Calgary Window Companies: All Weather Windows vs. Ply Gem

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Dec 1, 2015

Jan 4, 2024

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How do you go about picking a window company? Does the size matter? Are bigger window companies better?

Unfortunately, many homeowners in Calgary who don’t do enough research, fall victim to company’s lies and end up overpaying for their window replacement. Or far worse, end up with a bad job.

How do you know which company is right for you?

Comparing Top Window Replacement Companies in Calgary

Company Window
BBB Accreditation Reviews
andersen Andersen Windows 20 years
N / A
Check review
ply gem Ply Gem 20 years
Check review
ecoline windows Ecoline Windows Calgary 25-year on product & labour
Accredited Check review
lux windows Lux Windows 25 years
Accredited Check review
jeld-wen Jeld-Wen 20 years
Check review
weather pro Weather Pro Windows N/A
Accredited Check review
canadian choice Canadian Choice 25 years
Check review
cissins windows Cossins Windows 20 years
Accredited Check review
all star home All Star Home Replacement Windows 20 years
Accredited Check review

Today we’ll look at two of the bigger window companies, not just in Calgary but in all of Canada comparing All Weather Windows and Ply Gem. Be sure to read the conclusion and find out how these companies differ and what to look out for.

Also you can read Honest Reviews about Ecoline Windows.

Ply Gem Windows Calgary

  • Homestars: 1.3
  • BBB: Not accredited

Ply Gem is one of the leading window brands in Calgary and Canada overall. They are also a fairly recent comer on the scene, compared to some companies that have been around since the 1970s. Since arriving in Canada, however, Ply Gem has acquired smaller window companies like Mitten, Gienow Windows, and CWD Windows in Edmonton.

As most large manufacturers do, the company works in almost all Canadian provinces, offering professional window installation services to local homeowners. Their head office is located in Calgary so you may have an advantage in getting service faster.

Ply Gem manufactures energy-efficient windows and doors for both replacement and new construction projects. The company offers a wide window material selection available in Calgary such as vinyl, aluminum-clad vinyl, and aluminum-clad wood options.

They also manufacture sliding patio doors, and steel frames entry doors. Ply Gem products can be found in big department stores like Home Depot and Rona. Unlike most manufacturers, Ply Gem also deals with siding and home exteriors. This may be useful for you if you are looking to renew your exterior finish as well. The company website has a useful online visualisation tool for modelling your exteriors and windows, so you can see many window design varieties in different exteriors/interiors.


  • ENERGY STAR rated.

Ply Gem offers comprehensive warranty information on their website. Their vinyl extrusions are covered for 20 years. The insulated glass units are covered for as long as you own the home. They also offer a 2-year warranty for skilled labour service.

When we review window companies, we often end up talking about the company based on the customer service and reviews associated with the business. But this is made difficult when talking about manufacturers, as they often don’t have HomeStars pages or even BBB accreditation.

This is because manufacturers often deal with resellers and dealers, and aren’t actually involved in the customer service process. The exception to this rule is when homeowners need service on windows they purchased from the manufacturer.

Although Ply Gem is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, there is still information about customer complaints and resolutions with this company. Moreover, the HomeStars page of the company shows incredibly low rating and many complaint from homeowners regarding low-quality products.

As with most manufacturers, customers felt that it was difficult to get inspections or service in a timely manner. Many customers pointed that the company promised to contact them immediately, only for them to have to call several weeks later. Because Ply Gem only offers a 2-year labour warranty, one customer had issues with the company because, by the time they got a service appointment, the warranty expired, and Ply Gem wasn’t initially willing to honour it.

All Weather Windows Calgary

  • HomeStars (Calgary): 8.3
  • BBB: A-

One of the oldest and best-established window replacement services in Calgary and Canada overall, All Weather has been in business since 1978. This window company has two manufacturing facilities with a head office in Edmonton.

All Weather specialises in residential window types of aluminum clad PVC and full vinyl windows. They also manufacture and supply entry, garden, and patio doors. All Weather Windows also offer their own installation services and strive to provide cost-effective windows to local homeowners in Calgary.

Unlike dealing with a supplier, going with a full-service approach company is often better for any potential window warranties you may need. Because everything is done in-house this kind of companies are usually more committed to resolving installation related problems than companies that just supply the product.


  • CSA certified and Energy Star rated
  • Window Wise and Installation Masters Certification for installers
  • Best of Homestars ’10, ’11, ’12 

The company offers a 20-year comprehensive transferable warranty on their sealed units and a 5-year warranty on installation labour.

Companies that do fewer things, also tend to do them better and to a higher standard, ensuring qualiry installation of durable windows for Calgary climate. As with most window companies, the biggest areas of concern for customers was following up, scheduling, and providing service on the damaged product.


So, what is better when it comes to homeowner reviews: All Weather Windows or Ply Gem? You probably don’t need this review to consider either or both of these window companies. Together, they make up for a large chunk of window replacements in Calgary and Western Canada in general.

So what’s the difference between two? For one, Ply Gem seems to carry a larger variety of window types. All Weather windows specialize in vinyl or vinyl hybrid windows (which in fairness are the best-performing window types on the market), but Ply Gem may have unique solutions especially if you are still interested in getting wood windows.

But it’s what these companies are similar in, that’s worth keeping in mind for homeowners looking for new windows. Since we reviewed both of these companies for the first time at the beginning of the year, very little seems to have changed in the biggest area of concern: post-installation service.

Both of these companies regularly have online reviews from customers who felt they were being ignored by the manufacturer’s service department. Missed calls, broken promises, and refusal to honour warranty are just some of the things upset customers mentioned. Why is it, that these two fairly big and established companies get such similar negative reviews?

Most often with bigger manufacturers, the volume of production and their scope in multiple provinces ends up hurting them on individual cases. Even if these manufacturers work with different dealers and re-sellers, they are still the ones in charge of sending out installers for service and warranty problems. This means that when an issue with your windows does arise, you simply end up at the back of a long waiting list of people who’s windows need to be checked out by the company.

If you consider that your new windows should last you at least 20-25 years, warranty and service terms are an important factor to consider during the purchasing process. That is why smaller full-service companies sometimes have the advantage: by handling installations and services in-house and dealing with fewer customers in smaller areas they are able to address customers’ service needs much faster.


All Weather Windows and Ply Gem are both prominent window manufacturers. All Weather Windows is a local Canadian company which manufactures and installs all its products, while Ply Gem deals with resellers.

Yes, both window companies offer energy-efficient products and have Energy Star certifications.

All Weather Windows specializes in a range of window and door products, including aluminum-clad PVC and full vinyl windows, as well as entry, garden, and patio doors. Ply Gem provides a broad spectrum of products, including vinyl, wood, aluminum windows and patio doors, and various entry doors.

Many window companies in Calgary offer competitive prices. However, it is also important not to compromise on quality when ordering windows since it directly affects your energy bills, comfort, and home value. Homeowners are advised to get quotes from several different window companies to estimate their replacement window projects, comparing prices and product quality.