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Patio Doors slide on a track with one operable and one stationary door. They provide comfortable access to your space while creating an unobstructed view outside.

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    Patio Doors: What are They?

    Patio Doors: What are They?

    Ecoline’s replacement Patio Doors are made from the same high-quality vinyl, just like all our replacement windows. You are welcome to customize your new Patio Doors with different colours, frames, and extra features to complement any design.

    These units can be fit for any standard or custom-sized openings up to 12 feet wide. Narrow profile trims are available for a larger viewing area, and a sliding screen is included with every patio door to provide optimal ventilation.


    Types Of Patio doors

    Sliding Patio Doors

    Ecoline sliding patio doors offer smooth operation and sleek design. These standard 2-panel patio doors operate by gliding along horizontal tracks.

    You have 1 operable panel that can be adjusted for a right-hand or left-hand operation while another panel remains fixed.

    3 Panel Sliding Patio Doors

    A 3-panel sliding patio doors provide you with the same functionality – 1 panel is operable while the other 2 remain fixed – but create a wider opening and bring additional light to your home. You are welcome to choose which exact pinel you want to operate (left to right or right to left) to meet your preferences.

    4 Panel Sliding Patio Door

    4-panel sliding patio doors come with the two operable panels in the center that glide over the outer panels, significantly increasing the entrance space and providing additional daylight and ventilation.

    Patio Doors with Sidelights or Transoms

    Looking to maximize the natural light coming to your space? Patio doors with sidelights or transoms bring just that. These extra glass elements can be placed above your patio door or by its sides to fit openings as required.


    Sizes, Inches (width x height)
    58 ½ x 79 ½71 ½ x 79 ½
    59 ½ x 79 ½71 ½ x 81 ½
    59 ½ x 81 ½71 ½ x 95 ½
    59 ½ x 95 ½95 ½ x 79 ½
    70 ½ x 79 ½
    Extra Wide
    95 ½ x 81 ½95 ½ x 95 ½
    OX-Slide Left
    XO-Slide Right
    Sizes, Inches (width x height)
    88 ¾ x 79 ½ 106 ¾ x 81 ½
    88 ¾ x 81 ½ 106 ¾ x 95 ½
    88 ¾ x 95 ½ 142 ¾ x 79 ½
    106 ¾ x 79 ½
    Extra Wide
    142 ¾ x 81 ½142 ¾ x 95 ½
    OXO-Slide R to L
    or OZO Slide L to R
    XOO-Slide R or
    OOX Slide L
    Sizes, Inches (width x height)
    117 ⅛ x 79 ½ 141 ⅛ x 81
    117 ⅛ x 81 ½ 141 ⅛ x 95
    117 ⅛ x 95 ½ 189 ⅛ x 79
    141 ⅛ x 79 ½
    Extra Wide
    189 ⅛ x 81 ½189 ⅛ x 95 ½
    OXXO-Slide R and
    Slide L from Centre

    Patio Door Features

    Ecoline vinyl Patio Doors are all ENERGY STAR certified to meet strict energy efficiency standards that exceed those of basic products. They are also tested and approved by NAFS-11 to provide the best insulation values for improved performance for all Canadian climate zones. Other features include:

    Twin Locking System

    Another modern feature all Ecoline’s patio doors are equipped with is the twin lock system. It ensured a smooth locking process and a solid latching with better security. The twin lock system comes with an anti-locking device and heavy-duty locking hooks.

    Hardware Options

    Elegantly styled hardware options can be chosen for all patio doors. An optional key lock style is available on exterior. Handles can be customized in five finishes—antique brass, black, brushed nickel, faux orb and standard white.


    Between-the-glass grills divide the patio door glass into smaller decorative panes, require no maintenance and leave a smooth window surface for unobstructed cleaning.

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    Snap-on Casing

    maintenance-free PVC casings can be added to complement the vinyl patio door.

    Learn More

    Double & Triple Glazing

    Glass panes are the largest area of any patio door and the most vulnerable to heat loss and gain. All Ecoline patio doors are equipped with tempered Low-E glasses and Argon gas. You can choose between double and triple-pane options with multiple combinations of Low-E for high maximum energy efficiency and savings.


    vinyl brickmolds are used to close the gap between the wall and the window frame to seal against water and air infiltration. They also create a finished look to the patio door to accommodate both form and function. They can be ordered in a colour that matches the home’s décor or a painted custom colour if needed.

    Learn More

    Mini Blinds

    Homeowners are welcome to equip new patio doors with internal mini blinds. This feature provides ultimate control over sunlight coming through the door and your privacy. Mini blinds can be adjusted to tilting and lifting options.

    Steel-Reinforced Sash

    All vertical sashes of Ecoline’s patio doors are reinforced with galvanized steel bars to protect against any deflection under harsh wind conditions, boosting your safety and comfort.

    Anodized Aluminum Sill

    Our patio doors are designed and built with a fully covered anodized aluminum sill. It allows for a durable surface and a gorgeous finish to the doors.


    25 years on Insulated Glass

    25 years on vinyl (PVC) components

    25 years on labour
    Learn about Ecoline’s Entry Door Warranty in detail.

    Patio Doors Frame Colours

    With Ecoline’s large selection of exterior standard, paint-to-order, and interior colour matching program, the possibilities are endless for coordinating your new Patio Doors colours with the home’s exterior/interior. The most popular options are Black Patio Doors White Patio Doors, Commercial brown, Chestnut Brown, Sable, Slate Grey Sliding Patio Doors, or Cream.

    Commercial Brown
    Chestnut Brown
    Dover Gray
    Forest Green
    Iron Ore

    Ecoline Windows Installers:
    Expertise, Craftsmanship and Professionalism

    Residential Window Replacement Specialists

    Our team focuses on residential patio door replacements coming with unparalleled expertise here. Our installers meticulously prepare the work area, carry extra drop cloths to cover all walkways, protect your floors and ensure a thorough cleanup after completing the installation, leaving your home as tidy as they found it.
    Ecoline windows

    Dedicated In-House Team

    Here is the thing – Ecoline does not use any subcontractors. Our skilled installers work exclusively for Ecoline Windows, ensuring all our clients receive the highest quality service and prompt attention. With our local in-house professionals, we can provide seamless communication and exceptional results proven by 98% positive customer reviews (BBB and HomeStars). Moreover, all Ecoline’s sliding patio door installers are covered with WCB (Workers’ Compensation Board).
    Ecoline windows

    Adherence to Standards

    We take pride in our meticulous installation process, which follows Canadian Standards Association (CSA) guidelines and adheres to your local building codes. This means your new patio doors will be installed safely and securely, performing at their maximum.
    Ecoline windows

    Post-Installation Review

    Following installation, our installation crew will demonstrate new patio doors operation and ensure your complete satisfaction with the job done.
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    Ecoline Windows Manufacturing Process: Key Advantages

    Cutting-Edge Technology

    Ecoline employs state-of-the-art machinery such as Forel, Graco, Bottero and other techs to guarantee quality, precision, and consistency for every patio door manufactured.

    Unmatched Energy Efficiency

    Our commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail results in manufacturing the most energy-efficient and reliable patio doors in Canada. All our products are the best for lowering energy bills and ensuring a comfortable living environment.
    Ecoline windows

    Industry Experts

    Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the patio door industry. Such lifelong expertise ensures that all our products are manufactured to the highest standards, providing homeowners with peace of mind and long-lasting performance.
    Matan Corin

    State-of-the-Art Facility

    Our impressive manufacturing plant spans over 60,000 sq. ft, allowing Ecoline to assemble exceptional doors tailored specifically for your home. With such a vast space and various technologies, we can maintain strict quality control and deliver products that guarantee top performance according to Energy Star, NFRC and NAFS-11 energy standards.
    Ecoline windows

    Come Visit Ecoline in Your City!

    We are always happy to chat with our customers face-to-face. Feel free to visit any of our showrooms across Canada to learn more about our products and services.


    Ecoline is one of the best suppliers of patio doors in Canada. Feel free to contact our team in your city to book an appointment in our showrooms to review and order the best patio doors for your house.

    It depends on the model you consider for your replacement project – 2, 3 or 4-panel patio doors. For example, the most popular size for 2-panel models is 58 ½ x 79 ½. However, all Ecoline units are custom, so you will definitely find the best match for your rough opening.

    Absolutely. All our patio doors are equipped with cutting-edge locking systems, anodized aluminum sill, steel-reinforced sashes and double/triple glazing for maximum security, comfort and aesthetics.

    At Ecoline, we cover all patio doors with modern water-based paint that is scratch-resistant, avoids discolouration, and is available literally in any colour to match the interior and exterior finishes.