted in different colors from inside and outside.

    Chestnut Brown
    Commecrial Brown

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    Double & Triple Hopper Window

    Glass panes are the largest area of any window and the most vulnerable to heat loss and gain. To provide adequate thermal performance and save up your money on energy bills, a minimum of 2 panes are required. Traditional 7/8″ double glazing options are used and can accommodate 1-1/4″ for all hopper windows.

    In areas with a harsh climate, triple pane hopper windows can be especially profitable. Ecoline triple glass packages qualify for high energy-rating standards with 1-3/8″ and 1-1/4″ options available. It can be used in combination with gas injection and/or LoE glass coatings but are not necessary.

    Find out more benefits of triple pane windows over double pane


    A hopper window usually opens at the bottom and swings into the room. This unit is popular to be used above doors for more light or for egress purposes.

    The main benefits of these units are versatility, energy efficiency, ventilation and ease of use, while lack of privacy and weak security are the main drawbacks.

    The most apparent difference between these two window styles lies in the direction in which they open. Awning units have a sash that moves outward from the house, while a sash moves inward in hopper windows.

    Basement window replacement cost depends on multiple factors, such as size, glazing, paintings, etc. Contact Ecoline if you want to get a more precise quote for your window project.