It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, we collectively cringe at how unfair it is.

And no, we’re not talking about visiting our in-laws.

We’re talking about relations with potential customers that end before they even begin, with homeowners resorting to bad Ecoline reviews online like: “Ecoline Windows is the WORST” or “they don’t even care about your business.”


Because frankly, we take comments like these to heart. And let’s clarify, this blog post isn’t about self-pity or trying to prove something that we’re not.

If there is anything we do believe in when it comes to our customers it’s that honesty and transparency are the pillars of any successful business and customer relationship. Also, that as a customer, doing your research is the best way to get the most out of your window replacement.

But let’s face it, not every window company is right for your replacement project.

And while we would love to be the only company doing window installations in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Regina, we often recognize long before the client that we are not the right fit for their project.

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We understand that finding the right window company can be challenging and stressful, we prefer not take a project rather than overcharge and squeeze a client for a small thing they could be getting elsewhere for the right price.

Here are the three main reasons Ecoline Windows is not good for your window replacement.

1. You are looking for the cheapest windows possible

As much as we advise against it in our quote consultations, most people are only driven by the cheapest price when replacing their windows. But when it comes to window replacement, what you pay for is often what you get. And part of doing your research on new window companies is realizing where the value really lies.

A lot of times people will say that we are far from the cheapest option. But when you compare Ecoline Windows to other companies, our pricing is actually very fair and competitive. That is because we’re not trying to sell you crap. What you get with us, are quality triple-pane windows that are ENERGY STAR rated, tested for their performance by the Canadian Standards Association, and are warranted and built to last the entirety of their expected lifetime.

2. You are looking for a retrofit installation or new glass units

Although we can do this type of work, in practice it often ends up being a cosmetic lift for windows that already have way bigger problems. Unfortunately homeowners often see that a retrofit is the cheaper of the two options, and that’s as much information as they need.

Instead we prefer to specialize in full-frame replacements. We’ve seen enough older homes in Western Canada to say confidently that generally only a small percentage can get away with a retrofit. By performing full-frame installation, our window specialists clear your existing windows down to the studs surrounding the frame. We also check for signs of moisture damage, and replace any bad wood. None of this is done in a retrofit installation as things are only replaced on the surface level.

By doing full-frame work we are not only able to ensure maximum performance, comfort, and efficiency from your new windows. We also ensure the longevity of your replacement and certify that your windows won’t need to be replaced again for as long as possible.

3. You’re not getting windows with comfort in mind

Many times prospective clients will call to schedule an appointment with a story like:
“Someone smashed a window in my garage. I need something new but very cheap just to cover the hole. Can you come install it tomorrow?”

Hopefully if you’ve read the first two points, it will automatically make sense why we don’t take this kind of work. If we strained, and asked around, and pulled some strings we probably still CAN do a job like that. Except even our cheapest overstock window will probably be too efficient (and therefore too expensive) for a small job where a client is looking for something slightly better than a piece of cardboard. Don’t get us wrong, these kinds of jobs are still necessary and have get done. But you’re better off finding a company that deals with cheaper, lower quality windows that probably has some stock units at the warehouse. That way you’ll end up paying a more reasonable price for a window in an area where year-round comfort is not the main concern.

So there you have it. As you’re looking for a company to undertake your replacement project, you will undoubtedly come across companies that aren’t the right fit for the kind of replacement you want. And that’s absolutely fine. Instead you should be more wary of these “yes man” companies that will take any project they can profit from, and then wiggle and adjust their price to an agreeable standard, only to do a subpar job all along.

Because we take pride the quality of our windows and the installation work we do, we don’t want to take the job where we can’t guarantee the best result.

Full list of reasons why we may not be a good fit for your replacement:

  • You need windows installed today.
    All our windows are custom made, and we don’t carry stock windows. It usually takes about 6-10 weeks to manufacture and install your windows from the day the contract is signed.
  • You’re looking for window repairs.
    We don’t repair or replace the glass, sealed units, or frame components that were installed by other companies.
  • You only need to replace your entry doors.
    We specialize in window replacement, but offer doors only in combination with your window order.
  • You’re looking for new construction windows or are building your own home.
    We specialize only in the replacement of old windows.
  • You need concrete cut in your basement. We sell and install egress windows for basement bedrooms, but we don’t cut the concrete ourselves.
  • You need just supply or just install.
    We don’t work with contractors or homeowners looking to only buy the windows, or need someone to only do an installation. We prefer the supply-and-install approach because it makes us the only party responsible for your project.
  • You’re looking for commercial windows. We work exclusively with homes and homeowners.

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