NAFS is here and the word is getting out. All renovations requiring a permit must have Canadian window and door products tested and labeled according to the new standard known as the North American Fenestration Standard.


The new NAFS standard is better Canadian windows and doors for several reasons:

  • It gives the consumer more detailed information about product performance
  • Requires windows to be tested to a maximum size – so manufacturers can only label windows that are the same size or smaller than the tested size
  • All mulled combinations must be tested and subjected to a difference performance criteria vs. a single unit

These changes are good for the industry and the consumer. NAFS is an improved method of classifying the type, class and performance of windows and doors over previous performance standards, greater product testing is needed to achieve these standards so all manufacturers are required to re-test their products to show they comply.

All Ecoline Windows have been tested to the new NAFS standard.

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