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    High-End Patio Doors In Red Deer – Quality You Can Trust

    Jun 24, 2022

    May 29, 2024

    8 min read


    Enhance your view with elegant and energy-efficient glass patio doors. Functional and reliable, our patio doors are a great addition to any Red Deer home. They are perfect if you’re limited on space but they won’t limit your range of decorative solutions for both interior and exterior.

    Glass patio doors do not just bring aesthetics to your home – they are very important for your home’s security. Having a cracked glass panel or a broken sliding mechanism can compromise security. Besides, it will cost you a lot of time and money.

    Looking for high-quality door & window installation services in Red Deer? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Ecoline, we know how to design glass sliding doors to meet the needs of the Canadian climate and stand the test of time.

    Keep reading and find out everything you need to know about patio doors in Red Deer!

    Types Of Sliding Patio Doors: Designs and Styles

    Patio doors leading to your garden or backyard create the perfect connection between your home and the world outside. They are quite versatile and are available in a variety of configurations and sizes to suit all your architectural needs, ensuring a perfect exterior doors solution for your Red Deer home.

    Whether you need large double sliding patio doors to create a panoramic view or small exterior patio doors with a single sliding panel to save space, Ecoline is here to help. Here are the main types of patio doors we sell in Red Deer:

    2-panel patio doors
    2 panel patio door Two-panel sliding patio doors consist of one operable panel gliding to the right or left, and a second fixed one. This makes sliding doors ideal if you want to save some extra space outside.
    3-panel patio doors
    3 panel patio door A 3-panel sliding patio door provides the same functionality as 2-panels-styled units with the difference that they have another fixed panel. As a rule, the middle panel moves to the left or right, while the two side ones remain stationary. Three glass panels bring plenty of daylight into the room.
    4-panel patio doors
    4 panel patio door A 4-panel sliding patio doors is a good match for big openings. They usually take up a lot of space on the wall or even replace the wall completely. The two central panels move apart to create a wide entrance, while the two side panels remain fixed. These units let in the maximum amount of daylight and provide excellent ventilation.
    Folding patio doors
    folding panel patio door Bifold patio doors differ from standard multi-panel doors in the way they open. They are made up of several panels that connect to slide and fold together when opened like an accordion. This design, besides looking very original and attractive, creates a larger and more unobstructed opening than other units.

    French Garden Doors: Traditional Solution for Patio

    Sliding glass doors are hands down one of the most popular solutions in Red Deer when it comes to patio door replacement. However, the French Doors series does not lag behind. These models are often called garden patio doors, and they remain in extreme demand among homeowners who crave traditional solutions for their homes.

    These doors typically feature two swinging panels, which open either inwards or outwards, providing a wide, unobstructed view of the outdoors.

    Homeowners adore French doors for their aesthetic appeal, the natural light they allow into homes, optimal ventilation and the touch of sophistication they provide to any home design.

    French doors are not just about beauty. Their sturdy construction ensures excellent security, while their insulation properties contribute to energy efficiency. This practicality is a key feature that reassures homeowners, making them feel secure and comfortable in their homes.

    For many, French doors are the perfect blend of beauty and functionality, making them a timeless choice for patio door solutions.

    No matter what model you prefer, with Ecoline you’ll get high-quality, efficient, and low-maintenance patio doors. To learn more about patio door prices, you can use our door replacement cost estimator or request a free quote, providing your project details.

    Why Choose Sliding Patio Doors?

    Sliding patio doors provide a lot of benefits over traditional hinged doors you can take advantage of. Here are 5 reasons why installing new glass patio doors would be the smart move for your home:

    • Reason 1: Improved Home Value

    The fate of many houses for sale is decided after just one glance at the exterior. Same as with windows, including stunning glass patio doors will certainly boost your Red Deer home’s curb appeal. If you’re not going to sell your house soon, new patio doors can make your property a lot more enjoyable.

    • Reason 2: Space Saving Solution

    Save space in a small backyard with sliding patio doors. Unlike hinged traditional doors, they free you from the need of clearing space for the opening door and visually increase the area of your patio.

    • Reason 3: A Panoramic View

    If you have a beautiful garden or cozy patio, why not enjoy it? Glass patio doors give you the opportunity to view your backyard from the comfort of your home.

    • Reason 4:  Savings On Bills

    With a large glass surface, patio doors let in plenty of natural light and let you rely less on artificial lighting. As a result, homeowners have lower energy bills.

    • Reason 5: Variety of Design Solutions

    Thanks to our wide range and almost endless custom options, you can easily order one-of-a-kind and eye-catching sliding patio doors that will perfectly complement your home design. Choose the most suitable colour, add grilled and blinds, decide on hardware – and get your perfect match!

    How Much Do Patio Doors Cost in Red Deer?

    A price range for new patio doors in Red Deer can vary greatly based on many custom features you want to equip your sliding door with. On average, homeowners can expect to pay between $1,500 to $3,500 for a standard replacement project.

    However, many available custom features can significantly influence the final quote. For example, going with a unique colour scheme or finish can add to the cost. Same happens if you choose to install a high-performance glass or additional security features.

    The type of door—whether sliding, French, or garden doors—also impacts the price, as do the materials used, such as vinyl, wood, or aluminum. Installation complexity and labour costs in your area are other important considerations.

    To learn more about patio door prices, you can use our door replacement cost estimator or request a free quote from our experts in Red Deer.

    Patio Door Installation: Transform Your Red Deer Home

    We all like it when our house looks attractive. Glass patio doors can ultimately improve its curb appeal – that’s a fact. Keep in mind that the proper patio door installation is extremely important. If you want your patio doors to last for many years without the need for repairs, make sure to entrust replacement to professional installers.

    From the initial design to qualified installation, our experts are here to help. We will assist you with finding the right door type for you, discuss the different features and options, and, of course, ensure a smooth patio door replacement process in a timely manner.

    Get started with a free quote in Red Deer and enhance your home’s architecture with new patio doors.


    How much do patio doors cost?

    The patio door cost depends on several factors: the number of panels, customization, the need for additional work, and so on. Use our online cost estimator to find out the approximate price for your patio door replacement project. You can also request a free quote from us.

    Do all patio doors feature tempered glass?

    Yes. Since the Alberta Building Code requires all patio doors to feature tempered glass for safety, every unit we install is made from tempered glass.

    Are French doors more expensive than sliding patio doors?

    Sliding patio doors tend to be more affordable compared to French doors. Their simple mechanism of operation makes them convenient to use and quite budget-friendly.