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Fixed or Picture windows are very versatile and match most home styles. Ecoline’s vinyl picture replacement windows come in many shapes, sizes and colours.

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    Fixed or Picture Windows Prices


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      What Are Fixed or Picture Windows?

      Picture windows

      Fixed or picture exterior windows are non-operable units. You can pair them perfectly with other different window styles like sliders, hung or casements to allow more light and energy efficiency to your home.

      Fixed or Picture: Window styles & types

      Fixed Window

      High profile fixed or picture windows have a thicker frame that match other window styles for a uniform look on the exterior of the home. These windows do not open which means they are sealed permanently for an airtight, ultra-efficient performance.

      Fixed Sash Window

      Fixed sash windows are non-operable units with thick profile. Canadian homeowners are welcome to pair them with any other window style (slider, awning, casement, hung) to match the house’s exterior and get additional benefits like ventilation, more daylight etc.

      Window Replacement: Case Studies

      Picture Window
      These amazing picture windows guarantee maximum comfort and a terrific house look, while triple glazing and Argon ensure excellent energy efficiency.
      Window Type Picture window
      Location Living room
      Size 60” x 70”
      Glazing Triple Glaze
      Budget (range) $1,100 – $1,300 per unit
      Timeframes 6-8 weeks
      Picture Window
      New picture windows bring in much natural light and an unobstructed view outside. Triple glazing coupled with Argon allow for maximum energy efficiency.
      Window Type Picture Window
      Location Living room
      Size 30” x 65”
      Glazing Triple Glaze
      Budget (range) $950 – $1,100 per unit
      Timeframes 8-10 weeks

      Fixed or Picture Windows Installation & Replacement

      Windows Installation

      Here, at Ecoline, we offer a professional full-frame installation services of fixed vinyl windows in Canada. Our experienced in-house installers strictly follow the CSA guidelines and your local building codes to provide the best results. All our picture window styles are Energy Star rated and NAFS-11 tested, meaning you get the maximum energy efficiency for your house when installing the new units.

      Modern picture windows come in curved and linear shapes, and you can choose from two designs – low and high profile.

      Windows Replacement

      If you want to change your old drafty windows, a new vinyl picture window would be the top pick if you strive for maximum comfort, excellent security, and increased energy efficiency by up to 20%.


      Ultimate process control

      Our Windows and Doors are manufactured in a state of the art facility with all the key component fabrication processes needed to make the most energy-efficient and reliable windows on the market. With everything under one roof—from the insulated glass unit fabrication to PVC profile bending to painting—all quality and service levels can be managed seamlessly and proficiently.

      Lifetime of experience

      With a lifetime of experience in the window and door industry, the managers of Stage Windows and Doors have a unique understanding of the complexities and intricate details associated with designing and manufacturing window and door systems for the replacement, new construction and custom home markets.


      Ecoline windows and doors are manufactured in a facility that operates under stringent quality processes imposed by NFRC certification programs. This ensures that your windows and doors are made with highest quality standards all the time and are made exactly as the ones tested.


      Ecoline windows are among the few lines that meet NAFS-11. These high standards can be met when combinations of windows (two or more windows assembled together) meet certain performance grades. This is difficult to achieve.

      Installer Team

      When getting new fixed windows, homeowners have to be sure that installation is perfect. The Ecoline team makes sure to meet the individual preferences of all our customers, so we customize every picture replacement window to match your requirements and architecture style. All our fixed vinyl windows are made of high-quality materials that are super durable and bring additional comfort.

      All our picture or fixed windows are Energy Star rated and NAFS-11 tested. Our in-house installers are skilled and always follow Canadian Standards Association (CSA) guidelines and your local building codes.

      Ecoline Windows has an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau (A+) and HomeStar (98% positive reviews). Our top priority is to make sure all our customers are happy with the final results. When the picture window installation is complete, our professional installers ensure your residence is left clean. In addition, our dedicated service team is always happy to assist you with your picture windows if any problems arise; it goes as a part of our warranty.

      To safeguard our customers and employees from potential dangers, all workers are covered by WCB (Workers Compensation Board), and every fixed window installation project carries liability insurance.


      Window Frame Colours

      At Ecoline, we offer our clients a wide choice of colours when painting your new picture windows. Not only can you choose from existing options like White, Commercial Brown, Black, Chestnut Brown, Sable, Slate Grey, Cream, but we can also make it fully custom to match your new picture window and the exterior. We use only high-quality paint that guarantees your windows will stay long-lasting, look amazing, and require minimum maintenance. Your new fixed windows can be painted in different colors from inside and outside.

      Chestnut Brown
      Commecrial Brown

      Fixed or Picture Window Sizes

      Fixed Picture
      Min W8 1/28 1/2
      Max W1212
      Min H106106
      Max H106106
      Small-sizedUp to 10 SFUp to 10 SF
      Medium-sized10-20 SF10-20 SF
      Large-sizedMore than 20 SFMore than 20 SF

      Price by Locations

      *Note that the prices given in the table are approximate.

      Our Offices & Showrooms in Canada

      Double & Triple Fixed Window

      Glass panes are the largest area of any window and the most vulnerable to heat loss and gain. To provide adequate thermal performance and save up your money on energy bills, a minimum of 2 panes are required. Traditional 7/8″ double glazing options are used and can accommodate 1-1/4″ for all fixed vinyl windows.

      In areas with a harsh climate, triple pane picture windows can be especially profitable. Ecoline triple glass packages qualify for high energy-rating standards with 1-3/8″ and 1-1/4″ options available. It can be used in combination with gas injection and/or LoE glass coatings but are not necessary.

      Find out more benefits of triple pane windows over double pane


      A fixed (or a picture) window is a unit that can not be open or closed. It brings increased energy efficiency and more light to your house.

      The main difference is that the casement window can be open to provide optimal ventilation, while the fixed window remains non-operable but brings the best energy efficiency.

      Picture window installation is hard work that requires many professional skills. No matter what you want to install – a big or small picture window – it is highly recommended to contact professional window installers to do the job.

      Actually, some fixed windows may be just fixed casements meaning they are already hinged like a casement window, but they are sealed shut (fixed), and there is no crank or lock mechanism. In this case, contact your manufacturer and ask them to come around and make the changes.

      Quite often, Canadian homeowners like to use picture windows in combination with other window styles. In such a configuration, a picture (fixed) window would be the central unit, while windows like hung, casement or awnings are to be the side windows to complement the design and bring additional benefits like ventilation and more light.