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    Patio Doors in Vancouver: 5 Reasons to Install in 2024

    Jun 24, 2022

    May 30, 2024

    10 min read


    When summer comes, everyone wants to get closer to nature: enjoy the sun, lots of greenery around, fresh air, and warmth. Vancouver residents don’t have to go far in order to bring the outdoor inside – sliding glass patio doors fit the bill perfectly.

    Patio doors will help you easily connect your inner living space with the outside world. They allow you to fill your home with abundant daylight, enjoy scenic views, and provide a convenient entry to your patio.

    If you’re looking for the Energy Star rated sliding patio doors in Vancouver or want to replace windows, look no further than Ecoline! Make the most of your outdoor space with our units. From standard two-panel to mechanically complex folding patio doors, we provide the largest selection of units for our customers in Vancouver. Discover the colours, styles, and options Ecoline has available and make your best choice.

    Types of Patio Doors We Sell In Vancouver, BC

    Custom patio doors from Ecoline in Vancouver, BC may be the perfect option if you want convenience, functionality, and a stylish look. But before you start shopping, make sure you understand the basics.

    The term “patio doors”, although evolved to cover all types of doors that lead to your garden or patio, has traditionally meant sliding doors. Strongly designed, they aim to be space and energy-efficient and provide you with easy access to the outside. Patio doors open with sliding panels that move along the track to one side or another.

    In Vancouver, we offer homeowners the following types of sliding glass doors:

    • 2-Panel Patio Doors
    Patio Doors

    Being the simplest configuration available, two-panel sliding patio doors provide smooth and reliable operation as well as a sleek design. These units are made from two panels, one of which slides along the track while the other remains stationary. 2-panel patio doors are a good choice to make the most of your limited space – they don’t create an obstacle when opening and don’t take up much space on the wall.

    • 3-Panel Patio Doors
    3 Panel Sliding Patio Door

    A 3-panel sliding patio door creates a bigger opening allowing even more daylight to come in. Such units are designed to have one moving panel and two fixed ones. Homeowners are welcome to decide which panel to make sliding and which to leave stationary.

    • 4-Panel Patio Doors
    4 panel sliding glass door

    If you want to visually expand your interior space and fill it with natural light as much as possible, choose a 4-panel patio door. Such double patio doors are usually large and take up a lot of wall space, as they have as many as four glass panels: two operating and two fixed. Center panels slide apart to create a wide opening.

    • Bifold Patio Doors
    folding patio doors

    Folding doors can be made of three to eight panels. They differ from ordinary sliding doors in the principle of their operation: their panels don’t just slide along the track but fold similar to an accordion. Multiple panels of bifold doors will give the impression that your patio is an extension of your house. Such units are always an eye-catching addition to your home design.

    French doors are traditional style units that operate like your usual exterior doors. Thy are hinged on the sides and can open either inwards or outwards, providing a wide entrance and optimal ventilation.

    All our replacement patio door models are suitable for any standard or custom size opening up to 12′ wide. Also, we equip every patio door we sell in Vancouver, BC with a sliding screen in order to ensure excellent ventilation.

    How Much Do Sliding Glass Doors Cost in Vancouver, BC?

    Patio door prices largely depend on the following factors:

    • number of panels
    • the final size of the unit
    • door type
    • materials for manufacturing
    • additional work (e.g. enlargement of an existing opening)
    • customization

    To find out the cost of your project, you can use our patio doors prices online cost estimator or request a free quote from us.

    Even if installing new patio doors is expensive in the beginning, it will help you cut costs down the road. Ecoline’s glass patio doors are extremely durable, they can last up to 20-25 years without the need for major maintenance and repair.

    They let in good airflow and plenty of daylight, which will help you save on your electricity bills. In addition, our units are quite energy-efficient. Double-glazed sliding patio doors come as standard and you can opt for triple glazing as well as LoE coating to enhance their energy efficiency.

    5 Reasons To Consider Patio Door Installation in 2024

    1. User-friendly design – while traditional doors need some extra space for opening, swinging inward or outward, patio doors deal with this issue and are perfect for restricted spaces. They offer smooth operation that doesn’t require any effort.
    2. Appealing aesthetics – an elegant and simple design of glass units deepens the impression of luxury and elegance. Sliding patio doors are a good match for homes in contemporary style. You may style them to your liking by choosing frame colours, glass texture, fittings, etc.
    3. Lots of daylight – thanks to the huge glazing area, patio doors let in a lot of natural light, making your room brighter and cozier.
    4. An outstanding view – large glass panels provide a clear, unobstructed view of the outdoors.
    5. Great thermal performance – energy efficient patio doors reviews say that modern sliding doors with energy rating of 34 and more ensure adequate thermal performance all year round, providing substantial savings on energy bills and increasing comfort. With Ecoline, you can equip your new patio doors with double or triple glazing, LoE coatings, and excellent sealing.

    Customisation Solutions: How to Get The Best Patio Doors?

    Our units have come a long way to meet all the needs of our customers. You can customise your patio doors to make them perfectly complement your home design. Choose your options and make a design statement with your new patio doors.

    Colour Options

    We offer a large selection of designs and colour options for our units to fit perfectly into the home style. Not only for patio doors, but also for exterior doors in Vancouver. If you want something more interesting and eye-catching than just standard White, take a look at such options as Commercial brown, Chestnut Brown, Sable, Slate Grey, Cream colours, and more.

    Moreover, black patio doors are on trend, and offer a sleek design that will be a great addition to every house exterior. With our wide range of standard exterior colours, paint-to-order, and colour matching programs, you can easily find the perfect solution.

    Commercial Brown
    Chestnut Brown
    Dover Gray
    Forest Green
    Iron Ore

    Finishing Options

    Details matter. This is what can make your patio doors design look the most harmonious in both the interior and exterior and brings the whole look of the house together. Our hardware finishes are available in five basic options: white, black, antique brass, brushed nickel, and faux orb, which are easy to match with all the main colours of the frame.

    Door Hardware and Locking Systems

    To enhance the safety and security of your home, we offer a variety of locking options including:

    • Guardian Locks
    • Two-Position Kick Lock
    • Folding Security Bar

    On top of that, all our units are equipped with a contemporary-styled, easy-to-operate handle, the colour of which you’re free to choose.

    Glass Options

    We’ve introduced a special technology called a privacy glass feature to provide you with a beautiful view of the outside while eliminating the opportunity for someone to look inside. There are the following glass designs to choose from: Super Grey, Silvet, Glue Chip, Frosted, Delta Frosted, Chinchilla, and Acid Etched. Enhance your privacy level and make your door style unique.

    Grilles Options

    You have the option to add various grilles to your exterior sliding doors – decorative strips to visually divide the glass sheet into smaller parts. It’s an easy way to add elegance and compliment your desired look. We offer grills that can be placed both on the inside and the outside of the door.

    Blinds for patio doors

    Is your patio on the sunny side? Are you looking for a way to control the amount of sunlight on hot days? Blinds for patio doors are the very thing you need. Select their style, colours, and size to customize your blinds. When chosen wisely, they will add a lot of style to your home. 

    Patio Door Replacement & Installation in Vancouver, BC

    Glass patio doors can ultimately improve the look and feel of your house. But just choosing and buying an appropriate unit is only half the battle. The correct patio door replacement in compliance with all requirements is an important condition that will ensure the aesthetic appearance. At the slightest misalignment due to size mismatch or installation error, both aesthetics and functionality will be lost.

    It is worth emphasising that DIY sliding glass doors installation, although it can be successful, will require a lot of attention, effort, and certain skills. Installation by specialists will give a guaranteed result without any effort on your part. If you’re not confident in your skills, entrust your project to our professional installers. This will allow you to avoid double work in case of an error.


    How much do sliding doors cost in Vancouver, BC?

    The final cost of the unit depends on several factors: its type, its size, custom features, the need for additional work such as expanding the opening, and so on. To find out the approximate cost of sliding patio doors, use our online cost estimator. You can also request a free quote from us providing your project details.

    What is cheaper: Sliding or French doors?

    Sliding doors tend to be more affordable compared to French doors, but the cost of any unit can vary greatly depending on the features and options you select. To find out the approximate cost of your project, use our online cost estimator or request a free quote from us.

    What type of patio doors is most energy efficient?

    The patio doors we manufacture are double glazed as standard. In order to maximize their energy efficiency, you may opt for triple glazing and equip glass panels with LoE coating, which reflects outgoing heat back into the room.