Ecoline fixed or picture windows are stationary, come in curved shapes and linear shapes, plus two types – low profile and high profile designs.

They are commonly combined with other replacement window styles including hung, sliders and casements that open to provide ventilation into the room. Ecoline’s fixed or picture windows are offered in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes.

High Profile Window

High Profile Windows

High profile fixed or picture windows have a thicker frame that match other window styles for a uniform look on the exterior of the home. These windows do not open which means they are sealed permanently for an airtight, ultra-efficient performance.

Low Profile Window

Low Profile Windows

Low profile fixed or picture windows have the slimmest frame required to support the glass. This provides an unobstructed view and allows maximum daylight to enter the room. Low profile windows are fixed so do not open. With no screen required, the view is always clear. The sash surface is flushed with the frame to match today’s contemporary styling.