How do you get repair service on your new Canadian windows?

Your window project is complete, your modern windows are fully installed and sitting pretty in your house. You can breathe again, the big project is finally over. But wait, a thought pops into your head, what if you need service for your new windows? You know that you have a lifetime warranty on the windows, but what does that mean for servicing them should they get damaged, and how do you go about getting that service?


Today we will give you a brief overview of the procedures that are in place to fulfill your service needs.

We will be talking about the way that Ecoline Windows handles service calls in order to give you accurate information on how these situations are handled.

First, you will want to call in for service and a representative will speak with you to work out what kind of service you need. Service can be divided into three categories: physical defect, condensation, and installation issues. From there, the response is based on what category your service falls under.

In all instances of a service call, if you can take a picture of the issue it will help the process along immensely. With all physical defects, visuals are required as evidence for the production line to approve the service. If you cannot provide a picture, an appointment will need to be set up for that purpose. The only issue with that is time.

That brings us to the next point: unless the issue is urgent – for example a sash has fallen out, or water is pouring in – then it will generally take up to three business days for a response after you have made the initial call and spoken with a representative to communicate your concern.

A service for a physical defect refers to cracks, scuffs, nicks, dents, scratches, holes, and other damage along those lines. Once this type of service is identified the representative will need to know which window is damaged, what part of the window is affected, a picture of the damage, and then they can submit all the information for the service department to go over.

When a customer mentions seeing water, leaking, drips, ice build-up, or any other related issue during the fall and winter months, the issue is first treated as a condensation problem. A representative will speak with you to make sure you know what condensation is, how it forms, and why it would be forming on your new windows. They will ask for your email address in order to send an information packet all about condensation and ways to avoid it in your home. If the remedial measures do not help, we like to follow up with a visit to investigate the matter further.

When it comes to installation issues this can mean missing caulking, poorly done cladding, bowed windows, off-level windows, leaking, drafts, or other related issues. In these cases, you will be asked for the same details as with physical defect service calls, and if a picture cannot be provided then an in-home inspection will be necessary.

Once the nature of the service call is determined, the information is submitted to the service department and will then be looked over and from there it will be determined if your issue is one covered by the warranty on your windows, or if it is not. If it is an issue that requires an inspection it will take about three days for someone to call you to schedule a representative to come out and look at the windows that need servicing. Once they have taken a look at what needs servicing they can give you an idea of how long it can take for the service to be complete.

Of course, if you don’t have time for a phone call you can usually email a company for service. At Ecoline, there is a specific service email where you can detail what the issue is and someone will get back to you in order to determine how best to help you resolve the issue.

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