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Absolutely Worthy Home Improvements On Your Buck

worthy inexpensive home improvements

Home improvement projects can be both exciting and stressful. Making “improvements” to your home means making changes that will make your life easier, more efficient or in some way better. Unfortunately, they can come at a scary price if you don’t stick to a plan.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Exterior Door Replacements

entry door guide

Do you take your home’s exterior doors for granted? When was the last time you thought about them—other than that time you locked yourself out or you were trying to decide what colour you should paint them? It’s time to get serious about your doors.

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How to Create Curb Appeal for Today’s Selective Home Buyers

Curb Appeal

Mum always told me to “never judge a book by its cover,” and while that’s usually good advice, today’s home buyers rarely get more than a passing glimpse of a home without forming some sort of judgment. To capitalize on the fact that 88-percent of homebuyers start searching for their dream home online, it’s imperative […]

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Alberta Energy Efficiency Rebate Program Details

energy efficiency alberta

The long-awaited Alberta energy efficiency rebates program for home renovations is finally here. Environment Minister Shannon Phillips announced that the program will devote $24-million in rebates to homeowners looking to make their homes more efficient. The rebates are created because of revenue generated by Alberta government’s carbon tax. Phillips cited the growing popularity of energy-efficiency […]

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Best Window Companies In Calgary 2017

Best Window Companies In Calgary 2017

What do you need to know before replacing windows in Calgary? Unless you are a contractor, window installer or just a general handy person yourself, there is a good chance you will need to rely on the services of a local window company. But before you go and spend your hard-earned money, there are a […]

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How To Save On Tomorrow’s Energy Bill Today

save on energy today

In our recent post, we discussed the big upgrades and renovations you can make as a homeowner to make your house more energy efficient and save money on energy bills. Partially through writing that post and partially because of the conversations that followed, one thing became evident: efficiency and energy savings are as much about […]

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Best Window Companies in Winnipeg 2017

Best Window Replacement Companies in Winnipeg 2017

What can you expect from a window company? Of course, the immediate answer should be good service. But a lot of window companies in Winnipeg fall short on this concept, leaving many homeowners with more doubts and questions than answers and solutions. Unfortunately, this also creates the need for homeowners to do more research and become […]

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Energy Efficiency Solutions For A Greener Home

energy efficiency green home

How do you make your whole house more energy efficient? Despite what some window companies might tell you, it’s not just about getting new windows. That is to say, new windows are a part of the energy efficiency solution, but by far not the most important or energy-saving renovation. It’s more important to recognize two […]

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Best Edmonton Window Replacement Companies Of 2017

Best Window Companies Edmonton 2017

As the renovation season is ramping up, many homeowners in Edmonton are beginning to plan what projects they will undertake this year. With the Government of Alberta Residential Retail efficiency incentive coming this spring, 2017 seems to be the perfect time to undertake a project you’ve been thinking about. As we get a lot of […]

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How To Do Window Replacement Research In Canada

How To Do Window Replacement Research

Where do you start your window replacement process? With so many resources available online, through the word of mouth, and possibly even in your mailbox in form of fliers, it may be outright daunting trying to cut through the weeds and get the right information you need. Part of the problem here are the window […]

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