Whether you are planning a window replacement, or really, any type of renovation in your home, you have probably faced this dilemma before:

Do you go with a well know renovation store like Home Depot or Rona, or do you trust a less known, smaller company that specializes in one thing.

Traditionally, big stores have the appeal of their reputation. Many homeowners simply think that if they go with a well-known brand or store, they will be better taken care of.

But when it comes to window replacement, history shows that big window and door stores aren’t always the best option for the longevity and performance of your windows.

Why you should you go with a window and door store.

  • Bigger window and door stores, or home renovation stores like Home Depot, Rona, or Lowe’s usually have a bigger selection of products because they work with several manufacturers.
  • Big box stores also have an advantage because they carry renovation options for your whole home. If you are doing a big overhaul you may find it convenient to shop for flooring, kitchens, and windows in the same place.

Why you should go with a “supply and install” window company. 

  • Good supply and install companies usually either manufacture their own windows, or have a committed involvement with their production line. If the company actually cares about delivering quality windows, they will be able to provide all the window performance ratings and certifications.
  • Most supply and install companies also take a “full-service” approach. This means that the same installer will measure your windows, perform the installation, and be responsible for completing any service work if a problem arises with your windows.
  • One reason homeowners often end up going with a big window and door store or a big company, is because of the trustworthiness of their warranty. But if you decide on a legitimate smaller supply and install company, their warranty will be comparable, and it will actually be easier to get service.

Most bigger window and door stores still require you to turn directly to the manufacturer in the event you need service or have a warranty concern. The company that made your order is then responsible for sending their own technicians to check out and rectify any work that was done incorrectly.

Although it is somewhat of an established norm, this way of dealing with services often results in finger-pointing and delays as you have to go through numerous people just to get someone to your home to take a look at the problem.


While they may not always have the reputation of big box stores, smaller supply and install companies actually end up being easier to deal with for most homeowners. Of course no two companies are the same, but a respectable and trustworthy window company will have the same or better warranty as Home Depot, will offer windows of same or better quality, and most likely be more attentive to your needs as a customer throughout the replacement process.

At Ecoline Windows we strive to deliver our customers the best in window quality, professional installation, and personalized service. Our windows are ENERGY STAR rated and CSA certified. Our window professionals specialize in full-frame replacements and are able to address any issues in the structure around your opening, and ensure your new windows are installed with an airtight seal. We understand that when it comes to problems with their new windows, most customers aren’t upset about window quality or installation, they are usually most dissatisfied with the amount of time it takes to get a service or a warranty appointment. That is why we created a dedicated service department to answer any questions you have and process your concerns efficiently and correctly.

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