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    Everything Your Should Know About Bow Window Prices in 2024

    May 21, 2024

    May 21, 2024

    6 min read


    Bow window replacement can be some of the more complicated and challenging projects. This applies both to the work required, and providing an accurate price or quote for the project. In today’s post, we’ll discuss some of the problems associated with bow windows, show you some pictures of completed work, and discuss risks associated with these projects.

    Vinyl bow windows are a series of four or more adjoining window units, with five being the most common. Although bow windows don’t require the additional wall structure to be built, because these windows take up a fairly large area, there is always concern about the state of the wall structure surrounding the windows.

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    How Much Does Bow Window Replacement Cost?

    Installing new bow windows is a significant home improvement project that can enhance your space’s aesthetic appeal and functionality. Bow window prices are not fixed and varies widely based on several factors. These include:

    • Number of Units: The more window units in the bow window, the higher the cost.
    • Glazing Options: Choices between double, triple, or specialized glazing can significantly affect the price.
    • Custom Features: Unique designs, shapes, or sizes can increase costs.
    • Colour and Finish: Custom colours or finishes add to the expense.
    • Installation Complexity: Difficult installations due to size, location, or house structure can raise the overall price.

    Each element contributes to the final bow windows prices, making these replacement units a highly customisable but variable investment with a high ROI.

    A 6 Panel Bow Window Replacement Project Costs on Average $3,900 – $4,700.
    A 5 panel Bow Window Installation Price Ranges Between $3,300 – $3,900.

    Bow Window Sizes and Prices

    Bow window sizes and prices are closely interconnected, with larger windows generally commanding higher prices due to increased material and installation complexities. Additionally, the choice of glazing has a significant impact on cost.
    For instance, opting for triple-pane windows can increase the price by an average of 15% compared to double-pane glazing, offering better insulation but at a higher cost. The table below outlines average prices for bow windows, considering location, glass type, and size.

    LocationMedium Triple Glass Large Triple Glass
    Bedroom $ 2,186 n/a
    Bonus room $ 3,229 n/a
    Dining room $ 1,443 - $ 1,845 $ 5,596
    Family room$ 3,868 - $ 5,084 $ 1,598 - $ 3,868
    Foyer $ 5,084 n/a
    Kitchenn/a $ 4,113
    Living room $ 1,619 - $ 4,858 $ 2,493 - $ 5,596
    Master bedroom $ 2,417 - $ 2,417 n/a

    We recommend using our detailed bow window cost calculator for a more precise estimate tailored to your project.

    Are Bay Windows the Same As Bow Windows?

    While similar in their aesthetic appeal, bay and bow windows have distinct differences. 

    • Vinyl bay windows typically consist of three adjoining window units, often with a larger central window flanked by smaller windows at an angle.
    • Bow windows are composed of multiple window units of similar size, creating a gentle, curved appearance. 

    This structural variation creates different visual and spatial impacts on a home’s design. Moreover, bay windows are usually cheaper and require fewer structural changes, while bow windows add more to your curb appeal and home aesthetics if installed correctly.

    Below is the example of Ecoline Bay Windows with a price range between $2,600 to $3,500. Note, that this cost is only approximate and relevant as of 2024. For more detailed quote, please contact our team.

    Bow Windows Cost: The Hidden Risks

    If you are considering a bow window replacement, make sure to always clarify everything with your window company down to every minute detail, especially the hidden costs that might come with this complex project.

    Yes, one of the big “no-no’s” we always mention when it comes to discussing window replacements are hidden costs. And generally, that is true. When a window company provides you with a quote, all the work and materials should be accounted for so that the contract amount is the amount you pay in the end.


    The one real exception to this case are bow windows. As we mentioned above, these units take a considerably large area in the wall structure. Because the condition of the wall affects the condition and performance of the windows, there are more chances for things to be wrong in bigger openings.

    It is often difficult to tell if the there is moisture damage in the frame until the window is out. These walls look fine, but it’s a mess on the inside.

    Consider the picture above. While the wall looks acceptable on the outside, it is completely rotten on the inside. Unfortunately, something like this is impossible to tell during the measurement process, and can only be recognised once the window is out. Because the wall still has to be fixed in order to install the new window, additional work was required in this case.

    This is why we often give our bow window pricing with caution. If there are changes to the price of your window installation, be sure to discuss with your project consultant what these changes are based on, and what additional work is being done to reflect the increase in cost.

    Check out this useful post: Bay Windows: Beware The Hidden Costs


    How much is a bow window installed?

    The final price will be based on multiple factors such as glazing, location, size, number of units and custom features. Bow windows usually have a minimum of 5 units installed together, and the typical price range starts at $700 per unit.

    Which is cheaper, a bay or a bow window?

    Bay windows are cheaper because they have fewer units installed together. Three are for bay windows, and five are for bow windows.