If you are considering financing your window replacement in Manitoba, you have the option to pay for your new windows with the help of the Manitoba Hydro PowerSmart Residential Loan.

Here is what you need to know to apply:

  • We will fill out an application form with some financial information from the homeowner.
  • Your project manager will submit the application to Manitoba Hydro for approval.
  • If the approval is granted you are approved for a credit of up to 7500$.
  • If you have previously taken a credit out through Manitoba Hydro, you can only borrow the difference amount up to $7500.
  • In order to qualify for Manitoba Hydro the new windows must meet efficiency requirements for Climate Zone 3: the coldest climate zone in Canada.
  • If Manitoba Hydro approves your application, the company has six months to install the windows from the day the application was approved.
  • When the installation is done, the company submits a completion form to Manitoba Hydro. Manitoba Hydro then pays the window company in full, and all future financial dealings are between the homeowner and Manitoba Hydro.
  • The balance for the windows will appear on the homeowner’s Hydro bill.

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