Front Doors With Storm Doors: Designed To Protect Your Home

Adding a storm door to your front door might just make sense. Learn more about the advantages of storm doors and the options offered by Ecoline.

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Jul 11, 2022

Feb 28, 2024

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Storm doors are something you may typically see in old houses in Canada. New homeowners are often unsure if they need such a home addition and what its purpose is. Exterior storm doors might not be the most glamorous upgrade, but they can give your home a lot more than you think. Their designs have improved a lot over the years. Modern storm doors are more attractive, everlast, and convenient than ever.

When the pouring rains and lashing winds come, it is very important to protect the comfort of your home. Perfect for the climate in Canada, exterior storm doors can bring safety, weather protection, and even aesthetics to your home.

If you’re wondering whether you need a storm door for your front door, this guide explores everything you need to know. Here we’ll find out what points to consider when buying front storm doors and what benefits they can bring. 

What Do Front Doors With Storm Doors Look Like?

We all know what an ordinary front door looks like. It consists of a slab 1, frame 2, hinges 7, head jamb 8, hardware 6, and some other components.

Front doors with storm doors have more pieces overall. A storm door 3 is an external unit installed in front of your exterior unit. The most common storm doors consist of a steel or aluminum structure (5) and glass panels 4 in various configurations. So basically, you have two doors in one passage: a solid door installed behind a glass one.

Some storm doors come with a retractable screen that can replace glass panels in good weather. Storm doors with screens provide extra ventilation by acting as another window while keeping pesky insects out.

Why Do You Need Storm Doors?

In spite of their name, storm doors are crafted for more than just stormy conditions and inclement weather. Nowadays, they perform other functions besides protection from rain and snow, including increased energy efficiency, additional ventilation and lighting, as well as improved curb appeal.

Here are the top reasons why storm doors installation will be a good idea for you:

  •  Weather Protection

The main purpose of a storm door is to be a barrier to your entry from exposure to the elements. A storm door will not allow rain and snow to accumulate on your exterior door, which will help prevent moisture from getting inside. Serving as a shield from rain, snow, and strong winds, a storm door securely keeps your home comfortable while extending the life of your main door.

  • Improved Energy-efficiency

An exterior storm door is another layer of protection for your home. It can increase the insulation/weather protection on your front door, preventing air leakage and keeping the heat inside the house. This way, you can improve energy efficiency and reduce energy bills.

  •   Improved ventilation

With retractable screens, storm doors can be an additional source of ventilation, which is especially important on hot days. A screen that replaces the glass panels on storm doors will allow fresh air to enter while leaving the door closed.

  •  Security aspect

Storm doors increase the security of your home in several ways. Do you want to prevent your dog from running ahead as soon as you open the front door? Need to improve the safety of your kids? Looking for an extra way to protect your home from thieves? Or would you just like to have a barrier between you and salespeople? Glass storm doors can be the solution.

To sum up: If you are looking for extra insulation, weather protection, better security, or you just like decorative storm doors on your exterior, their installation might make sense. But, if the question is whether absolutely everyone needs this upgrade – we would say, generally, no. It depends solely on your needs, design preference, and the climate in which you live. 

If you want your unit to provide maximum functionality, better don’t go with cheap storm doors. A 50-dollar aluminum thing with half a screen doesn’t guarantee reliable protection and will most likely not look stylish.

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    Common Styles Of Storm Doors

    Like all exterior doors, storm doors on sale come in different design options. While most homeowners choose full glass models, custom storm doors are also available with glass panels at the top, middle, and/or bottom of the door. It allows you to combine different styles and functions.

    Storm Doors Modern Style
    Storm Doors Classic Style
    • Retractable storm doors allow you to interchange glass panels with screens for extra air circulation.
    • Full-view storm doors provide an all-glass construction letting in the maximum daylight and providing an unobstructed view.
    • Mid-view storm doors are a perfect option if you have busy or high-traffic space but still want plenty of daylight coming in.
    • High-view storm doors feature a design that allows you to enjoy elevated lighting in your entryway and enhances durability with a solid bottom panel.
    • If you have a four-legged friend, installing a storm door with a pet door just makes sense.

    Double Doors With Storm Doors

    Double doors are the top pick among homeowners in Canada who want to make a design statement. If you’re going to replace your double entry door and wondering if you can install storm doors – the answer is definitely, yes.

    Double storm doors in Canada aren’t something unusual, but they will help you make your entrance more unique and functional. Thanks to the large size of the glass panels, double storm doors maximize the amount of natural light coming in, making the home brighter and more inviting. With various decorative features, storm doors will improve your home’s curb appeal.

    Patio Doors With Storm Doors

    If you have a beautiful garden and a cozy patio, you’ll most likely want to enjoy its view. Here is where patio storm doors are a great go-to option. They allow you to bring the outside in, making your home feel warm and welcoming without compromising your privacy.

    Storm patio doors acting as an additional air space barrier, provide isolation from external elements. You can enjoy scenic views from the comfort of your home.

    You may opt for large French storm doors to maximize your view outside and let in an abundance of light.

    It is no bad thing to match the storm door colour with the colour of your exterior door, although this isn’t the most common way to set up the residence. Your exterior door can be any colour, including bright, eye-catching shades to be the focal point. Most storm doors for sale tend to be in neutral colours to fit your main door perfectly.

    While choosing a storm door colour is just a matter of personal preference, may we suggest black and brown?

    • Black storm doors are extremely stylish and elegant, typically associated with luxury. If your home’s colour scheme is neutral, a black storm door will accentuate it. If you prefer bright colours on your exterior, a black storm door will complement it perfectly without stealing the spotlight from your front door.
    • Brown storm doors are a perfect choice if you have a wood or woodgrain fiberglass front door. A brown storm door will emphasize the appearance of beautiful wood textures, creating an aesthetically pleasing exterior look in a slightly traditional style.

    Storm Doors Installation

    You no longer need to look for where to buy storm doors – you can order one at Ecoline along with a new exterior door. We guide you through the process of selecting the product that works best for you. Our team of professional installers will ensure expert door replacement for a durable result.

    Get started with a free quote by sending us a request with your project details.

    Should you put a storm door on your front door?

    A storm door is not something everyone should have. But installing a storm door on your front door can help lower your electricity bills, fill your home with light, and further protect your new exterior door from the elements.

    Can any door have a storm door?

    Storm doors come in a wide variety of designs, styles, and sizes. Therefore, it is possible to match a storm door to almost any exterior door, including large French ones.

    Do storm doors increase home value?

    Yes, absolutely. A high-quality storm door enhances energy efficiency, reduces the need for maintenance, and helps the front door last longer. This will make your home more attractive to potential buyers when you are about to sell it.

    What is the difference between a screen door and a storm door?

    Both the storm door and screen door are units that fit on your exterior door. A storm door typically features glass panels and is designed for added protection from the elements. A screen door has screen panels and aims to provide additional ventilation and light.