The end of the year is a time for lists. In the next month, you’ll probably be bombarded with links to best movies, adorable puppies, and silly babies.

But how about a useful list for a change?

That’s why we decided to put together an index of the best window and door companies in Calgary for the last year.

What makes a good window company?

A “good” window company is a very relative term. What’s more important is that you understand exactly what the company will provide, and what you are paying for.

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There are three main things to remember when looking for a good window and door company:

  1. The company’s windows meet ENERGY STAR requirements for your local zones.
    This is one of the best ways to ensure that you’re buying windows that are warm enough for Calgary. Remember, windows in Calgary and Southern Alberta must meet performance requirements for climate zone 2, with a minimum ER rating of 29 and a maximum U-Factor rating of 1.40.
    You can find information about all ENERGY STAR compliant windows in Canada on this Natural Resources web page.
  2. The company performs quality installations.
    The quality of your windows means nothing if they are not installed properly. Whether it’s a full-frame replacement or a retrofit installation, you want to make sure that the window company you go with performs quality work that meets all building code standards.
  3. The window and door company offers and HONOURS an extensive warranty.
    For modern windows in Canada, warranty timelines usually range between 20 and 25 years. But while most companies offer these warranties, not all of them are so quick to rectify the problems. And certainly not all of them will still be there 20 years down the road.

With these things in mind, we present you the top five window companies in Calgary in 2015:

All Weather Windows

It is difficult to speak about All Weather Windows just in a Calgary context. The company is a leader in efficient windows not only in Alberta but across all of Canada, winning the ENERGY STAR most efficient manufacturer award in 2015. All Weather Windows specializes in vinyl  and aluminum-clad vinyl windows. Their products often rate the highest for performance, compared with the competition, but also generally tend to be more expensive.

One common thing most costumers complain about is the length of time it takes the company to provide warranty service. This can often be the case with bigger windows companies as they deal with a larger volume of people in numerous locations.

Ecoline Windows

Of course, we had to mention ourselves in this list. And not because we are so proud (which we are), but because we believe that Ecoline Windows truly is among the best window companies in Calgary. While we may not have been in the city for as long as some of the other businesses, we have done our best to provide quality product and workmanships. Our products rate among the very best in the city, our professional installers work only for our company and specialize in full-frame replacements.

Most of the complaints customers had about our company in the last year were about installation cleanliness, and project timelines. We have made it a company policy in the last year to improve in both of these areas, and ensure that our customers are satisfied not only with their windows but with the whole project.

Supreme Windows

Similar to All Weather, Supreme is one of the oldest window and door companies in Calgary. They manufacture all their product locally as well, at their own manufacturing facility. Today, they also specialize only in full vinyl windows. Supreme mostly works with brick-to-brick or so-called full-frame window replacements.

Supreme has very few negative reviews and an overall high level of satisfaction from clients on review sites like Homestars.coma and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Lux Windows and Doors

Lux Windows and Doors has been in Calgary since 1969. The company’s head office is also located in the city. Today the company offers all PVC, aluminum-clad, and hybrid aluminum/vinyl windows. They may be a good choice if you are interested in different options and budget ranges for vinyl windows. Just like other mainstays on the Calgary market, Lux windows has maintained a good reputation throughout their time on the market.

Gienow Renovations

Although the website still exists for Gienow Renovations, the company has been acquired by Ply Gem. Ply Gem is already one of the bigger window manufacturers for the United States market.  Since arriving in Canada, however, Ply Gem has absorbed smaller window companies like Mitten, Gienow Windows, and CWD Windows in Edmonton. As most large manufacturers do, the company works in almost all Canadian provinces. Their country head office is located in Calgary so you may have an advantage in getting service faster. What the company may lack in credibility because of their relatively short time  on the Canadian market, they more than makeup in the scope of their manufacturing and all the locations they work.

As you may have noticed, we didn’t number this list. That is because there is no single way to rank these companies. While they are all great candidates to get a replacement quote from, each homeowner has unique needs, and will find different companies appealing. Regardless of whether price, comfort, or efficiency is the most important factor to you, you can feel safe considering all the above companies when looking to replace your windows in Calgary.

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