Bay and bow windows are combination windows that cantilever outside the basic footprint of the room to provide extra seating or floor space inside the room.

These vinyl replacement windows can be assembled in a variety of combinations of operable or fixed casement windows to allow more natural light and ventilation into the room. Ecoline’s bay and bow windows are available in several colours, shapes and sizes.

Bay windows

Bay Windows

Bay windows combine a large stationary window in the center and two operable casement windows that flank it on either side. The angled window unit provides extra seating area for a unique design feature. The picture window feature allows more natural light to penetrate the room while the operating windows provide extra ventilation.

Hidden costs often associated with bay windows replacements

Bow window

Bow Windows

Ecoline bow windows combine four or five casement windows mulled into one continuous unit. They are designed to arch out with a cantilevered construction to provide a window seating area and wide views from every angle. The units can combine stationary and operable casement windows for extra ventilation.

Hidden risks involved with bay and bow windows installation