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Why Finance Your Window or Door Replacement Project?

While we are fully dedicated to bringing you the most attractive and energy-efficient windows and doors, we also ensure your replacement project is easy and affordable. Not only can we help you select and install Ecoline products, our experts can also handle the financing on your behalf.

Immediate Upgrades

Experience enhanced comfort, aesthetics, energy efficiency and increased home value immediately while enjoying transparent financing solutions.

Energy Efficiency

Modern windows and doors aren’t just about looks. All Ecoline products are manufactured to keep your home insulated, reducing energy bills and ensuring a comfortable living environment. Investing now can lead to long-term savings.


Quality shouldn’t break the bank. Our financing options guarantee premium, long-lasting products without straining your budget. Choose a plan that aligns with your financial situation.

How We Ensure a Smooth Financing Journey for Homeowners

Step 1 Personalized Consultation

Every home is unique, and every window project is tailored to your specific requirements. Schedule a free consultation with Ecoline experts to discuss your vision and aspirations for new windows and doors.

Step 3 Quick Financing Approvals

Once you’re ready, your dedicated project manager will guide you through the quick financing application process. We partner with trusted financial institutions to ensure a smooth experience.

Step 2 Detailed Estimate

Transparency is key. After discussing your preferences, we provide a detailed estimate of your project, ensuring there are no surprises down the line.

Step 4 Begin Your Transformation

With financing in place, our skilled team will commence your home improvement project. Experience a seamless transformation, boosting your home market value while repaying at a pace comfortable to you.

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Not sure what works best for you? Our experts will be happy to consult you on the right pick and talk all things installation, design and energy efficiency.

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Transparent Financing Options for All Homeowners Across Canada

Deferred Payments

Upgrade today, pay later. Opt for our deferred payment plan and make your first payment 3/6/12 months after your project completion

Equal Monthly Installments

Budgeting made easy. Choose your equal monthly installment plan and spread your payments over a duration that suits you.

Adjust Your Project Scale

Window or door installations tailored to your budget & project scale.

How Much Does a Window & Door Replacement Cost?

While it is impossible to give you a quote without knowing your specific needs, here are several key factors that impact the cost of any window and door replacement:

Type of Window/Door

Whether you opt for casement, bay, picture or any other window or door style, each model has its own pricing structure.

Custom Features

Any particular designs, unique finishes, or special glazing can add to the overall price.

Installation Complexity

The ease or difficulty of installation, determined by factors like the structure of your home and existing window conditions.

Energy Efficiency Features

Double or triple glazing, LoE coatings or any other energy efficiency features to meet your house conditions.

Size and Quantity

The number of windows and doors and their dimensions play a crucial role in the final quote.

You are welcome to use our Window and Door Cost Estimators to get an approximate price for your project. After you get a general understanding, schedule a meeting with our representative to receive a free detailed quote specific to your project needs. We pride ourselves on transparency, friendly service, and reasonable pricing, ensuring every client gets the best value.

Windows and Doors Cost Estimator




Government Rebates & Loans to Help Finance Your Project

Beyond the financing options we’ve highlighted so far, all homeowners across Canada have the added advantage of applying for government incentives to make their window and door replacement projects even more affordable.

Available Loans

  • Canada Greener Homes Loan: Up to $40,000
  • Manitoba Hydro Loan: Up to $7,500
  • Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) in Saskatoon: Up to $60,000

Available Rebate Programs

In addition to various loans available in your region, many federal and provincial rebate programs are also available to help you finance the replacement project. Ecoline windows and doors are designed to qualify for all the government incentives, ensuring you get the maximum benefit.

Our dedicated managers are here to guide you every step of the way. They’ll explain the intricacies of each program, ensuring you claim the maximum rebate amount.

To estimate your potential savings, homeowners are welcome to use our simple Rebate Calculator to receive detailed information on your replacement projects and rebate opportunities available in your region.

Claim Rebates & Loans To Support Your Project

Potential rebate & loan amount: up to

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