Canada Greener Homes Grant for Windows and Doors [ended]

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Jun 14, 2021

May 14, 2024

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Canada Greener Homes has a grant offer for Canadians who have planned about having an energy-saving home upgrade. It is a great opportunity for homeowners in Canada to install solar panels, upgrade heaters, and also replace doors and windows at a more affordable price.

This interest-free rebate program aims at reducing the carbon footprint of private homes and buildings, as they are one of the largest sources of Carbon emission in Canada. The loan program also gives Canada Greener Homes access to more homeowners due for a deep home retrofit.

Canada Greener Homes Grant Has Ended

As of February 2024, the program has concluded. But despite the end of this specific grant, numerous other funding for windows and doors are still available to support your energy-efficient home improvement projects. 

For example, Ecoline has launched a new grant up to $3750 for homeowners looking to upgrade their windows and doors.

Ecoline Green Grant follows the suit of the government program but has much less limitations and more flexibility. Check the side-by-side comparison table below.

Canada Greener HomesCanada Greener Homes
Grant Amount, $
Grant Amount, $$5,000$3,750
Grant Status
Grant StatusEnded

(new applicants can no longer apply)

Home Energy Inspection
Home Energy Inspection Required NOT Required
Target Products
Target Products Windows/​Doors
with high R-value All Energy Star
windows/doors qualify
House type
House type Primary residence only Any

(mobile home, rental property, new construction, condo, etc.)

Stacking with other grants/loans/rebates
Stacking with other grants/loans/rebates Additional
conditions may apply Yes, fully
Location of products installed
Location of products installed Heating area only

(home insulation)


(including porch, garage, etc.)

Average time to receive grant
Average time to receive grant2-5 monthsUp to 1 month

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Greener Homes Grant Canada: What’s In For Homeowners?

  • Pre- & Post Energy Evaluation

Homeowners get up to a $600 reimbursement fee on the cost of pre- & post energy evaluation and $5,000 for eligible upgrades. Reimbursement is only possible when both evaluations have been successfully carried out. If you want to be reimbursed, you’d have to complete at least one eligible retrofit recommended by your energy advisor, as stated in their report. The cost of the pre-retrofit evaluation will only be reimbursed when you proceed with the Canada Greener Homes Grant process.

For homeowners who completed the evaluation before the 1st of December 2020, but only got to make the recommended and eligible retrofits after the 1st of December 2020, reimbursements are only made for the cost of eligible retrofits and post-retrofit evaluation.

  • Eligible replacements

Homeowners can now upgrade the energy efficiency of their homes by replacing their entire window and frame with new high-performance ENERGY STAR® certified windows or inserts. These replacements are perfect for energy conservation, contribute to the fight against climate change, and boost the level of comfort experienced at home.

Casement window Ecoline

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Criteria for Eligible Reimbursement:

  • Only equipment purchased in Canada are eligible
  • All online purchases must be made from a Canadian distributor 
  • Windows and doors with the ENERGY STAR labels after the post-retrofit evaluation are also eligible

N.B.: Partial replacements are not eligible. Replacements of the sash, glass, or door without including the frame are unacceptable.

Grant Windows and Doors Replacement: How Much You Get

You can get a total maximum amount of $250 per rough opening, depending on the Energy rating and U-factor. The cost of windows and doors replacement is also covered, with up to a cap of $5,000. All replacement doors and windows must be ENERGY STAR certified with a temporary label as proof that the model is up to the ENERGY STAR standards.

  • The Multi-Step Process

In just seven quick and easy steps, homeowners can access this grant and get energy-efficient retrofits in their homes. Registration is done online or over the phone. Here’s all you need to know about getting this loan;

Step 1: Canada Greener Homes Grant application

You will be asked to provide the following details if you want to get registered for this rebate program

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email 
  • Type of house
  • Address 
  • Proof of ownership with their property tax bill number through municipal property documents
  • Proof of residence through either driver’s license or utility bill

Step 2: Booking pre-retrofit house energy evaluation

After registration, your postal code will be used to locate service organizations around you, where a certified advisor will be contacted and booked for the pre-retrofit evaluation. The expert makes recommendations for suitable retrofits upgrade and will qualify you for reimbursement. Rating, ENERGY STAR labels, and reports are also made by the certified advisor after evaluation.

17 - Window Prices 1 -min

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Step 3: Hiring a contractor to complete the job

Your contractor understands the building codes and bylaws. Their responsibility is to comply with these codes and laws. Ensure that the contractor has the license to install equipment and get the necessary permits before hiring.

Step 4: Booking of post-retrofit Energuide evaluation

Results for the energy saved and the reduction of greenhouse gas emission influenced by the installation of the retrofits are provided after the post-retrofit evaluation. The reimbursement amount you qualify for is also recommended here.

Step 5: Receiving reports for final inspection

Homeowners will log in to receive the reports of all retrofits. The results are then cross-checked and evaluated once more by a certified advisor.

Your reports explicitly explain the impact that the recommended retrofit has on your home. To continue on your retrofit journey, you’ll receive the following;

  • An EnerGuide rating and label
  • A Homeowner Information Sheet
  • A Renovation Upgrade Report
19 - Window Prices 1 -min

Shopping for New Windows or Doors?

Let us help you save big. Get a free consultation on window rebates and loans!
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Step 6: Uploading all documents online

For adequate reimbursement, energy auditors will upload pre- & post-retrofit pictures as proof of completion, while homeowners will submit;

  • Pre-& post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation receipts
  • All invoices and receipts of purchased products and cost of installation
  • An attestation form may also be needed, depending on the recommended retrofit. The form serves as a confirmation that;
  • All electrical and mechanical system installation were carried out by a licensed professional
  • All geothermal installations meet CSA standards
  • The heat pump is the right size for your home

Step 7: Retrieving reimbursement information

Finally, the program officers do a review of all uploaded documents and the recommended grant amount. Once the review is complete, you will do a confirmatory check on the portal and then proceed to receiving your reimbursement.

If, for any reason, you feel your reimbursement has been undervalued, you must tender a reasonable claim so your files can be re-evaluated.

  • Reimbursement Qualification

Every homeowner with a pre-retrofit energy audit qualifies for reimbursement, as long as all work was done after the 1st of December 2020.

  • Retaining receipts

Homeowners would have to keep all receipts and invoices up until the 31st of March 2028. These grants are non-taxable and should not be tendered as a source of income.

  • Maintain stickers

All ENERGY STAR stickers should be maintained up until the post-retrofit evaluation, as this is one of the main criteria that qualifies you for reimbursement.

If you have further questions or wish to qualify for this rebate program, do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you achieve that energy-saving home upgrade you crave.


When did the Canadian Greener Homes Grant rebate program end?

The program officially concluded in February 2024. While this specific initiative has ended, homeowners still have many provincial rebates to save on energy-efficient upgrades. Please get in touch with us to explore all rebates and loans available for window and door replacements.

Is the Canada Greener Homes Grant still available for new applicants?

No, the program no longer accepts new applicants, as it ended in February 2024. However, individuals who applied and were approved before the program’s conclusion have their funds allocated and will receive their rebate as promised.