Coloured Vinyl Windows: More Trouble Than It’s Worth?

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Nov 9, 2016

Feb 29, 2024

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Coloured vinyl windows are a great way to give your home a unique aesthetic or preserve the existing exterior look of your wood windows.

While there is no argument that white vinyl looks clean and modern in most homes, some homeowners like a little extra flair. After all, that’s the whole point of getting custom windows.

Just how much choice you have depends entirely on the window company, as some companies carry as many as 40 colour options. But pretty much all manufacturers today have choices to make your windows look unique.

But while they make your home stand out from the rest of the neighbourhood, there is some debate as to whether coloured vinyl is as practical or even as efficient as plain white.

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Common Colour Scheme Solutions for Residential Vinyl Windows

In residential window design, the palette for vinyl colours has expanded beyond the traditional to embrace both classic and contemporary tastes. At Ecoline Windows, we can mix any colour you want to apply to your windows, relying on the example you show us. But of course, there are some typical hues popular among Canadian homeowners.

Among the most sought-after colours are the timeless white and sleek black, which cater to minimalist and modern aesthetics. For those inclined towards warmth and natural elegance, chestnut brown, commercial brown, and sandalwood offer rich, earthy tones.

The more adventurous homeowner might opt for the distinctive appeal of forest green, iron ore, or the deep, sophisticated sable shade. For a subtle touch of colour, slate, pebble, and the soft hue of dover gray provide understated elegance, while cream lg and cashmere introduce a gentle, inviting warmth.

This diverse colour spectrum reflects current trends toward personalisation and architectural harmony, allowing homeowners to express their unique style while enhancing the property’s curb appeal and value.

Chestnut Brown
Commecrial Brown
Iron Ore
Forest Green
Color Dover Gray
Cream LG

The Trend of Black Windows: Why So Much Buzz?

Black windows have surged in popularity across Canada, becoming a defining trend in modern and traditional home designs. This shift towards black as a preferred colour for windows is driven by its ability to offer a striking contrast against most exteriors, enhancing architectural features and elevating curb appeal. 

Black frames create a bold, sophisticated look that complements a wide range of siding materials, from brick and stone to stucco and vinyl. They serve as a dramatic frame for the view outside, essentially acting as a picture frame for the landscape.

The windows painted black perfectly complement any exterior and interior, blending naturally with various architectural designs. This trend reflects a broader move towards minimalist design, where the simplicity and depth of black can make a powerful statement without overwhelming the senses.

Are black windows more expensive than standard white models?

When it comes to pricing, black windows can be more expensive than standard white models. The extra price for black windows stems from several factors:

  • Manufacturing process. Black vinyl windows often require specific materials and technologies to ensure the colour’s longevity and resistance to fading under direct sunlight. 
  • Energy Efficiency: Black windows often come with advanced energy-efficient features to offset the potential for increased heat absorption due to their dark colour. 
  • Customization and Design Complexity: The cost can also vary depending on the level of customization required. Custom sizes, shapes, or designs that deviate from standard units require additional manufacturing efforts, increasing the price.

The cost difference, however, is seen as a worthwhile investment by many homeowners for the distinctive aesthetic appeal and the potential to increase property value. Despite the higher initial cost, the durability and timeless design of black windows offers long-term value, making them a popular choice for those looking to make a statement with their home’s exterior.

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Can You Match the Interior to Coloured Vinyl Exteriors?

When they talk about coloured windows, most companies talk about the exterior colour of the windows. But what about the interior?

It is important to note that not all window companies in Canada manufacture coloured vinyl jambs and casings to match the window. The optimal solution for this is through the use of wood jambs and casings. Because wood can be painted, it can therefore be matched to the colour of the window. But this doesn’t always create a seamless look, even if the tint is matched closely.

Not all companies manufacture coloured jambs and casings to match the colour of the window. Be sure to ask about this at your quote appointment if you’re considering coloured windows.

If you are considering a full-frame installation for coloured windows, make sure to ask whether the company carries coloured jamb and coloured casing options for their custom windows. 

Other Factors to Consider When Deciding on Coloured Vinyl

  • Coloured vinyl windows generally take longer to manufacture, and cannot be put on a rush order. If a company’s project timeline is roughly six to eight weeks, your order will most likely be at the longer end of that wait.
  • Warranty periods for coloured PVC are much shorter. Whereas most white vinyl is under warranty for 20-25 years, coloured windows are usually only covered for 10-15 years. Be sure to clarify the warranty terms if you’re considering coloured windows.
  • Coloured vinyl is more affected by the sun. Obviously darker materials absorb more light than whites. But this is especially crucial with a soft material like vinyl. Sun-facing windows can often warp, and change shape resulting in loss of efficiency and performance. Harmful UV rays can often fade vinyl and make the colours look dull. If you have south or west facing windows that get a lot of sun, dark vinyl may not be the best option for you.
  • Not all features of white vinyl can be made in a coloured option. Coloured casement windows often come with a regular crank handle instead of the fold-down crank.

In short, if you are considering coloured windows, pay closer attention to the quality of the product. Because most companies don’t offer as much coverage on coloured windows as they do on white vinyl, you really want to make sure that your windows are as sturdy and as efficient as possible.