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First and foremost, our hearts go out to anyone who has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic (Covid19), either directly or indirectly. Together, we are facing a truly unprecedented situation nationwide.

During this uncertain time, Ecoline Windows now offers virtual quote services.

All our project managers are able to provide you with the video consultation via Zoom, Skype, Facebook and many others.

Our virtual/remote quotes are as informative and knowledge based as if we were sitting down together in one of our showrooms or during the face-to-face consultation appointment in your home.

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One of the big concerns about replacing windows in Alberta has to do with pricing and budgeting the project.

And one of the biggest factors that affects the final cost of a window replacement, is the installation that is required.

There are two main types of window installation: retrofit and full-frame replacement.

A full-frame window replacement costs 15-20% more than a retrofit.

However, the increase in price is reflected in the additional labour and components. In a full-frame replacement, your old window gets removed down to the studs surrounding the window. This allows installers to see and address any moisture damage in the wall structure surrounding the opening. A new window is then installed with a new frame, vinyl jambs, vinyl brickmoulds, and choice of trim.

In a retrofit replacement, the original window frame remains intact as the window is taken out. The new sashes are then inserted into the existing frame. This is a good option if you have unique looking windows and want to keep the custom look intact.

While many window companies will give you the option of which installation you want, in most cases it is the condition of your house and existing windows that should determine the type of installation.

Retrofit window installation is not recommended for any windows where you may suspect water damage or rotting in the frame.

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