Awning windows are an excellent replacement window choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Because of how these windows operate, they allow air flow into the house regardless of conditions outside.

The operable sash in the awning windows can tilt away from the frame for up to 45 degrees.

These windows come equipped with a stylish fold-down handle that tucks away into a holder for a sleek look.

Compression seals = more efficiency

Like other crank windows, awnings come equipped with compression seals around the edge of the frame. When the sash is closed, the compression seal evenly fills the space between the frame and the moving part, resulting in better efficiency compared to weather-stripping used in sliding windows.

Multi-point locks on either side of the window allow for a tighter seal, by pulling the sash flush against the frame

To open the window, just lift the locks up.

Lift up the fold down handle and turn it counter-clockwise to move the sash away from the frame.

Turn the handle clockwise to close the window. Make sure to not over tighten the crank as that can cause damage to frame material or locking mechanism.

When installed properly, awning vinyl windows offer superior ventilation, security, and easy operation; while adding comfort to your home.


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