As the year is drawing to a close, the volume of window replacements begins to decrease for most window companies.

It’s a no-brainer, most Canadians plan their renovation efforts for the warmer months so that their house is ready before the temperature begins to drop.

But this off-peak period may actually be the best time to buy replacement windows.

There are two main reasons why buying windows later in the year benefits the client:

  • Because business is slower in November and December, any potential clients are valued more. Therefore, you are more likely to get a discount on your order or some other incentives.
  • Although most window companies install windows year round, buying them this late in the year, can give you the option to have your units installed in the spring time. Generally when you call a window company during the busy summer months, they are not willing to schedule orders for a year down the road. Ordering your windows in the winter time may give you that option.

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How to get discount windows.
As you do research into replacement windows you will notice that most companies’ websites and flyers will offer a 20, 30, 40% discount. But if you take some time with picking the company, you’ll probably notice that some companies advertise a discount all year round. But if something is said to be always discounted, isn’t that just the new price?

The reality of the situation is, that the price of your window replacement is often decided during, and based on your interaction with project consultant. They can offer you pretty much any “deal” they like, so long as there is still a healthy profit margin for the company.

These profit margins get smaller toward the end of the year, as there are physically fewer customers. Not to say customers matter less during peak season, but they certainly matter more when it becomes a question of balancing the books. That is why a lot of window companies will often lower their prices beyond the allowable threshold in the winter months, to ensure at least some profit.

Waiting until warmer weather could be great, but cold months are really the best time to get discounted windows.

What you need to know if you got window quotes, but still decided to replace your windows next year.

First of all, there is nothing wrong with that. While you may leave the project consultant feeling like they wasted their time, the power of decision-making is still yours. The next question to consider is whether the company will offer this quote next year, when you are ready to go ahead with the replacement.

Most of the time, window companies will still honor the original quote within a period of up to a year. The problem, more often lies with the customer. When homeowners are ripe and ready to get their windows, they are often so concerned about getting the original price, that they forget to look over what was on the contract. Yet a substantial amount of time has passed since the original quote, and most likely you changed your mind about some of the window features and options you initially wanted.

Yet, when you call your project consultant back and ask them if you can get the original price, they will happily oblige, assuming that you checked the quote and were satisfied with everything included.

Although it is not always ideal in terms of timelines, buying windows toward the end of the year can be a good way to get the best prices on new windows, while still getting them installed at a time that is convenient for you.

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