In many cases when homeowners decide to replace their old windows, they forget to consider that they can change their old style of windows to new window designs. A lot of the times a slider window gets replaced with another slider, casement for casement, and so on. But modern windows can offer creative solutions to safety, airflow, and convenience.

Here are a few examples of solutions we offer at Ecoline Windows in order to help our clients to make better choices for window replacement for their homes.

Kitchen and bathroom windows are used for ventilation when cooking, or after taking a shower. An awning window sash opens from the bottom up therefore it sheds rain and snow, thus allowing for ventilation and air flow all year round.Awning_Window_Kitchen

Open_Awning_WindowMany homes have old window combinations where there is only one window that opens to the outside. In these case, it is beneficial to change the old picture window to casement in order to allow for better ventilation and air flow.


When a window is facing a deck, for example, an old casement window, you might consider installing a sliding window or a more creative combination of an awning window on top of a picture window. That way the new window will not be opening toward a deck, which causes inconvenience and hazard from the open sash.



Bungalow homes with low roofs and windows that crank to the outside on the side of the house can act as a walking barrier when open. Consider installing sliding windows in order to eliminate the opening of the sashes on the side of your home.Sliding_WindowsTo homeowners that have small children, it may be beneficial to install a window that opens in a higher position for security reasons.

Consider adding frosted glass for windows that face the neighbours if you would like to add more privacy to your replacement windows.Privacy_Glass

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