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    Ecoline Green Grant: Save Up To $3750 on Windows, Exterior & Patio Doors

    Feb 20, 2024

    Apr 29, 2024

    4 min read


    Even though the Canada Greener Homes Grant has ended, many homeowners are still in the market to improve their homes with modern energy-efficient upgrades. 

    That’s why Ecoline decided to support our clients and offer a new grant available for all homeowners across Canada who are shopping for new windows & doors

    We are launching the “Ecoline Green Grant,” striving not just to continue the journey toward sustainability but also to enhance it. Read on to learn all the details!

    Ecoline Green Grant: Save Up To $3750 on Windows and Doors

    Why Using Ecoline Green Grant?

    Today, the need for energy-efficient and affordable green home upgrades has never been more apparent. Window and door replacements continue to top the list of the most desired home renovations among Canadians due to high ROI, availability of grants and rebates to support the project, and aesthetics factors.

    Our dedication to providing our clients with top-quality windows at fair prices, coupled with our desire to support sustainable living, has inspired us to introduce the Ecoline Green Grant. This initiative is our way of continuing the government’s efforts, ensuring homeowners can still make energy-saving upgrades affordably.

    About the Ecoline Green Grant Program

    Unlike the former government program, Ecoline’s initiative comes with no restrictions or limits, offering up to $3750 for windows, exterior or patio doors ($150 per rough opening), for any property:

    • Primary residences
    • Mobile homes
    • Rental properties
    • New construction homes, etc.

    The Grant ensures that homeowners are no longer confined to selecting windows and doors based on specific R-values or glass types; all Ecoline products qualify for the Grant, offering unparalleled freedom and flexibility in choosing the best options for your home.

    Moreover, homeowners no longer need to go through the complicated process of Home Energy Inspection since the Ecoline Green Grant does not require one.

    Canada Greener HomesCanada Greener Homes
    Grant Amount, $
    Grant Amount, $$5,000$3,750
    Grant Status
    Grant StatusEnded

    (new applicants can no longer apply)

    Home Energy Inspection
    Home Energy Inspection Required NOT Required
    Target Products
    Target Products Windows/​Doors
with high R-value All Energy Star
windows/doors qualify
    House type
    House type Primary residence only Any

    (mobile home, rental property, new construction, condo, etc.)

    Stacking with other grants/loans/rebates
    Stacking with other grants/loans/rebates Additional
conditions may apply Yes, fully
    Location of products installed
    Location of products installed Heating area only

    (home insulation)


    (including porch, garage, etc.)

    Average time to receive grant
    Average time to receive grant2-5 monthsUp to 1 month

    Why Replace Windows and Doors in 2024?

    The importance of replacing windows and doors has never been more evident. As we strive for more energy-efficient and sustainable homes, the decision to upgrade becomes a pivotal part of any home retrofit. Not only do new windows and doors enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, but they also play a crucial role in environmental conservation and energy savings. 

    • Energy Efficiency: Modern windows and doors are up to 55% more energy-efficient than regular units, leading to lower annual utility bills.
    • Increased Property Value: Window & door upgrades can boost your home’s market value, making it a smart investment for the future.
    • Enhanced Comfort: Improved insulation and reduced drafts create a more comfortable living environment year-round.
    • The Ecoline Green Grant: The initiative provides the opportunity to save big, making now the perfect time to consider installing new windows, exterior and patio doors.


    Who is eligible for the Ecoline Green Grant?

    The Grant is available to all homeowners, regardless of property type, including primary residences, mobile homes, rental properties, and new constructions.

    How can I apply for the Ecoline Green Grant?

    Connect with our grant and rebate experts to learn more about the application process and how you can benefit from this offer.

    What products are eligible for the Ecoline Green Grant?

    All Ecoline windows, exterior doors, and patio doors are eligible for the Grant, with no R-value or glass type restrictions.