Much like front and rear entry doors, patio doors often get replaced at the same time the windows get installed. But unlike entry doors, patio doors are actually much closer in construction, technology, and performance to your vinyl windows.

Because they are fabricated from the same materials that windows are, sliding patio doors often have similar energy ratings, allowing you to let more light into the house or have a convenient exit without sacrificing efficiency.

A sliding glass door is usually considered a single unit consisting of two-panel sections, one being fixed and one being operable. However, there are options for three and four-panel patio doors on the market today. Usually, patio doors can accommodate any standard or custom-sized openings up to 12 feet in width. Every patio door should come standard with a sliding screen door.


How efficient are patio doors in Edmonton?

Unlike entry doors that are made of steel and wood, patio doors are made from the same materials as your windows: mainly glass and vinyl. The insulated glass unit in both a window and patio door is the part that accounts for most of the efficiency and prevents warm air from escaping your home. Because patio doors have a greater glass surface area, they offer comparable levels of energy efficiency.

Just like the windows you buy, patio doors should also adhere to an Energy Star rating. Energy Star outlines performance criteria for fenestration products based on climate requirements in different zones. In order to be efficient in Edmonton all windows must have a minimum ER rating of 29. This ensures your windows and patio doors will keep your home warm and comfortable during the cold Manitoba winter.

For a full list of Energy Star rated windows and doors check out this Natural Resources Canada website.

You can compare different window types from Edmonton manufacturers here:

Standard sizes for patio doors in Edmonton

Patio doors generally come in several standard sizes, based on the width of the opening. If you are replacing an old patio door with a new one your opening is probably ready to accommodate a standard 5 or 6-foot wide door. If you are looking to create or enlarge an opening from an existing window, the job often requires walls to be cut, which can add significantly to the cost of your replacement. In the interest of the client’s budget and completing the work efficiently, most window companies in Edmonton will recommend that the patio door you get is the same size as your existing ones.

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