Finding a window and door company in Regina shouldn’t be difficult. There are hundreds of businesses just a phone call away. What may prove more challenging, is sifting through all the clutter to find which ones are worthy to consider for a quote.

As the year is coming to an end, we thought we would take some guessing out of the game and put together a list of the best local window companies.

But before we delve in further, perhaps it is important to understand:

What makes a good window company?

A “good” window company means something different to each homeowner. There are plenty of cases where one customer company praises a company while another says no one should ever trust them. What’s more important, is that you understand exactly what the company will provide, and what you are paying for.

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There are three main factors to consider when looking for a good window and door company:

  1. The company’s windows meet ENERGY STAR requirements for your local zones.
    This is one of the best ways to ensure that you’re buying windows that are warm enough for Regina climate. Remember, windows in Regina and Southern Saskatchewan must meet performance requirements for climate zone 2, with a minimum ER rating of 29 and a maximum U-Factor rating of 1.40.
    You can find information about all ENERGY STAR compliant windows in Canada on this Natural Resources web page.
  2. The company performs quality installations.
    The quality of your windows means nothing if they are not installed correctly. Whether it’s a full-frame replacement or a retrofit installation, you want to make sure that the window company you go with performs quality work that meets all building code standards.
  3. The window and door company offers and provides service on an extensive warranty.
    For modern windows in Canada, warranty timelines usually range between 20 and 25 years. But while most companies offer these warranties, not all of them are quick to rectify the problems. You want to trust a company that will still be there ten years from now to answer your questions.

With that in mind, we present you the best window and door companies in Regina from 2015:

Ecoline Windows

Although this was only our first year in Regina and Saskatchewan, we brought with us the same high standards we adhere to in Alberta and Manitoba. Our windows often match and even exceed the standard performance ratings for different climate zones in Canada. We only work with designated in-house installers which ensure responsibility and care when it comes to your installation. Ecoline Windows also offers a lifetime warranty on all our windows and our designated service department ensures that any problems are resolved efficiently.

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All Weather Windows

It is difficult to speak about All Weather Windows from the perspective of just one city. The company is a leader in efficient windows not only in Saskatchewan but across all of Canada, winning the ENERGY STAR most efficient manufacturer award in 2015. All Weather Windows specializes in vinyl  and aluminum-clad vinyl windows. Their products often rate the highest for performance, compared with the competition, but also generally tend to be more expensive.

One common thing most costumers complain about is the length of time it takes the company to provide warranty service. This can often be the case with bigger windows companies as they deal with a larger volume of people in numerous locations.

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Clear View Windows And Doors

Clear View is one of more popular companies in Regina. They use windows from Kohltech manufacturing, which rate highly in performance tests. The company works with vinyl windows and offers all common window styles, as well as tilt-and-turn windows. They also carry a selection of doors if you want to get the replacement done in the whole house.

Glacier Glass

Glacier Glass is Regina’s largest independent glass shop. They carry windows from numerous manufacturers, so you can choose from a variety of performance ratings and price points. The shop also has its own designated window installers. Glacier Glass also specializes in repairs, so you may consider them as an option before looking to get your windows replaced. Often older windows can be fixed if there is minimal rotting or moisture damage to the frame around the window.

Regina Windows and Exteriors

Regina Windows and Exteriors has been on the local market since 1979. The company has a showroom as well as a warehouse in the city. Like Glacier Glass, they carry different manufacturers and provide several options in terms of quality and price. The company also takes pride in their efficient service process and ensuring that the customer is left satisfied at the end of the job.

As you can see, there are plenty of companies in Regina that offer quality products, good installation services, and a comprehensive warranty package. First consider what kind of windows you want. Most companies today specialize in vinyl windows but a lot still carry options for wood and hybrid styles. The type of installation also plays an important role. Some companies specialize in full-frame or brick-to-brick replacements while others do retrofit installations. The type of installation has an impact on the quality and the price of the replacement.

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