We’ve all heard horror tales of misleading contractors, abandoned jobs, and endless phone calls that only lead to a realization that your money is gone and isn’t ever coming back.

But if gullible people didn’t fall into the same trap, these window companies would have no business and disappear into the depths of the Internet.

Because it is through the Internet that they get your attention in the first place. Today, many companies devote a lot of time to creating thousands of perfect reviews for themselves to seem more appealing to potential customers on websites like Homestars. Businesses today make a lot of money through online marketing, and positive reviews are a big driving force behind that.


But when you look a little closer, you may notice things aren’t as they seem. When shopping for a replacement window company online, beware of companies that only have 9 or 10-star ratings. It is simply not realistic – no matter how good a business is, it can never please everyone.

Finding a Superior Windows Company: Are Online Reviews Trustworthy?

Look out for companies that add these positive reviews with consistent regularity. While there are people that like to post reviews online, most of the time customers leave any feedback at all, it is because they had a negative experience. Most of the time, we simply expect good work for the money we invest, and that in itself is not noteworthy. A lot of companies post these reviews to cover up the more negative ones, and generally improve their score.

Always exercise caution when shopping online. This is especially true when the future and physical well-being of your home is at stake, and you are looking to invest a lot of money into getting new windows. No matter how good a company seems online, you will get a better understanding of what they do when you meet the people behind the screen.

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