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    Patio Doors in Calgary: Replacement & Installation in 2024

    Mar 25, 2021

    May 28, 2024

    12 min read


    Patio doors, also known as sliding glass doors, are a fantastic way to open up your Calgary home. They may improve your home’s general look, security, and value. In addition, they can make significant improvements to your family’s quality of life by bringing the outside world into your home and making the space work as part of the daily routine.

    You can get more natural light, fresh air and a non-obscured view outside. Many Canadians homeowners also highlight that patio doors are an excellent way to cool the home with fresh air without the expense of air conditioning. Moreover, modern sliding doors are one of the best investment into your house if you are after high ROI and significant long term savings on energy bills.

    The level of comfort they bring are similar to new exterior doors in Calgary, but the initial investment into replacement may be much more affordable if you are looking for a standard nice-looking patio door with triple-pane and modern security features. Want to know more how to choose and install the model for your house? Read on!

    What to Look for When Buying New Patio Doors in Calgary

    When it comes to selecting the patio doors, the first concern is the material they will be made of. Keep in mind, though, that most options have either a single large panel of glass or several smaller glass panels to make a nice visual transition between the patio and your home despite the material you choose. Take a look at the different material options Calgary patio doors come with:

    • Vinyl. It is usually the least expensive and lightweight patio door material. You can design it to look like aluminum, wood, or other natural materials. Because it does not flake or rot, vinyl also considered being long-lasting.
    • Wood.When it comes to the most traditional door materials, wood is a choice. Being a natural material that ages over time, wood needs periodical maintenance, including regular staining or painting. Even though wood patio doors can suffer from scuffs and scratches, it is easy to hide or repair, and the overall look remains fantastic. Wood is also considered to be one of the most expensive materials for patio.
    • Fibreglass. Compared to wood, fibreglass doesn’t need maintenance, and it brings you better energy efficiency. Fibreglass can go through extreme weather temperature changes, and if made of this material, sliding patio doors in Calgary will last for many years.

    Sliding Doors in Calgary: Types & Styles

    Usually, patio doors consist of 2-4 panes of glass on a set of tracks, which slide over each other when they are open. You can usually come across the next patio doors types and styles:

    • French Patio Doors

    French patio doors are a top choice for small openings. They are made up of 2 doors, which open from the middle, bringing an utterly unobstructed space when opened. You can either open them inwards or outward. French patios are also known as garden patio doors since they are often installed to allow a wide entrance to gardens or backyards.

    Considering the drawbacks, French patio doors are not adjusted to wide openings and have a reduced glazing area. 

    • Sliding Patio Doors

    This type of patio is usually 2 or 3 panels that slide and overlap, having one panel always remaining in place. Sliding patio doors can’t be opened in or out; they slide sideways on tracks in the door frame and, in this way, don’t take up extra space when they are opened. The design implies they can’t be affected by the wind, which can be an issue with French doors. The doors additionally offer the most unobscured view of the outdoors, with large panes of glass in each section.

    • Bifold Patio Doors

    The last but not the least type of patio door is the bi-fold door. This long, concertina-like option allows you to peel back a whole wall to open up the entrance to your garden, for example. Bi-fold patios are composed of separate glass and uPVC panels with hinges in between each panel and at the door frame.

    french patio doors
    Patio Doors sliding glass doors

    Standard Sizes for Replacement Patio Doors in Calgary

    Patio door replacement is a custom project with each house requiring the precise measurement of the rough opening to accommodate new sliding door perfectly. But generally you can expect new patio doors to come in several standard sizes, based on the width of the opening.

    • If you are replacing an old door with a new one your opening is probably ready to accommodate a standard 5 or 6-foot wide door.
    • If you are looking to create or enlarge an opening from an existing window, the job often requires walls to be cut, which can add significantly to the cost of your replacement.

    To match your budget and complete the work efficiently, most sliding door companies in Calgary recommend that the patio door you get is the same size as your existing ones. Take a look at the table below to find the most common standards for patio door replacement:

    Width (inches) Height (inches)
    59 1/2 79 1/2
    58 1/2 79 1/2
    59 1/2 81 1/2
    59 1/2 95 1/2
    71 1/2 79 1/2
    71 1/2 81 1/2
    71 1/2 95 1/2
    70 1/2 79 1/2
    95 1/2 79 1/2
    95 1/2 81 1/2
    95 1/2 95 1/2

    If you have a special design or require the custom-based size solution for your sliding patio doors, you can always contact your local manufacturer and discuss your needs.

    Sliding Doors and Home Safety

    Traditionally, patio doors had one big disadvantage: they didn’t offer much in terms of security. Of course, with a glass door you not only run the risk of a quick break-in, but a potential crook can also see whether anyone is at home or even the room they’re going to target.

    Old rolling doors were also easy to pop off the track, rendering them useless.As the window industry in North America began adapting and advancing the vinyl technology, a lot of smart features got invented and put in place into patio doors as well.

    Today, any glass doors in Calgary can come with one or several of the additional security features.

    • A key lock

    A key lock is the type of lock that can be installed onto a traditional sliding door. It works just like a standard security option. Key locks do not always come with a standard patio door and have to be installed by your supplier or any other professional. 

    • Security Bar

    Another extremely good way to keep your patio door secure is the use of a security bar. When set horizontally, the bar stops the door from being bugged open. When a security bar is not in use, it is set up unobtrusively against the door frame. 

    Patio Doors vs. Garden Doors: What’s Better?

    A big debate when it comes to replacing the door at the back of your house is whether you should get patio doors and or garden french doors. Take a look at this comparison table to decide which option you prefer the most.

    Patio Doors Garden Doors
    More natural light Can be opened to full width
    More lasting materials Limited space for glass
    Low maintenance Going with a wide variety of colors, frame finishes, materials, styles
    Energy efficient Increased secure

    Sliding Patio Doors: Prices for Replacement and Installation in Calgary

    Based on the features and additional upgrades you need, the final price can differ. Take a look at this table with a price range that also factors in the cost of installation.

    Location Price of vinyl patio doors Size
    Bedroom $1,747 – $2,882 5FT or 6FT
    Dining room $1,600 – $3,879 5FT or 6FT
    Family room $1,631 – $3,032 5FT or 6FT
    Kitchen $1,681 – $2,862 5FT or 6FT
    Living room $1,640 – $4,427 5FT or 6FT
    Master bedroom $1,568 – $3,437 5FT or 6FT
    Nook $1,395 – $3,083 5FT or 6FT

    You can also use our patio door replacement calculator online to check the approximate price ranges for the model you choose, based on the specific features and options you want to equip your new sliding glass doors with. Please note that give price ranges are not precise.

    If you need a detailed quote, please contact us and we will make sure to provide a free quote and consultation for your installation project.

    Our Patio Door Manufacturer

    Our Windows and Doors are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility with all the essential component fabrication processes required to make the most energy-efficient and reliable products on the market. With everything under one roof—from the insulated glass unit fabrication to PVC profile bending to painting—all quality and service levels are managed seamlessly and proficiently. All the products are Canadian-made.

    • NFRC tested

    Ecoline windows and doors are manufactured in a facility that operates under stringent quality processes imposed by NFRC certification programs. This ensures that your windows and doors are made with highest quality standards all the time and are made exactly as the ones tested.

    • NAFS-11 tested

    Ecoline windows are among the few lines that meet NAFS-11. These high standards can be met when combinations of windows (two or more windows assembled together) meet certain performance grades. 

    • Energy Star-rated

    Obtaining an ENERGY STAR rating means that all our products meet specific government-mandated guidelines regarding energy efficiency.

    Patio Door Installation: How We Do it at Ecoline

    Our installations are done in accordance with Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Guidelines and local building codes. We only work with in-house installers that specialize in residential window replacements.

    When the installation is complete, we ensure that all the construction debris is cleaned up, waste is removed, and your residence is left clean. As part of our warranty, our dedicated service team is there to take care of your patio doors in the event any problems arise. 

    How to Maintain Sliding Glass Doors for Smooth Operation?

    Just like any exterior element of your home, patio doors need some maintenance and cleaning routine, so they continue operating with no issues. You are to take care of both glass and tracks. 

    • Glass maintenance

    A glass of your sliding doors may collect dust and dirt over time. Do general surface cleaning utilizing a soft, clean cloth and a mild, soapy water solution. 

    • Track cleaning and lubrication

    Rust and grime on the tracks might prevent rollers from gliding effortlessly and smoothly. This, in turn, makes it hard to open and close the doors. Be sure to clean the rollers and the tracks whenever you notice any issues with them. Take a vacuum cleaner and remove any debris. If you see stubborn dirt, it is recommended to get an old toothbrush and a cleaning solution. Following the cleaning, utilise some lubricant on the tracks to prevent future rust.

    Cost of Patio Doors Replacing in Calgary – Case Study

    A patio door installation cost and timeframe depend on various factors. Location, size, materials and other features like locks, glazing, and painting are those which affects the final price. Let’s get down to the real example:

    A client visited our office in Calgary with the need to replace their old and high maintenance doors with a new patio solution. After a talk with Ecoline’s salesperson, the client settled on the following configuration, which suited them the best:

    Type Additional System Patio Door Glazing Patio Door Hardware Floor View Timeframe Price
    2 Panel : 59 1/2 width Kick Lock Triple Glaze Elite Lock Main Floor Back 7-10 weeks delivery $1,800-$2,100

    “My patio doors replacement was completed on time, with no issues to arise. I absolutely love the configuration and final look. The representatives and installers were friendly and answered all the questions I had”, – the client says. Take a look at the final result.

    New patio doors



    What is the difference between french and sliding patio doors?

    The main difference is that french doors swing on hinges, while sliding patio doors slide on a track along the wall.

    What are the parts of patio doors?

    The main parts of patio doors are the fixed panel, the sliding panel, glass, hardware and rollers.

    Where to buy patio doors in Calgary?

    Ecoline Windows is your top choice if you decided on installing new patio doors. We offer the best design, quality and warranty for your sliding doors next project. All our products are NAFS tested and Energy Star rated.