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Looking for a high-quality energy-efficient front door? Ecoline is the only Canadian company you need to get the best ENERGY STAR® Rated & NAFS-11 tested exterior doors in Calgary. We offer manufacturing and installation of steel, fibreglass, garden and even storm custom replacement doors to fit your exterior perfectly.

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    Solid Front Doors

    This door type offers maximum privacy for your home, having no glass panels. Solid front doors will be your best pick if you seek the highest durability, energy efficiency, and little-to-no maintenance.

    Front Doors With Glass

    Want to add some style to your exterior door, ultimately improving the front entrance aesthetics? Choose from various glass panels that bring a modern or traditional touch to your new entry doors.
    Entry door Ecoline

    Fiberglass Doors

    Fiberglass exterior doors are perfect if you seek the best energy efficiency performance. Moreover, these units are corrosion-free, resist warping, splits, bowing and cracking secure, and virtually maintenance-free. The doors come with wood-grain finishes or smoothly textured fiberglass to add aesthetics and complement any house design in Calgary.

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    Steel Entry door Ecoline

    Steel Doors

    Ecoline’s collection of steel front doors is second to none, with all our units being highly energy-efficient, durable and resistant to shrinking, warping, and rotting. Metal doors will be a perfect match for any modern or traditional house in Calgary.

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    Storm Doors

    Storm doors are second, outer doors that aim to add another level of protection to your house in Calgary. Its glass panels protect your front door and home from damage when it is bad weather outside and when the weather is good, screen panels provide additional ventilation without letting in bugs. Moreover, installing storm doors also leads to a boost in energy efficiency and curb appeal enhancement.

    Screen Doors

    Storm doors are second, outer doors that aim to add another level of protection to your house in Calgary. Its glass panels protect your front door and home from damage when it is bad weather outside and when the weather is good, screen panels provide additional ventilation without letting in bugs. Moreover, installing storm doors also leads to a boost in energy efficiency and curb appeal enhancement.

    Front Doors by Configuration

    Single Front Doors

    It is a time-tested front doors configuration that most Calgary homeowners prefer. Typically, single exterior doors do not require many changes to your rough opening and come in various shapes and designs to perfectly match your exterior.

    Double Front Doors

    Double exterior doors are units that come with two-door slabs. Such entry doors configuration is pretty much similar to French doors and ensures a wider front entrance for Calgary homeowners.

    Front Doors with Sidelights

    Looking for something unique and elegant for your Calgary residence? Then consider single or double doors equipped with 1 or 2 sidelights for more benefits. Sidelights are vertical glass elements positioned on the sides of a front door to allow more natural light to come to your space.

    Front Doors with Transom

    Transoms are fixed units of glass that are positioned above your front door and its sidelights. Front doors with transom are perfect if you seek more natural light and want to enhance the look of your front entrance, making it grand and classy.

    Ecoline’s Hassle-Free Warranty

    We are local, transparent and strive to build long-term relationships with all our clients. Your satisfaction is our reputation. That’s why all our windows come with a direct warranty from the manufacturer on:

    • Vinyl Frame
    • Seal Failure
    • Hardware
    • Installation
    • Labour
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    Front Doors by Style

    Ecoline makes sure you get the best residential doors for your house to match and enhance your current design.

    Modern Front Doors

    Modern Front Doors

    Ecoline’s collection of modern exterior doors guarantees to match the design of your house in Calgary ideally. Choose stylish glass panels, add contemporary hardware and customize colour & stain options to ensure your front entrance looks superb and stands out.
    Traditional Front Doors

    Traditional Front Doors

    Traditional French entry doors designs will add value to any house in Calgary. Classic door shapes, elite hardware and various painting options make sure to bring a traditional yet elegant look to your front entrance.

    Options & Features

    Ice White
    Wedgewood Blue
    Forest Green
    Canyon Clay
    Smoke 506
    Iron Ore
    Chestnut Brown
    Antique Brown

    Ecoline’s collection of colour options offers numerous possibilities to get the perfect match for your house exterior and interior. The most popular shades are White, Commercial Brown, Black, Chestnut Brown, Sable, Slate Grey and Cream, but you are welcome to customize your new entry doors and windows in Calgary with literally any colour you like. Our experts are happy to consult you on the right pick.

    If you pick a textured fibreglass door, the stain is used to ensure the best finishing look. Ecoline stain collection offers the most popular options such as Walnut, Cherry, Oak and others to provide your new fibreglass door with a wood-looking appearance but keep its original properties.

    Important Notes: The color chips on this selector have been produced by the most accurate methods of color matching. Actual sample colors may vary slightly from the paint supplied

    Delta Frosted 9/10 private
    Chinchilla 9/10 private
    Pinhead 10/10 private
    Acid Etched 10/10 private
    Silvet 8/10 private
    Need more privacy for your new entry doors? Privacy glass brings just that, enhancing the privacy level of your interior space. Privacy and decorative glass are rated using the industry’s 1-10 scale, where 1 goes as the least private, and level 10 is the option with the highest privacy level.

    2 Panel

    3 Panel

    4 Panel

    6 Panel

    Flush Panel Door

    Multi-Panel Door

    If you want to make sure the front entrance of your house looks special, you can customize your new exterior doors with the number of panels or lites (from 2 to 6 included). Homeowners in Calgary prefer entry doors with multiple panels or lites due to the added aesthetics and style.



    Self-closing door

    Self-closing door
    Your new front doors operation is crucial to ensure maximum convenience. Decide between In-swing & Out-swing doors or install an additional self-closing system for more comfort and peace of mind.



    — Customize your front door with a peephole to your liking for extra privacy.

    Pet door

    — Ensure your glass front door will be equipped with a pet door for extra comfort for your little friend.

    Glass frame insert options

    — You are welcome to go with woodgrain texture for a more traditional feel or pick contemporary-looking frames. All units are easy to paint and come with exceptional weather tightness.

    Styled hinges

    — Are you after a wow effect for your new glass entry doors? Ask our experts about painting your door’s hinges in a custom colour to make your front entrance stand out.

    Smart locks

    — Smart locks installation is complex a process available upon request, but the security and comfort of your house skyrockets. Pair these locks with a mobile app on your smartphone to allow for keyless entry and remote access to lock, and unlock your front entry door via the app or even using just a voice command.

    Multi point hardware options

    — Choose from the best multi-point door levers and gripsets available in different 9 styles and multiple colour finishes. For a more contemporary touch, pick what fits your house best from 2 styles of pull handles in a choice of 3 finishes and 3 heights.

    Front Door Sizes

    Type Door





    Rough Opening
    Door Unit
    Nominal Door size
    Transom Size

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    Installation & Replacement in Calgary

    Steel Entry Doors
    Basic steel entry door painted in White. Kamloops-style glass and overall look complement the exterior, while elite hardware and perfect installation guarantee easy operation.
    Door Type Entry Doors
    Door style 3P Scroll TOP
    Material Fiberglass Slab
    Size (WxH)* 32.00″ x 79.50”
    Colour White
    Glass type Kamloops
    Timeframes 6-8 weeks
    Budget (range) $2,900 – $3,100
    Fiberglass Entry Doors
    Fantastic fiberglass door with two sidelights. Full oval glass and Brown painting make this front door look terrific, boosting house exterior and curb appeal
    Door Type Entry Doors
    Door style Sitka
    Material Fiberglass Slab
    Glass type FULL OVAL
    Timeframes 6-8 weeks
    Budget (range) $4,500 – $5,000
    Single Door with Glass
    A beautiful single door with decorative glass. It perfectly marches the exterior while ensuring supreme privacy.
    Door style Entry door
    Material Steel slab
    Colour Grey
    Budget (range) $2,200 – $2,400
    Entry Door with Sidelite
    A terrific single door with 1 sidelite configuration. The unit comes with decorative 3/4 glass to guarantee maximum natural light.
    Door style Entry door
    Material Wood-looking
    Colour Brown
    Budget (range) $6,900 – $7,200


    Ultimate process control and manufacturing facility

    — All Ecoline Entry Doors are constructed using the most cutting-edge technologies needed to make the most energy-efficient and reliable doo