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Looking for a high-quality energy-efficient front door? Ecoline is the only Canadian company you need to get the best ENERGY STAR® Rated & NAFS-11 tested modern exterior doors in Langley. We offer manufacturing and installation of steel, fibreglass, garden and even storm custom replacement doors to fit your exterior perfectly.

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We Serve Langley & Surrounding Areas


Want to quickly estimate the door prices for your replacement project in Langley? Use Ecoline’s front door prices calculator and get a free quote in seconds.

Solid Front Doors

Solid doors are your best best when looking fo the highest durability, energy efficiency, and little-to-no maintenance for your house in Langley.

Front Doors With Glass

Want to add a personal touch to your front entrance? Then go with glass entry doors available in modern or classic designs to complement your exterior.
Entry door Ecoline

Fiberglass Exterior Doors

Seeking maximum energy efficiency to better insulate your house? Then go with fiberglass entry doors. These models are corrosion-free, resist warping, require almost zero care and guarantee incredible security. Choose between wood-grain finishes or smoothly textured fiberglass to add maximum aesthetics to your front entrance.

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Steel Entry door Ecoline

Steel Exterior Doors

Ecoline’s steel front doors collection offers a great variety of energy-efficient door models that are durable and super resistant to shrinking, warping, and rotting, perfectly matching your home design in Langley.

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Screen Doors

Ecoline offers a wide variety of screen doors to match any Langley house exterior and allow you to enjoy both the security and fresh air without letting any bugs in.

Front Doors by Configuration

Single Front Doors

This time-tested configuration is one of the most frequently installed units among Langley homeowners because of its ease and versatility. Single front door installation does not force you to change your rough opening, while the variety of shapes, materials, and designs make finding the right door for your home a breeze.

Double Front Doors

Double door models resemble the French-styled units and come in two-door slabs. They look nice and elegant, making this configuration one of the best choices for your Langley home. However, keep in mind that you might need a wider entrance to accommodate the size of this door.

Front Doors with Sidelights

Sidelites are vertical glass units installed alongside single or double doors. These units are all about bringing a personal touch and providing additional natural light coming into your home.

Front Doors with Transom

Another trendy way to increase the amoung of natural light coming to your space is installing a door with transoms. These fixed glass units are positioned above your main door and sidelites to bring more light, aesthetics, and unique design.

Options & Features

Ice White
Wedgewood Blue
Forest Green
Canyon Clay
Smoke 506
Iron Ore
Chestnut Brown
Antique Brown

Unique shades to match the new doors with your interior and exterior are vital. Hence our experts always help you customize any doors or windows in Langley with your current house design. Or you can choose from popular shades like Cream, White, Sable, Slate, or Chestnut. No matter what you choose, we’re here to help from consultation to installation.

Installing a fiberglass door for your Langley home, you will need to choose the nice finishing to complement the exterior. Our stain collection includes Walnut, Oak, Cherry, and more to help you design a door according to your personal taste. No matter what finish you desire, we’ll help you get the benefits of fiberglass and the beautiful wood appearance you opt for.

Important Notes: The color chips on this selector have been produced by the most accurate methods of color matching. Actual sample colors may vary slightly from the paint supplied

Delta Frosted 9/10 private
Chinchilla 9/10 private
Pinhead 10/10 private
Acid Etched 10/10 private
Silvet 8/10 private
Need more privacy? Then select privacy or decorative glass from Ecoline’s extensive collection. Glass privacy selection ranges from 1-10, with 1 being the least private and 10 being the most private. No matter what level of privacy you’re looking for, we can help you achieve it.

2 Panel

3 Panel

4 Panel

6 Panel

Flush Panel Door

Multi-Panel Door

Customize your new exterior doors with the number of panels or lites to match your home’s design (from 2 to 6 included). While the number you choose is all about your personal preferences, many Langley homeowners appreciate the aesthetic these elements bring to their residences.



Self-closing door

Self-closing door
It’s vital for new doors operate correctly in your home. Selecting either in-swing or out-swing doors based on the available floorspace in your home, or consider a self-closing system for added comfort and security in your home.



— Customize your front door with a peephole to your liking for extra privacy

Pet (dog) door

— Ensure your glass front door will be equipped with a pet door for extra comfort for your little friend.

Frame insert options

— You are welcome to go with woodgrain texture for a more traditional feel or pick contemporary-looking frames. All units are easy to paint and come with exceptional weather tightness.

Styled hinges

— Are you after a wow effect for your new glass entry doors? Ask our experts about painting your door’s hinges in a custom colour to make your front entrance stand out.

Smart locks

— Smart locks installation is complex a process available upon request, but the security and comfort of your house skyrockets. Pair these locks with a mobile app on your smartphone to allow for keyless entry and remote access to lock, and unlock your front entry door via the app or even using just a voice command.

Multi point hardware options

— Choose from the best multi-point door levers and gripsets available in different 9 styles and multiple colour finishes. For a more contemporary touch, pick what fits your house best from 2 styles of pull handles in a choice of 3 finishes and 3 heights.

Front Door Sizes

Type Door





Rough Opening
Door Unit
Nominal Door size
Transom Size

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We are always happy to chat with our customers face-to-face. Feel free to visit any of our showrooms across Canada to learn more about our products and services.

Working directly with homeowners in Langley and all surrounding areas, including:

Installation & Replacement in Langley

Single Exterior Door

Single exterior doors with two sidelights. Glass elements ensure maximum natural light while keeping your space private.
56.00″ x 80.00″
Painted nutmeg
Steel Slab
$5,700 – $6,900


Unique manufacturing process control facility

— All Ecoline Entry Doors are assembled utilizing the most cutting-edge techs needed to get you the most reliable doors that feature maximum energy efficiency on the Langley market. Over 60,000 ft2 production facility has everything covered under one roof — from the insulated glass unit fabrication to PVC profile bending and painting. All processes are managed seamlessly and with high expertise.

Decades of Experience

— Ecoline’s manufacturer features many years of skills and experience in complying with the intricate details regarding designing and manufacturing Front Doors for new construction and custom home markets in Langley.


— Your new Entry Doors are manufactured in a facility that operates under strict quality processes imposed by the NFRC certification programs to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards as the ones tested.


— The NAFS-11 performance grade standards are difficult to achieve, but these high-performance Exterior Doors are among the few that meet the requirements set, ensuring doors are made to the highest quality.

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How much will my new entry doors cost in Langley?

The price depends on the custom features you choose, such as configuration, size, colours and hardware, but the approximate cost for a standard exterior door in Langley would be ~ $1200-$2300.

Which doors are best used for exterior doors in Langley?

Experts recommend installing either steel or fiberglass entry doors to get the highest energy efficiency, durability, and terrific look, matching your house design.

What type of exterior door is the cheapest in Langley?

There are no cheap doors on the market if you seek quality and high energy efficiency, but steel doors are usually considered more affordable compared to other exterior door types.

What is a good front entry door?

A great front door is one that brings you maximum energy efficiency, security, comfort, and peace of mind while perfectly complementing your house exterior. The basic or steel/ fibreglass doors with sidelites bring just that.

Are metal front doors good?

Absolutely! Metal front doors are long-lasting, great looking, and offer top security properties. Overall, they will be a perfect pick if you want to install new exterior doors for your house in Langley..