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    Patio Doors Replacement in Edmonton: Choosing the Best Model in 2024

    Jan 29, 2021

    May 28, 2024

    12 min read


    Patio doors are considered to be a top pick for most homeowners looking for new windows and doors. Even though this type of doors serves as an entryway, the technology and design of brand-new sliding glass doors are very comparable to windows.

    Patio doors provide a superb level of comfort and energy efficiency while allowing lots of natural light to come into the house. But of course, you might be curious about how well they protect your home, what are standard patio door sizes, and would you really benefit from installing this type of doors. Let’s find out.

    What to Look For When Buying New Patio Doors in Edmonton?  

    As a rule of thumb, custom sliding patio doors can almost be considered a cross between windows and doors. They are made from the same products that windows are made from; mostly glass and vinyl.

    • Why vinyl patio doors? The key reason is it is usually the most affordable and lightweight patio door material. Homeowners can design it to look like any other material such as aluminum, wood but vinyl does not flake or rot, having an extensive lifespan of around 30 years if properly maintained.
    • All Ecoline patio doors in Edmonton provide high efficiency as they are a great way to let in natural lighting and ventilation.
    • Usually, patio doors can accommodate any standard or custom-sized openings up to 12 feet in width. Every patio door should come standard with a sliding screen door. 

    A panel and a screen are two different items. A panel is a frame that makes up a sliding patio door while the screen is the glass that makes up the surface area of the patio door.

    Sliding doors: types and styles

    Patio doors are commonly made up of two panels, one being fixed and one being operable. When it comes to 2-panel design, patio doors divide into French, or garden patio doors, and sliding glass doors.

    However, they can also be made of more panels, depending on the client’s choice and door size. While 2-panel is the standard design for a patio door, we provide modern patio doors with more panels. These panels range from 3 to 6 panels with different configurations. 

    • A 3-panel patio door is one designed with three panels instead of the standard two. This kind of patio door has two fixed panels on either side with the middle panel able to slide open to either the left side or the right side but not both at once. You can decide on this patio door’s functionality, which panels should be fixed, and which should be operable.
    • For a 4-panel patio door, there are four panels in the whole unit. This design makes it possible for either the outer panels to be able to slide towards the fixed centre panels in a way that would create two entrances on either side of the patio door or have it possible for the two centre panels to slide separately towards the fixed panels on either side. 
    • Patio doors can also be customised with 5 or 6 panels but usually this is not the ultimate client’s choice. 

    Custom Sliding Doors: Colour Trends in Edmonton

    Sliding patio doors in Edmonton are trending towards sleek and elegant black designs. These doors not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of homes but also offer practical benefits. Customisation options, including various privacy glass choices, allow homeowners to enjoy natural light while maintaining privacy.

    • Optimizing Privacy and View: Patio doors can be designed to optimize privacy without obstructing the view.
    • Colour Customisation: Sliding patio doors can be customised to appear opaque, offering various levels of opacity.
    • Black Patio Doors: Black doors can be painted on both the interior and exterior, adding a sophisticated touch. Note that there is a 20% upcharge for exterior black paint.

    Black patio doors are a stylish and practical choice, blending modern aesthetics with functional benefits like enhanced privacy and natural lighting.

    black patio doors

    Ecoline Patio Doors: Energy-Efficiency to Meet Edmonton Climate

    Because patio doors are similar in production and customisation to windows, they provide high efficiency in homes. 

    • Our patio doors in Edmonton are made from only the best glass and vinyl available, not wood or steel. Vinyl sliding patio doors make it possible to let in natural lighting and air when the doors are left open but also make it possible to seal in warm air when closed thanks to the insulated frames.
    • Because patio doors have a greater glass surface area, they offer comparable levels of energy efficiency. Just like the windows you buy, patio doors should also adhere to an Energy Star rating.  

    In order to be efficient in Edmonton all windows and patio doors must have a minimum ER rating of 34. This ensures your windows and patio doors will keep your home warm and comfortable during the cold Manitoba winter. For a full list of Energy Star rated windows and doors check out this Natural Resources Canada website.

    Standard Sizes for Replacement Patio Doors in Edmonton

    Patio doors generally come in several standard sizes, based on the width of the opening.

    • If you are replacing an old patio door with a new one, your entrance is probably ready to accommodate a standard 5 or 6-foot wide door.
    • If you are looking to create or enlarge an opening from an existing window, the job often requires walls to be cut, which can add significantly to your replacement cost.

    To match your budget and complete the work efficiently, most sliding door companies in Calgary recommend that the patio door you get is the same size as your existing ones. Take a look at the table below to find the most common standards for patio door replacement:

    Width (inches) Height (inches)
    59 1/2 79 1/2
    58 1/2 79 1/2
    59 1/2 81 1/2
    59 1/2 95 1/2
    71 1/2 79 1/2
    71 1/2 81 1/2
    71 1/2 95 1/2
    70 1/2 79 1/2
    95 1/2 79 1/2
    95 1/2 81 1/2
    95 1/2 95 1/2

    Sliding Patio Doors: Security Features

    One of the problems that have plagued patio doors when they are compared to other doors is the flimsy security they provide. Because exterior sliding doors are see-through, they provide limited privacy, and their materials make it easy for a break-in. All this is in the past. Patio doors have now been upgraded with various security technology to provide better security than they used to without compromising its state-of-the-art design.

    Apart from the standard options like having your door double-glazed to strengthen its glass, making sure the frames are of high quality, and hanging curtains to ensure privacy, there has been the introduction of new security features. As technology advanced, many features have been built into patio doors to make them a more secure choice. Some of these securities are now available for a traditional patio door. 

    Keyed Locks

    A key lock is the type of lock that can be installed onto a traditional sliding door. It works just like a standard security option. Key locks do not always come with a standard patio door and have to be installed by your supplier or any other professional. 


    Patio Door Foot Lock

    This type of lock works simply by making sure a patio door is secured into its tracks. Also called the Kick Lock, they are excellent safety features when it comes to patio doors. They are conveniently placed at the bottom of the door and are easily operable. 

    Foot locks have two positions: one that can be used to keep the door locked and one that can be used to keep the patio door opened halfway.

    Patio Door Handle with Lock

    This type of lock comes with every traditional sliding patio door. Patio doors handle function similarly to window handles. The handles make it possible to latch the door close from the inside. While this is adequate security, it is often augmented with other security options to ensure maximum safety.

    Double Mortise Lock

    A mortise lock is arguably one of the best locks for a patio door. This type of lock needs to be installed by professionals. Mortise locks are done by making a cut into the door and installing thick mortise that will slide into the door. The lock is made up of complex parts that cannot be breached easily by intruders. 

    Patio bolt lock

    A patio bolt lock is another good security measure when it comes to protecting your patio entrances. It functions like a standard bolt door and simply bolts the door into its frame

    Nightlock Patio Door Lock

    Night lock or night latch is an amazing security measure for your patio door. It is operated on the outside with the use of a key. It is often operated as a deadlock. 

    Security Bar

    Another extremely good way to keep your patio door secure is the use of a security bar. When set horizontally, the bar stops the door from being bugged open. When a security bar is not in use, it is set up unobtrusively against the door frame. 

    Patio Doors vs. Garden Doors

    When it comes to deciding what kind of doors to connect your building to the outside, there is always a debate between choosing a French Garden Door or a Sliding Glass Door.

    • While French doors work in a way that other doors operate by opening outwards or inwards as opposed to sliding on a single track, they are a better option for retaining heat. Because they are not wholly made of glass, it is easy to keep the heat trapped on the inside of the building. While this is great, French doors are not always a good option as they take up a whole lot of floor space due to its opening mechanisms.
    • When it comes to the shutting mechanisms, sliding glass doors are a better option. Unlike French doors, the patio door opening can be controlled to have enough air circulation. Patio doors are a better choice for people who want wider doors. Because they open along one track, they do not take a lot of floor space regardless of how large the doorway is. While it might be argued that Garden Doors provide better security, technology has made it possible to have both unobstructed view and security using Patio doors.

    How Much Do Patio Doors Cost in Edmonton? 

    Based on the features and additional upgrades you need, the final price can differ.Take a look at this rough price range that also factors in the cost of installation.

    Location PATIO DOOR
    Bedroom $1,747 – $2,882
    Dining room $1,600 – $3,879
    Family room $1,631 – $3,032
    Kitchen $1,681 – $2,862
    Living room $1,640 – $4,427
    Master bedroom $1,568 – $3,437
    Nook $1,395 – $3,083

    You can also use our patio door replacement calculator online to check the approximate price ranges for the model you choose in Edmonton, based on the specific features and options you want to equip your new sliding glass doors with. Please note that give price ranges are not precise.

    If you need a detailed quote, please contact us and we will make sure to provide a free quote and consultation for your installation project.

    Sliding Patio Doors in Edmonton: Replacement Case Study

    A patio door replacement cost and timeframe, as well as the replacement of ordinary entry doors, depend mostly on various factors. Not only location (see the table above) and size affects the prices.

    The materials and other personalized features like locks, screen, and painting are also a determinant factor in the pricing and how long the full replacement will take.

    Let’s get down to the real example:

    A client visited our Edmonton office with the need to replace their old, draughty, high maintenance windows and doors with a new patio doors solution. After a talk with Ecoline’s salesperson, the client settled on the following configuration, which suited them the best:

    Type Additional System Patio Door Glazing Patio Door Glazing Options Timeframe Price
    2 Panel : 6ft width Kick Lock Double Glaze Tilt and Lift Blinds 8-10 weeks delivery $2,700-$3,000

    “The selected products’ installation was completed as scheduled, and the installers were tidy, arrived on time, and were pleasant to talk with. They answered all the questions I had during the installation”, – the client says. Take a look at the final result.


    What is the difference between french and sliding glass patio doors?

    The main difference is that french doors swing on hinges, while sliding patio doors slide on a track along the wall. French doors are also known as garden patio doors.

    Where to buy the best patio doors in Edmonton?

    Ecoline Windows and Doors is the leading company in Edmonton for replacement and installation of new patio doors. All our patio doors are Energy Star-rated and come with a hassle-free 25-year warranty on product and labour.