What makes companies change over time?

Sometimes it’s a result of growth in sales and volume of customers. Often it’s adapting to compete with the way competitors run their business.

Yet very rarely, is change directly a result of customer complaints or negative feedback.

That’s why we had a big smile on our face when a review from five years ago surfaced last week.

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It was refreshing to see that we are a better company than we used to be. It was great to see that most of those changes happened because we wanted to improve relationships with existing and potential clients.



1. Salesman Knowledge

As we grew throughout the last few years, so did our expectations from our salesmen. While they still may not have been window installers previously, today it is absolutely crucial that our salesmen know the product specifications and the ins and outs of the installation process. And as our team got to that level, our philosophy about how we conduct window quote appointments has changed too. But today we are much more into teaching our clients about the available options and allowing them to make a smart decision about the window company they want. That’s why we now prefer to call them “product consultants” and not “salesmen.” It’s not just about selling and competing with other companies for clients. We understand we may not be ideal for everyone, but we’d rather you decide that based on facts and not because one company’s price seems more attractive than another’s.

2.  No fake discounts

Just like five years ago, you probably still receive flyers from local window companies with “instant rebates” and “limited time” discounts of 20, 30 or even 40 percent. But if a window company offers “discount” windows twelve months out of the year, can that really be considered a discount? We prefer to give real discounts when there are problems or something is our fault. Customers often say our windows are more expensive than our competitors’, but we believe in giving an honest price right away and not asking clients for additional money later. Another reason for that is the higher standard and performance of our windows.

3. Our own manufacturing line

Since the above-mentioned blog appeared online, we have greatly improved our manufacturing process. Today we work with a different manufacturer and have our own designated line of product that is higher quality. That means our window styles are manufactured exclusively for us, and we have a direct say in quality assurance. Though they often find us more expensive than the competitors, the same homeowners also comment on our windows being sturdier and of overall higher quality.



4. Dedicated scheduling and service departments

Just like five years ago, most negative reviews about any window company today aren’t so much about the product quality as they are about poor communication, missed appointments, or delays and reschedules. That is because a lot of window companies still leave the scheduling to their installers. We prefer for them to focus on their work, and leave the logistics to us. By creating a dedicated scheduling and service departments, we were able to improve not only the efficiency of our installations but also our relations with our customers. Delays in manufacturing and shipping may still happen, they happen at every company, but today we make sure that you’re always aware of the status of your order. If there are problems with your windows, we make sure they are documented, assessed and resolved accordingly. We take notes on all conversations with our clients so nothing slips between the cracks or gets forgotten.4


5. Professional installation

If there is a truth about replacement windows, it’s that they can only work to their full potential if they are installed properly. That is also why we try to do as few retrofit or aluminum clad windows. Though these types of windows are still popular in Western Canada, they don’t often fix the problem like a full-frame replacement does. Today we have a straightforward policy with our window installers: if it’s not good enough to go in their house, it shouldn’t go into yours. And we back that up with a five-year labour warranty on any installation problems.

At Ecoline Windows, we’re pretty proud of the progress we’ve made in all aspects of window replacement. But more so than proud, we’re also aware of the progress that remains to be made. Our end goal is simple: to be the choice when it comes to new windows in Calgary, Edmonton, or Winnipeg.

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