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    Don’t Use Ecoline Windows: How to Discern Fake Complaints

    Oct 14, 2015

    May 2, 2024

    11 min read


    It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, we collectively cringe at how unfair it is. And no, we’re not talking about visiting our in-laws. We’re talking about relations with potential customers that end before they even begin, with homeowners resorting to bad Ecoline reviews online like: “Ecoline Windows is the WORST” or “they don’t even care about your business.”

    Because frankly, we take comments like these to heart. And let’s clarify, this blog post isn’t about self-pity or trying to prove something that we’re not. If there is anything we do believe in when it comes to our customers it’s that honesty and transparency are the pillars of any successful business and customer relationship. 


    According to the Baymard Institute’s study, 95% of people rely on other customers’ reviews when they are going to buy a product or service. 53% of potential buyers seek to study all the reviews – both positive and negative. Some users specifically do sorting to find negative opinions about the product.

    Negative reviews aren’t something we should avoid. This is an opportunity to see weaknesses, work on them, and thus be closer to clients, increasing loyalty.

    At Ecoline, we always strive to maintain a benchmark in the industry, offering every homeowner a top-notch window replacement experience across Canada.

    Where Do Bad Reviews Come From?

    When looking for a product or service, people usually tend to check the feedback about the company from past clients to understand whether the brand is trustworthy or not. Still, the question “Should I trust online reviews for windows?” becomes very relevant here because there are three reasons why even market leaders have negative reviews:

    1. People are more likely to write bad reviews than good ones.

    Research shows that clients who are dissatisfied with collaboration are two to three times more likely to write angry reviews than clients who have had a positive experience. The reason is simple – negative emotions tend to last longer and have a greater emotional response.

    We would rather write about the negative moment that hooked our thoughts than about something positive and easy to forget. We are also more likely to use powerful words to convey our negative emotions. It makes negative reviews more dramatic, flashy, and attention-grabbing.

    2. The company didn’t meet the needs of the client.

    Despite the company’s fame and good reputation, its products and services may simply not suit you. Too high prices, absence of the desired finish colour, lack of additional services – all this can cause that cooperation will not be successful. It is very important to do research on window companies, their products and services in order to make the right choice for the needs of your window replacement project.

    3. Fake window company reviews to discredit competition

    Very often, bad reviews have nothing to do with reality. They are left by people who are interested in ruining the company’s reputation.

    It’s impossible to please everyone – but we don’t have to. Negative Ecoline Windows reviews help us develop, improve service, and enhance customer focus. Also, consider that a negative review in isolation may not be the totality of the reviewer’s experience.

    6 Reasons Why Ecoline Windows Might Not Be Right For You

    Let’s face it – not every window company is good for your replacement project. In some cases, we understand from the very beginning that our company is not suitable for the client. Here are the main reasons why Ecoline Windows might not be your best bet.

    1. Our prices do not quite meet your expectations.

    We strive to make our prices as attractive and affordable as possible for our customers. But Ecoline produces only high-quality windows that simply cannot be cheap. The appearance and durability of products depend on the quality of raw materials, their processing and assembly – and we guarantee the quality.

    Keep in mind that even if installing new Ecoline doors and windows may seem a little expensive initially, the investment will pay off in the long run. If you are curious about the average prices for our products, we invite you to use our replacement windows cost estimator to check the price ranges based on different custom features. For a more detailed free quote, please contact us.

    2. We do not offer window and door repair.

    Ecoline specialises in window and door replacement. We cannot help you repair or replace glass, sealed units or frame components that have been installed by other companies. And that’s where disgruntled competitor leaving fake reviews about us being not able to fix window or door issues. However, we directly state we don’t offer repairs of products installed by other contractors.

    3. You are looking for a retrofit, not a full-frame replacement.

    We specialise in both retrofits and full-frame replacements. On average, full frame replacement costs 10-15% more than a retrofit installation. Some customers prefer to go with a retrofit since it’s more affordable and forgo a full-frame installation even though it is recommended.

    Unfortunately, retrofit is not always possible – especially in old houses. Even if the entire window structure looks perfect outwardly, there may be problems inside – for example, a rotting frame. By doing full-frame work, we can ensure maximum performance, durability, and efficiency of your new windows.

    4. We do not carry out additional construction work.

    If you are planning to install a new egress window in your basement, we will be happy to help you with its selection and installation. However, we do not perform additional construction work such as concrete cutting, drilling, etc.

    5. We do not provide commercial window replacements.

    We only work with residential replacements and cooperate directly with homeowners. If you need to install windows in a commercial building, you need to look for a company that specialises in such projects. Commercial-type windows differ in design, installation, and cost.

    6. We do not provide installation services separately.

    If you, for example, read Ecoline windows positive reviews in Calgary and would like to hire our team, we have to warn you – we do not provide such services separately. We prefer the supply-and-install approach because it makes us the only party responsible for your project.

    As you’re looking for a company to undertake your replacement project, you will undoubtedly come across companies that aren’t the right fit for the kind of replacement you want. And that’s absolutely fine. Moreover, you should be more careful with these “yes man” companies that will take any project they can profit from and then change the price or do the job at a low level.

    Since we take pride in the quality of our products and installation work, we don’t want to take on a project where we cannot guarantee the best result.

    Conduct a window company research – carefully study the products and services that the company offers in order to find your ideal match.

    How to Spot Fake Window Company Reviews

    If the client is not satisfied, we always try to find a solution to the problem. Perceiving the negative as an opportunity to correct mistakes, we constantly develop our company. But the thing is, not every negative review is true.

    This is not an attempt to dismiss the Ecoline Windows complaints. Feedback from customers builds trust in our work. And we want you to be able to form the right idea about our company, knowing some common red flags for suspicious window company reviews.

    Who writes fake reviews?

    A fake review is  feedback from a person who has never used the services of our company but simply wants to ruin our reputation. Are bad online reviews a marketing tactic? Yes, most often, black PR is carried out by competitors or third parties hired for this purpose.

    Why do they write fake reviews?

    There are two ways to take a leading position in the market: do business better than others or destroy the reputation of rivals. Some companies choose the second way – it is simpler, easier, and faster. It is enough to write several Ecoline windows reviews fake on authoritative sites visited by the target audience from Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, and other cities, and the competitor’s reputation is spoiled. That’s why we encourage investigating fake online window reviews and differentiate them from real comments.

    Where do they write fake reviews?

    As a rule, fake reviews are published on online review sites (such as Yelp and others), where each registered user can leave feedback. On such sites, anyone can write a review about anything. Almost no site will check the authenticity of the review.

    How to identify fake feedback?

    You can spot fake Ecoline reviews by certain signs:

    • Disposable account: If the author of the review has a new profile without a photo and rating and provides only one published review, most likely, this is a fake.
    • Questionable review content: Honest reviews tell the customer’s real experience. Most often, they include a description of the problem or conflict, terms or dates of work with the brand. Fake reviews do not contain such data. They often come down to a loud statement about deceit and fraud.

    Here is one of the Ecoline Windows reviews taken from the Yelp website:

    This review provides no details, such as a description of the problem that occurred –  it comes down to one broad negative statement. The account seems to be a single-use one as it doesn’t have a photo or other published reviews. In addition, the author’s address is located in the USA, and we are selling windows across Canada. So it all looks like a fake review.

    But how to tell if Ecoline window reviews are real?

    Simply go to BBB, Google or HomeStars and read the reviews that are long, well-detailed and provide images of the pre-post installations. You can also check our video reviews from real customers, sharing their experience with us, and showcasing their homes after the window or door installations.

    Check Out Real-Customer Reviews & Testimonials about Ecoline Windows

    We have been in window and door replacement market since 2002. We have completed over 9,000 projects during this period, building a reputation as a trusted local window manufacturer and installer with thousands of happy homeowners. Check out what our customers have to say about their experience with Ecoline.

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    Now you know how to distinguish a real review from a fake one, and don’t let yourself be misled about our Ecoline Windows. 

    Find out what people are saying about us online:


    Negative reviews online: are they always true?

    No, negative reviews aren’t always true. They can be influenced by individual experiences or biases, and sometimes may not represent the overall quality of a product or service. It’s important to read multiple reviews and assess their credibility before making a decision.

    Are there any Ecoline windows BBB complaints (Better Business Bureau)?

    As any company in the market, we sometimes face complaints on BBB regarding Ecoline Windows customer service issues or other feedback from unsatisfied clients. It is a part of business and life, but we do our best to resolve these issues as fast as possible, keeping the benchmark of the leading window company in Canada with thousands of happy clients. Currently, we don’t have any BBB complaints that have been unresolved.

    Who makes Ecoline windows?

    Ecoline’s windows are manufactured in Canada. Our company specializes in energy-efficient vinyl windows, steel and fiberglass doors, and patio doors.

    How long has Ecoline Windows been in business?

    Ecoline Windows has been present on the market since 2001.