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    8 Crucial Factors that Drive Window Replacement Costs

    May 21, 2024

    May 21, 2024

    14 min read


    Use this full guide to find out the approximate prices for your next windows replacement project. You can also rely on our cost estimator and use additional filters by size, location, glazing type and more to get average prices.

    Typical Range: $700 – $2,100

    When you start shopping for the best price for new windows and doors, sometimes it might become quite a challenge. If you are not really into the windows market, you will be confused with the offers and pricing. However, when it comes to full-frame replacement or even retrofitting, the cheapest is never the best, and even a new window can be just a cosmetic solution.

    In addition, you should definitely be aware of what you are spending your money on. Dealing with different windows companies means you get different quotes, efficiency, and quality. How to choose what you need while saving up some money? Let’s find out.

    Cost of Replacing Windows: Ultimate Pricing Guide

    If you are reading this, you are about to make some changes to your home interior by replacing the windows or upgrading the current ones. Foreseen is forearmed. That is why our experts have created for you a list of 8 crucial steps to determining the average cost of replacement windows in Canada.

    1. Installation type
    2. Number of Windows
    3. Location
    4. Location within the home
    5. Materials
    6. Size
    7. Double-Pane or Triple-Pane windows
    8. Window styles
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    Installation prices: full-frame vs retrofit

    When it comes to windows replacement, you come across two main types of installation:

    • Full-frame installation: 

    With a full-frame (tear-out) installation, your old window gets removed completely, down to the studs surrounding it. This allows the window installers to address any issues with moisture or rotting wood. Your custom window comes with new jambs, exterior brick moulds, and interior trim.

    On average, full-frame replacement costs 10-15% more than a retrofit installation.

    In a full-frame installation, the old window gets removed down to the studs.
    • Retrofit installation

    In a retrofit (insert) installation, new windows get inserted into your existing frames. The jambs also remain untouched. Aluminum capping is generally used on the outside to cover up rather than replace the existing brickmould.

    A tear-out is required with most windows, which are completely damaged or too old to fix, as a retrofit would not resolve these problems, but merely be a cosmetic fix, which would not give you many benefits in the long-run. 

    Number of windows

    Pricing for new windows comes from several directions. First, consider the number of windows you want to replace. After understanding your needs, you will have a clear idea of how many units you are going to budget for. Depending on your existing windows’ age and condition, you may need to replace just a single window or several units.

    *Note that the prices given in the table are approximate

    Number of unitsApproximate price
    1 - 5 windows$1,290 - $4,948
    6 - 10 windows$5,406 - $9,010
    16 - 21 windows$14,144 - $18,564
    22 -27 windows$19,448 - $23,868
    29 -35 windows$25,636 - $30,940

    To get into details, make use of our replacement windows cost estimator.

    Location (house or apartment)

    Where you live impacts the project cost. Do you need to install windows in a house or an apartment? While the house has more windows to replace, the apartments might not be that easily accessible. If you have your apartment located on the ground level or the first floor, the windows company might not charge you any additional installation fees.

    However, if it is the second floor or higher, replacing your windows will be a tough job demanding special equipment. If you live on the upper floors, it is even more challenging. Your windows may need to be replaced from the roof or inside the apartment (depends on the windows’ dimensions). 

    Location within the home

    The location within your home is also a significant factor, which impacts installation and unit cost. For example, a living room window will have greater square footage than a bathroom window; a bedroom window will have an opening mechanism, whereas a hall window may be a simple picture window without opening.

    A handy tool for calculating how location affects the cost: consider your living room window to be sized as 100%. A kitchen window will then be about 60% of that; a medium bedroom window is 33%, and a small bathroom window is about 21% of the original size. See this laid out in the table below:

    Ecoline's Window sizeSmall MediumLarge
    Basement $254 - $3,037 $671 - $5,020 $705 - $4,611
    Bathroom $91 - $2,817 $274 - $2,671 $686 - $3,233
    Bedroom $287 - $2,292 $346 - $5,326 $450 - $5,149
    Dining room $319 - $2,377 $402 - $7,725 $778 - $7,323
    Family room $491 - $1,550 $506 - $10,639 $402 - $6,213
    Hall $683 - $2,034 $939 - $2,899 $946 - $3,731
    Kitchen $214 - $2,335 $434 - $7,497 $865 - $11,552
    Living room $319 - $2,128 $402 - $8,450 $750 - $11,552
    Master bedroom $561 - $1,794 $662 - $7,747 $667 - $7,430
    Pation/a $1,370 - $5,329 $2,345 - $10,680
    (Last modified in the price table on November 28, 2023)

    Frame Material

    The materials you choose directly impact the quality of the final product and are crucial to longevity. Simply, you get what you pay for.

    • Vinyl (PVC; polyvinyl chloride) is a synthetic plastic polymer, which is created chemically. Vinyl is usually made in rigid and flexible forms. For it to become flexible, plasticizers are added to the compound. The “U” in UPVC stands for “unplasticized”. Although they are commonly referred to as PVC windows, most vinyl windows are in fact, made from UPVC. UPVC is not as flexible, more weather and fire-resistant, doesn’t deteriorate, warp, or discolour.
    • Aluminum is the strongest and most durable of all window materials. Similar to vinyl, aluminum frames are a low-cost, low-maintenance option. It is usually insulated to stop moisture build-up and insulated to prevent heat loss.
    • Fibreglass can cost 25% more than vinyl windows, but is popular for its quality of replicating the look of real wood, but shedding the high maintenance of wood installations. Made from glass fibers and resin, it can be painted to match the exterior decor, is rot-resistant, is extremely strong, and is an excellent insulator.

    At Ecoline Windows, we believe that vinyl windows (PVC/UPVC) are the best option. They are energy efficient, low maintenance, and offer excellent longevity. The average cost of vinyl windows is lower when compared to wood and aluminum but very high-performance.

    New manufacturing techniques have resulted in clean lines with easy-care finishes. Vinyl is very energy efficient and is often insulated with foam. It is both non-corroding and UV-resistant so its finish can be preserved. Colour customisation is also available.

    Window Size

    The size of existing openings in the walls will likely determine what size of windows you choose. Every window for every room has an average price range, from a small window to a large, throughout the house. 

    That is why your new window size directly influences the final quote, as larger dimensions necessitate more materials and complex installation processes. For example, the large picture windows price is higher than smaller, standard windows due to the increased glass area and the required structural support. Take a look at our windows pricing guide as well here to match your needs with your budget.

    *Note that the prices given in the table are approximate

    small medium large XL
    $215 – $1,173 $375 – $2,840 $537 – $3,547 $1,950 – $3,960
    min – max min – max min – max min – max

    Glazing: Double-Pane or Triple-Pane windows

    First things first. Triple-pane windows will cost you approximately 15% more than double-paned counterparts. You might think since triple-paned are more energy efficient and may reduce your heating bills, they will bring more profit in the long run. However, it all depends on your location and specific needs.

    Overall, though, due to their easier installation, excellent energy-efficiency, great noise reduction performance, and overall lower cost, we firmly believe that double-pane windows offer the best value for your money.

    When going for the next replacement windows, ask your windows company to concentrate on high-quality double-pane products. Change the focus off of the panes and put it on the other characteristics of the windows like gas fill types, Low-E coatings, frame materials, glazing, and other options.

    For more information on double-glazed and triple-glazed window replacement and installation costs, check our comparison guide.  

    Window style

    When replacing your windows, you have an opportunity to choose a new product that brings expanded functionality into your home. For example, if a window opening overlooks a deck, you can select a style that doesn’t intrude into traffic areas: a slider that opens back and forth instead of outward.

    Or choose an awning window for a kitchen, to better catch the breeze and supply ventilation. In both cases, look for modern, secure locking mechanisms to improve home security.

    • Single and double slider: the sash slides back and forth
    • Hung window: same as above, but vertical; the sash slides up and down
    • Awning window: the sash is hinged at the top and opens outward at the bottom with a crank and accordion opening mechanism.
    • Casement: this is the classic vertical window, designed like a door to open outwards.
    • Picture window: square or rectangular pane of glass, commonly large, as in a residential living room window. As a rule, picture windows can be opened.
    • Custom windows: windows can be manufactured to get unique configurations.

    For sure all this affects the price. Want to get an approximate quote?   Here is a breakdown of how we price our windows. The average price range is based on minimum and maximum window sizes:

    *Note that the prices given in the table are approximate

    LocationCasementAwningSingle SliderHungFixedPicture
    Basement $810 - $1,877 $126 - $1,194 $123 - $ 2,105 $972 - $1,175 $672 - $891 $145 - $2,749
    Bathroom $420 - $2,671 $442 - $2,349 $336 - $2,510 $470 - $1,885 $734 - $1,037 $274 - $2,420
    Bedroom $289 - $2,115 $818 - $2,014 $183 - $3,136 $440 - $2,435 $402 - $1,552 $339 - $2,805
    Bonus room $658 - $1,501 $873 - $1,373 $473 - $2,186 $495 - $1,359 $446 - $1,262 $434 - $3,030
    Dining room $506 - $2,186 $291 - $2,181 $554 - $2,655 $178 - $2,307 $852 - $2,001 $126 - $3,508
    Family room $506 - $2,051 $486 - $1,752 $374 - $2,441 $335 - $1,899 $342 - $1,324 $271 - $3,596
    Foyer $1,042 - $1,720 $1,135 - $1,336 $875 - $2,201 $656 - $1,397 $904 - $1,754 $407 - $2,709
    Front $981 - $1,535 $327 - $1,390 $231 - $2,150 $901 - $1,998 $ 797 $ 1,317 $238 - $2,923
    Kitchen $119 - $2,124 $404 - $2,406 $494 - $2,719 $391 - $2,467 $ 528 $ 1,722 $107 - $4,948
    Living room $319 - $1,929 $547 - $1,896 $203 - $2,529 $750 - $2,055 $ 507 $ 2,801 $680 - $4,527
    Master bedroom $493 - $1,987 $292 - $2,008 $422 - $2,826 $340 - $2,702 $ 402 $ 1,884 $278 - $3,644
    Nook $521 - $1,540 $981 - $1,736 $888 - $3,034 $502 - $1,610 $ 1,726 $244 - $3,254
    (Last modified in the price table on November 28, 2023)

    How additional features affect the cost of your new windows

    Your brand-new windows may also be equipped with some extra features that ultimately add value to their performance, but also affect the final price.

    Some of features are:

    • Low-E coatings: Low-emissivity coatings significantly reduce heat loss from your home, and prevent Harmful UV rays from fading or damaging your interior.
    • Super Spacer Insulating Glass Spacer: Used to join glass panes together into a unit, traditionally the spacer was made from aluminum or metal. Today, spacers are manufactured from a synthetic elastomer. These new spacers not only improve the efficiency of the insulated glass unit but also help reduce outside noise.
    • Gas-fills: Most insulated glass units in vinyl windows are filled with gas rather than air. Gas fills further improve efficiency, reduce heat loss, and decrease condensation. Triple pane windows have an advantage because the extra pane can be used for more gas fill, resulting in even better performance.
    • Foam filled frames: Because their frames are hollow on the inside, vinyl windows can often be filled with Engineered Thermal Insulation to further reduce heat loss.

    If you are looking into getting custom windows, you often have the choice as to what kind of upgrades you want. A lot of companies also carry some of these upgrades in their standard window package. Be sure to ask about this during your quote appointment. 

    At Ecoline Windows, all our windows come with a single Low-E coating, IG Spacer, and Argon gas fill. We also offer optional upgrades for additional Low-E coatings, Foam filled frames, Security glass.

    The cost of your window order also depends on aesthetic upgrades you choose. Window grills, privacy glass, custom trim, can all result in a higher price for your windows. Because of additional features that are necessary for ensuring efficiency in operable windows, some windows cost as much as 20% more than others.

    Ultimately this goes to demonstrate that there are a lot of options and decisions to be made as to what kind of replacement is right for you and is within your budget. Remember, it isn’t always possible to give a proper quote over the phone, as the existing condition of your windows plays a big role into what kind of replacement is right for your home.

    Our price for energy efficient windows includes:

    • Supply, installation, and disposal of your old windows
    • All standard window features
    • 25-year warranty on hardware and glass

    The Bottom Line

    Now you should have a better understanding of what affects the price of windows replacement. You can improve the conditions and appearance of your house by replacing older windows. Moreover, you will also reduce the energy costs.

    Even though replacing windows can be quite expensive, you can still save up some money if you know what you need and which company to deal with. Thus think about all the essential factors that add to the final cost of your windows project in advance. By analysing the window installation process, type of installation, and glass, among other factors, you will for sure find the options that match your needs.

    Here, at Ecoline Windows, we have vast experience in replacing windows and upgrading the old ones. So you can always get in touch with our experts to talk about your windows replacement project and get the best solution. Make sure to go through our educational videos to get a better idea of what you might need.


    How much does it cost to replace a window?

    The cost to replace a window varies on many crucial factors, such as the installation type, number of windows, location, materials, and size. Prices can range from as low as $594 for a standard casement window to over $3,000 for large units with custom features and sizes. Full-frame replacement typically costs 10-15% more than retrofit installations.

    What is the average window installation cost?

    The average installation cost is influenced by the type of installation (full-frame vs. retrofit), the number of windows, and the window’s materials and size. Full-frame installations are generally more expensive due to the comprehensive work involved. Good window companies usually include installation costs in the overall quote when buying new windows.

    What is the cost to replace windows in an old house?

    Replacing windows in an old house can be more expensive, especially if a full-frame installation is required to address issues like moisture or rotting wood. The approximate price can be calculated using our replacement windows cost estimator.

    Is it cheaper to replace windows yourself?

    Replacing windows yourself can save on labour costs. However, it requires the necessary skills, tools, and knowledge to ensure proper energy efficiency and security. Usually, DIY window installations end up poorly, with homeowners losing more money than when hiring professionals due to damaged frames, inadequate energy efficiency, etc.

    Is it expensive to change the window size?

    Changing the window size can be more expensive due to the additional labour and materials required to alter the home structure. But if you want to change the window style or size to improve aesthetics, Ecoline Windows can do replacement projects of any complexity. Contact us for more information.

    How much does a window screen cost?

    The cost of a window screen can vary widely based on factors such as size, material, and whether it’s custom-made or standard. On average, homeowners can expect to pay up to $250 for window screen installation costs. The price range reflects differences in the complexity of the design and the quality of the materials used.