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    Oversize Windows: What Are Maximum Window Sizes in Canada

    Big houses often mean big plans. But big custom windows aren’t always easy to come across or manufacture. Knowing window sizes can help you when expanding the opening for new windows.

    Generally, all Canadian window companies have a certain size limit for each window they can produce.

    For example, the chart below demonstrates the maximum standard window sizes for common window types that our production line manufactures.

    Note that both maximum width and height CANNOT be accomplished in any of the window. What’s more important is that the window is within the maximum square footage.

    Keep in mind that both maximums can’t be used at the same time. What is more important is that the maximum square footage is maintained within the parameters.

    Also take note that maximums for triple-pane windows are smaller than for the double-pane units. If you are looking for the biggest windows possible you may have to go with the double pane option. Not to worry, though, there are plenty of options and features you can add on to maximize the performance and energy efficiency.

    But if your vinyl windows are custom made, why can they not be made in any size? Technically they can be. The issue lies in other factors.

    Why can’t windows be manufactured above maximum size?

    Firstly, windows that exceed the allowable size restrictions are more prone to breakage and failure, as they are too big to be structurally sound. Even if a company is willing to manufacture a specific size window, they often won’t provide warranty for it.

    Another reason most window companies try to stay away from selling oversize windows is the logistical nightmare of shipping them. Very few companies today are responsible for their own shipping and oversize loads can not only cost more but also have a greater chance of getting damaged before they even get to your house.

    If your vinyl window replacement project requires oversize windows, look for companies that say they specialize in that kind of work. You will more likely be able to get warranty and service if anything goes wrong. Also look for a company that is in your neighborhood, or manufactures windows locally. Avoiding long freight can ensure your windows don’t get damaged in transit, and the company is more willing to manufacture them for you.

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