One question that inevitably comes up when homeowners are shopping for replacement windows and doors is, who is going to install the product once it is ready. With a bit of knowledge and practice, it is definitely possible to replace the windows yourself and save some money on the total. But while chasing the perfect deal, many people tend to forget the real reason they are getting new windows – the long-term cost savings that come with the right installation of new windows.

Your options when getting new windows

Most window companies in Edmonton can be classified as supply-only or supply-and-install. Supply-only companies are usually manufacturers or dealers working with window products. These companies may deal directly with customers or third party companies to install the product. Supply and install companies either manufacture their own windows or have arrangements with window manufacturers for product supply.

Although most supply and install windows and doors replacement companies In Edmonton often use their own dedicated installers, that doesn’t always guarantee the best job for the installation. After a bit of searching, you could find a skilled installer with good reviews. What makes going with a full-service approach company worth it is what happens after your windows have been put it in. Because the company assumes all the risks involved in all the steps of the project, it has your satisfaction as its best interest. That’s why these companies often have dedicated service departments that are committed to ensuring your post-installation concerns are addressed. Even the best third-party installers are often reluctant to return and service installations they have done when they are not committed to the company responsible for the installation.


Long before even booking a contract, many worried customers ask whether the company offers post-installation service and maintenance. This means too many people in the past have been burned by bad practices. Because dedicated window suppliers offer service on their work, they are often able to offer better labour warranties as their future business depends entirely on your satisfaction as a client. A standard labour warranty is usually around five years. Take note that this usually doesn’t include caulking and window seals – those can be redone manually as often as needed to. Another question we wanted to bring to attention is that of “lifetime warranties.” While most salespeople are eager to throw the phrase out and offer it on just about anything, it is important to recognize that in construction terms “lifetime” refers to the lifetime of the sold products. Because it is considered appropriate to replace your windows every 25-30 years, the lifetime warranty for most window hardware is therefore 25 years.

In short, as you are looking around for new windows, remember why you are buying them: their longevity and efficiency. That’s why it’s important that you consider a company that will stand behind their product and work for as long as it takes until the work has been completed or serviced properly.

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